A Bright New Openhand Future - Guaranteed

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These last 4 weeks, following the NewYear Facilitator Course (see La Palma Pioneers), I've been tucked away at a quiet La Palma retreat centre, and taking time to explore the island. It's been an amazing opportunity to truly settle into my core vibe and really feel me. I've made an amazing connection with the Openhand Higher Dimensional Team, and to "Isla Bonita" (what the locals call the soul of the island). It's something I'll be writing about in the months to come. The Team have come here to initiate, then to facilitate, this Great 5D Shift that is now gathering apace on the Earth. And I needed to be sure I had the absolute fullest alignment with that in order to fulfill the Openhand mission. I feel well geared up for that now...

Climbing that Spiritual Mountain is never easy!

Many of you out there in the Openhand Community have been sending well-wishes and inquiring as to how I'm getting on - thanks folks! Actually, although its a beautiful island, being here has been far from easy. Having stepped out of a close 11 year relationship, and also having suddenly left behind the place you know as home, it did indeed stir up a lot of internal emotion. There was a good deal of grief to process. Which in itself can create uncertainty and doubt as to the way forward. But I focused on that and worked through it in classic Breakthrough style, which helped me emerge solidly out of the other side of the tsunami.

And there's been a fair bit of Opposing Consciousness to deal with too. Even though this Island feels very much like a hole in the matrix - a high vibe oasis - nevertheless OC always tries to derail a venture bringing forth a high degree of truth. Somehow they got channeled here; my sense was through someone's misaligned thoughts - easily done if there's some subtle resentment or jealousy. You see that's the point with OC - most people don't realise just how active it is in their creative thought processes, just how subtle, clever and deceptive it is. You only really come to see it when you work hard to align yourself with the flow - it's only then that you pick up the deceiving patterning of misaligning distortion. We have to get real, this intervention is a omnipresent facet on earth. When you get real with it, you can work to unravel it from your process (here's how). How it visibly manifested, was in looking for a place to live here full-time. I was able to locate three good potential villas with various agents, and was told to return once appointments had been made to view. But in the space of just a few hours, all three had been suddenly snapped up! Guidance confirmed for me that OC had indeed stepped into the fray - I've had this happen before in terms of acquiring much needed resources. If you're doing something which can challenge the status quo, you can expect some interfering resistance. So I'm now midst what I can only call a 'creative flight pattern'. It's where you're totally flowing in the moment and allowing yourself to be completely spontaneous. You see OC cannot handle such flexibility - it's the very antithesis of fear based control (I teach people how to effectively neutralise OC on the Facilitator Program). I now feel completely resolved to finding a base here - if it's the last thing I do, I'm going to do it. It just feels right, and the sense of resolution welled up within and planted an energetic stake of commitment. Somehow, it's simply going to happen!

Strengthening Resolve

All of this has been strengthening my resolve, and aligning the energies within, for the upcoming World Tour, which kicks off in just a few weeks in Avalon and then Australia. I can tell you for sure, that those who attend, will be treated to something truly special - the Openhand energies are strengthening to align with, and facilitate, the Great 5D Shift for people. So you can expect some divine magic to happen. Here's where I'll be, if you can make it - I'd love to see you there...

And don't let Opposing Consciousness play on your hesitation and doubts people - why let them win? When you know it's right, simply dive right in - then you can break that interference for good!

A Bright Openhand Future for La Palma - Guaranteed

In the future, there will definitely be courses here on La Palma - in fact I've just secured the ideal retreat centre for the 2018 NewYear retreat - so people in the community have that very much to look forwards to. It's a high vibe place that readily reminds you of your soul frequency. So although I've definitely been put through my paces of late, the energy is strengthening and converging. It definitely bodes well for the Openhand future. In a world of uncertainty, that is certainly guaranteed. Which synchronistically was the song that came to me on Spanish Radio today. Enjoy...

Blessings to all Open :-)

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I am thrilled to hear that a bright future is ahead for Openhand on La Palma. I know it has been a challenging journey, but your strength and commitment to the journey are unshakable and I am sure, inspirational to all!

Sending Love and Blessings for an awesome unfolding out there

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how thing will evolve out there.
It's a fantastic place.

Very exciting.

Love n Peace.

Hey, Open!

You said about setting down Openhand roots in La Palma:

"I now feel completely resolved to finding a base here - if it's the last thing I do, I'm going to do it. It just feels right, and the sense of resolution welled up within and planted an energetic stake of commitment. Somehow, it's simply going to happen!"

Whoaah! You're unstoppable!

You've had a tough go of it. My heart goes out to you. I'm in your corner, bro!

High time we sent OC packing. To some place nice. Like the galactic core. ;)

"It's gonna be a bright, bright Sun-Shiny day!"


Much Love,


All important work you are doing Open, I am going to visit Fuerteventura in the near future a major hub site in the new matrix the 5D energies grounding more everyday. I look forward to being a openhander with you all well int the future! Lots of Love to you all XX

Beautiful, can feel the freedom, clearness, flow that no obstacle can stop. Feeling that anything is possible in this moment.

I have a feeling I will be seeing you in Palma 2018.
Until then I will be following "openhand" progress with great interest.
Of course 'Open" you will succeed.
Debbie - x

Such energy and resolve . You are such an inspiration for us. I may be here but my heart is always with you and openhand. Now La palma it is! Sending heartfull of love and wishes on your way.

With love

Vimal *ok*

Dear Open,

You got this! Whatever comes your way there, or anywhere....You got this! I can completely relate to the real estate moments. Just know that the perfect place will happen, perhaps it is just waiting for you to find it, or it to find you. Either way, I have no doubt y'all will look back on this moment as a ahhh, that's why it took x amount of time etc lol :)

I want to tell you and give you a deep heartfelt "Thank YOU!!" for this article, for the contents within, for the links that I followed and the moments of OMG! That it gave me today. I needed that, so thank you so very very much!

My highest regards to you sir!


Well I'm really bowled over by all the lovely well-wishes.
From the bottom of my heart - thankyou so much.
I am touched and humbled.

Love to you all

Open *give_rose*

Hey Open,

I'm so looking forward to the next Facilitator Training on La Palma!:)

On a different note, I came across these articles below: two major dams burst in a day in the US. Synchronistycally, this speaks to me about the acceleration of the 5D Shift, which many of us can also feel internally. (Let alone the additional alchemical implication that one of the dams is called Oroville, meaning Gold City.)


wishing you all well,

Ahh yes - thanks for pointing that our Márk - it was drawn to my attention too. I can definitely feel the dam bursting in this period of intervention I've been experiencing. If we stick to our 'guns', it always does, because it runs out of energy.

Open *OK*