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Swine flu? Pigs might fly!


Bird flu, swine flu, whatever next?
So what exactly is going on with this so called 'swine flu'? Doesn't it all seem a tad strange to you? Like something doesn't feel quite right? Do you get that queasy feeling around the level of the solar plexus? Well I certainly do. Back in April, way before the first cases of swine flu were reported, Benevolent Consciousness drew my attention to several video reports on youtube about some very curious goings on in the USA. It seems preparations have been made for this curious flu pandemic long before the first cases were ever recorded...

Genetically engineered?
Whilst you're on youtube, you might check out a whole host of investigative reports strongly suggesting that swine flu was genetically engineered from several other strains of flu including bird flu. Check out this one for example...

Of course there are those who wish to glamorise and spread fear, whilst at the same time, there are many others with very grounded and compelling points of view. Doesn't it all seem a little strange to you that this 'pandemic' suddenly appears and then hey presto - just a short while later we get the vaccination?

I know from direct experience that normally when a drug company is developing a vaccine for a particular virus, it can take years of testing before it is allowed onto the market. Not in this case so it seems.

And now, on both sides of the Atlantic, there's talk of making the vaccination compulsory - beginning with school children. It seems treatment is being forced through when there is a growing body of evidence that the actual effects of the vaccine can be far worse than the flu itself. Check out these articles for example in the UK's mainstream press...
Drug to combat swine flu leaves 1000 patients suffering
GMTV presenter: 'My daughter almost died after taking Tamiflu'

So if this flu is genetically engineered, the obvious question is who would have done it and why?

Well it's the same of culprits of course, Money, Greed and Power. Not so long ago, the Bush administration told the American people there could be up to 2 million deaths in the US alone from the Asian Bird Flu pandemic. This hoax was then used to justify the immediate purchase of 20 million doses of the drug Tamiflu at a price of $100 per dose. That amounts to a staggering $2 billion!

And who produced the drug? A company called Gilead. Interested to know who the Chairman of the said company was at the time? The then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who personally benefited by over $1 million as the share price in the company rocketed. You might like to check out these articles...


So yes, fear makes a small but powerful elite in this world very wealthy indeed. And of course fear can be used to control entire populations - which is almost certainly one of the hidden agendas.

So what's the real solution?
Like others, I've long spoken of an Opposing Consciousness prevalent in our society that has a very specific goal: to control populations for their own personal benefit. To me, this is just another example adding weight to my case.

However, UNLIKE others, I am not at all advocating fighting the system. The system itself is too well embedded. There are simply too many followers invested in its continuation.

Our approach here at Openhand is not to be drawn into the drama; it is to transcend it. Just as there is an acceleration of consciousness all around us, there is also an acceleration of control. In the years ahead, we're going to see many such fear spreading scandals. And if we engage in the illusion too heavily, we lower our vibration and get drawn into the density - this of course is the very purpose of Opposing Consciousness. It does not want us to be free.

The real destiny of humanity is not here in this plane of consciousness. It is in the next higher paradigm. So let them fight for control of something which is well past its sell-by-date anyway. Let them make their money and try to control but let's not be drawn onto their playing field. Let us stand calmly, surrendered in our truth - whatever they come up with next. As quoted in the Tao Te Ching...

    The Generals have a saying:
    "Rather than make the first move
    it is better to wait and see.
    Rather than advance an inch,
    it is better to retreat a yard.
    When two great forces oppose each other
    the victory will go
    to the one that knows how to yield"

Remember, pigs may never fly, but we most certainly will!

Openhand Foundation
empowering authentic beingness


Trinity's picture

Thank you for giving voice to this important issue. I am amazed to see what is going on and how it continues! There's a greatly informative article on the Tim O'shea website about the truth and history behind swine-flu http://www.thedoctorwithin.com/swine/swine-flu.php
It's well worth looking at. As are some of the other articles on his site.

There are undoubtably strong forces working against health and raising our vibration in this world that never has a time been more important to make informed choices about our lives. Every choice we make has an impact on our vibration.

Veronica's picture

I've just read a book called Atlantis Rising by Patricia Cori. She channels the Sirian High Council for Benevolent Consciousness. It is shocking stuff but the deliberate development of super viruses has been going on secretly for some years apparently.

Worse, there is a system called HAARP (High Frequency Active Aural Research Project) designed to beam two billion watts of radiated power into the ionosphere for the nefarious reasons of Opposing Consciousness too complicated to detail here.

Even if 20% of what she says is right, the enormous challenge presented to lightworkers now is clear to see. According to Patricia it's the fall of Atlantis all over again but worse because the bad guys have more sophisticated technology at their disposal this time. I've never hoped so much that someone has got it all wrong!

She reassured me that the light always wins in the end.

Chris Bourne's picture

Yes indeed Veronica, there are many 'shocking' (I'm no longer shocked by anything!) attempts by Opposing Consciousness to keep the wave of awakening people dampened. From what's been put in our water, our food and the electro-smog in our environment - not to mention chem trails and psychological undermining by subliminal messaging through the media. It's omni-present in our society.

Yet to focus on this is to draw our consciousness into it. In any case, I can see these are the last desperate throws of a creature in terminal decline. The beast has always been there, it's just been carefully concealed in the shadows and we've been too asleep to see it.

Well now we can see it. It's not stronger, its getting weaker, but we can feel its effects more strongly because of our increasing sensitivity.

Let us be absolutely clear, the Universe is moving in a certain direction - that of increasing harmony and light. It is moving to perfection and NOTHING is going to stop it. It is inevitable. If people allow themselves to be caught in an eddy current resisting the flow and get so conditioned as to believe the eddy current is all there is, then yes, it's going to look pretty dark and desperate to them.

