Openhand's 5D Shift Launch Today...FREE eBook Offer

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Fri, 09/01/2017 - 06:39

After much preparation and hard work behind the Openhand scenes, today, our "5D Shift Project" comes fully into being - yeah! It's a crystalisation of all our work here to date, a focusing of mission and purpose, to help facilitate YOUR shift into 5D Consciousness. You might consider it a 'framework for inquiry' encouraging you to find your own truth and walk your own path. To celebrate, we're offering everyone in the community a gift. The three books BREAKTHROUGH, 5GATEWAYS and DIVINICUS have been edited into one interconnected series to provide a foundation for exploration. We're offering them for one week, entirely FREE to download as eBooks. Come share in the excitement and expansion...

5D Shift Project Book Series

The 3 books should not be considered just as 'something to read'. If you take your time, if you contemplate and feel within as you read, then the material is sure to catalyse internal shifts in consciousness. They will...

  1. Provide motivation and copious insight in how to connect with soul through real life situations
  2. Help you witness and understand the path of light that is now shifting from the old reality into the New 5D Paradigm
  3. Activate buried density and karmic source pain, plus demonstrate how you can quickly and effectively work through it
  4. Unleash the brilliance and majesty of your soul - what will you likely experience? How will it positively influence all aspects of your life?

Reader Feedback

The books are being extremely well received. Here's a snapshot of some feedback on Amazon...

  • "This is a brilliantly written book that offers so many gems. It is an amazing account of one mans journey of awakening, moving beyond boundaries and breaking through immense challenges. His story is incredible, and so engaging to read about, that it was hard to put down"...Amazon Reader
  • "I found myself getting up early and staying up late to read more of the unfolding saga. What a ride!! Jam-packed with wisdom...inspiration popped up on every page. I wanted to copy and paste to Social Media little tidbits every day"... Amazon Reader
  • "This book is a of immense value to anyone regardless of where they are on the spiritual path, including those who may simply be curious. 5 Gateways is extremely well written, interwoven with the author's personal and inspirational story at the beginning of each section. It is full of tools, including meditations and tips that you can easily incorporate into your life"...Amazon Reader
  • The best book I've read on the subject!!!...Amazon Reader
  • Prepare to have your mind blown!!!...Amazon Reader

How to download your FREE copies (for 1 week only: 1st to 8th September)

Simply go to this link below, click the PURCHASE NOW button at the bottom, but then enter the code SHIFT5D into the box marked Coupon. Then click "Update Cart" whereupon the price is reduced to zero. Then simply click "Continue Checkout" and you'll see the three books free to download. Openhand eBook series Launch Offer (please do send us some feedback on what you experience reading!)

Help us Promote - Recommend the Work to Your Friends

We feel the 5D Shift Project is set to help many thousands of people around the world make sense of the Great Shift that is taking place. We're here to be of service. However we don't have a huge marketing budget! In any case, we don't believe in traditional marketing as such. We believe in vibrational resonance - a dance between souls. So please do resonate some vibration around the subject - recommend the work to those you think might benefit from it. Specifically, copy and paste a link to this page so they may benefit this week too. Thanks for your support. Enjoy the reading. Sending love! TeamOpenhand

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I have tried the coupon code but the paypal checkout shows a pay now page of 15 euro's. Is it safe to proceed? I dont want to unnecessarily lose money since i already have all 3 books.

When you add the code into the Coupon Box, you must then click "Update Cart" - it'll show the price reduced to zero. Then simply click "Continue Checkout" and you'll see the three books free to download.

Give that a try - it's worked for hundreds already!

Open *OK*

Hi Open, heartfelt thanks and gratitude for making these books available for everyone. I am already rerading the 5 Gateways - the 2017 edition.

It's been 5 years since I first read the previous version of the book.

Well, it is interesting how differently the chapters speak to you when you are in different Gateways... :)
with love

I connect and resonate very much with the Openhand Energy, i want to spread the Love <3 :)