However, if we just let go, and not allow our consciousness to be defined and therefore limited by the eddy current, then we find ourselves rejoining the Universal Flow.

The reason Opposing Consciousness is so desperate, is that many 'tribes' have released themselves from this grip before. They have expanded their consciousness and stepped across into the new paradigm. There have been waves and waves of them - we are the latest to break the hold.


Trinity's picture

Hi Veronica,

Sounds like an interesting read. I have no doubt that much of this and more is going on behind the scenes.

There are many stories out there. Some intended to evoke fear, others intended to make the truth so far fetched that no-one knows what to believe. Other stories contain elements of truth but become distorted along the way.

Whatever is true, we are invited to move beyond this and find the depths of our beingness; as are all light workers, despite the enormity of the challenges faced. To have awareness of what is going on, yet no attachment to it.

The words of Lau tzu resonate with me deeply:
"give evil nothing to oppose and it will dissolve of itself".

The invitation is not to give up, but rather to be purely present.

Bruce Lee explains this so well. He seemed to have much experience with Opposing Consciousness shared these wise words...

    "Have no rigid system in you,
    and you'll be flexible to change with the ever changing.
    OPEN yourself and flow, my friend.
    If nothing within you stays rigid,
    outward things will disclose themselves.
    Moving, be like water.
    Still, be like a mirror."

    Bruce Lee

With Love

Trinity's picture

One of the most common causes of an ineffective immune system is an intake of insufficient nutrients. As appealing as it might be the bottom line is that we do not live in a natural world. From the moment we are conceived we are bombarded with toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and not to forget negativity in the energy field around us. The world has never been so saturated with things designed to lower our vibration and weaken the immune system. Given that we are already at a disadvantage I feel that the least we should do, is consume only that which we consider to be supportive of our health.

Once we are ill there are many natural herbs and super foods that can help us fight invading organisms. But by far the greatest way to prevent getting ill is to have a strong immune system in the first place. There are a few key tenets to health that I have found invaluable...

What we eat:

Eat local organic plant food as far as possible. A diet high in vegetables (especially dark leafy greens such as kale) and seasonal fruit. A varied mixture of plant based fats (nuts, seeds, avocadoes, olives) and vegetables, plus wholefoods. Eating lots of raw foods also seems to be very beneficial at helping us maintain a state of health.

Look on the bright side

One of the most destructive things we can do to our immune system is maintain a state of worry or fear. So let’s look on the bright side. Do things that bring you joy, have fun, laugh a lot.

Daily spiritual practice:

Daily meditation, moving meditation, yoga, tai chi can be beneficial in so many ways. It can help us to release negative energy and maintain a state of presence.

Get moving:

Sport, walking, activity that involves movement can really help to get energy flowing. Keeping the systems of our body strong. It might help to find a rhythm whereby you can incorporate activity into your daily routine.


Get plenty of it. This helps to eliminate toxins and allows the body to rest, repair and rejuvenate.


Drink plenty of fresh water (avoiding tap water!)

Herbal remedies:

You might like to use herbal tinctures or remedies if you feel vulnerable to approaching diseases. I have found that nothing beats the enslaught of illness like eating right and adopting healthful practices, yet if we need extra support certain herbs (and foods) can be invaluable. Here are a few well worth looking at that all perform different actions: goldenseal, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, maitake and shitake mushrooms, astragalus, echinacea, probiotics, antioxidants, elderberries, ginger, sage, thyme There are more, although these are ones that I personally suggest.

You might also like to consider taking a good nutritional supplement if you feel that you are deficient in certain nutrients. B complex seems particularly helpful in times of stress.

MarkyMark's picture

Trinity, thankyou for the excellent advice on the healthly living.

I always had a problem with cough mixtures when I was younger. They did nothing to help me and were so sweet and foul I felt they were doing no good. I then discovered the benefit of making a hot drink with fresh ginger, honey and other herbs like fenegriek, licorice. Very soothing.


Trinity's picture

Wonderful comment Mark. I've often too made a drink with fresh ginger and lemon. Ginger is an all round winner with many beneficial actions.

Chris Bourne's picture

As talk spreads of governments rolling out a global swine flu vaccination program (in some cases making it mandatory), UK nurses are overwhelmingly rejecting it. Here at Openhand it feels very much to us as if many hidden agendas are afoot here, and we question very strongly the need or sensibility in taking the vaccine.

Although a vaccine may prevent infection by that particular disease, it is typically the case that the disease itself mutates into something else for which the body is then unprepared. To make matters worse, many of the chemicals used in such vaccines (Mercury for example), can actually damage the immune system rendering us more vulnerable to future infections. This is not to mention the frequent disastrous side-effects which can happen as was the case in the Swine Flu vaccinations in 1976. Here's an interesting and information view on the subject by senator Ron Paul who himself happens to be a doctor... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bilx-mb1OtM

Without wishing to be unduly alarmist, this is your health, well-being and energetic vibration at stake. It is important to decide your highest truth in this vital matter quickly and to stand firmly in it. We strongly advocate not taking the vaccination.

Stormwolf's picture

Alison Storm Wolf
I for one will not be taking the vaccine. I do not trust the source of the virus and I sure as hell do not trust the drug companies. To immunise millions with a vaccine that has NOT been throughly tested is lunacy..and speaks of a very dark agenda. Immunisation weakens the immune system...but they know all that...The trouble is that the fear element will have millions queing up to get it....to me it highlights the real underlying agenda going on...I liken what is happening globally as to taking a cover off a festering wound...for a while it looks terrible..but light and air will cure it...so 'light' will cure this...
If it becomes mandatory...it will cause great problems and I feel for all the parents who are confused by it all and will not know what to do.
We have our own built in defence system and extra vit D is highly beneficial as is Colloidal Silver in attacking viruses and safer than antibiotics any day.

Trinity's picture

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