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Recent accelerations in the 5D Shift and how you might personally benefit


Since the culmination of my personal relationship prior to the festive season (2017), I'm feeling a profound shift from within. It's a strong acceleration of energy which happens when you break any fixed energetic ties. This in turn is accelerating the strength of the Openhand energies. What's actually taking place here? and most importantly, how might it come to help people such as yourself in the wider Openhand community? How might you benefit in your own life? It's about seeing Openhand as a higher dimensional bridge - an energy which is working intensively within this Great 5D shift which is taking place on the Earth right now...

A breaking down of the Old Consensus Reality

In the bigger picture, what's happening is a breaking down of the old karmic reality that Gaia and humanity have been constrained within for millions of years. A consensus of collective consciousness came together to explore particular conundrums of truth...

  • How to stay connected to the source in an especially dense environment?
  • How to trust in the divine, when it might appear that there's not always enough resource?
  • How to work harmoniously with the universal flow in a world of predator and prey?
  • How to love unconditionally even though other sentient life may judge and project?
  • How to follow the synchronistic flow in a system of limitation and control?

These are just some of the explorations people are clearly having in the wider community. And Gaia too has been having her karmic explorations - how to maintain balanced harmony for all life, where some sentient forms over exploit and ravage.

The Great 5D Shift

For some time now, I've felt that Gaia has released the need to sustain this old reality - she's processed out her own karma, shifted her centre into the Fifth Density and is now progressively moving her energies on. Although the breakdown in the 3D biosphere is clearly being greatly accelerated by human activity, to me, it is most clearly a synchronistic reflection of this Great 5D Shift, where everything is working in concert, including the exposure and playing out of humanity's shadow side.

And so the shift is accelerating. It's greatly gearing up. We see this in the acceleration of the sixth mass extinction of 3D life here - the sixth mass moving on - at a rate which has increased to around 200 species per day. It's a rate which is unprecedented in earth's history. We see it in the increasingly chaotic weather patterns as the old harmonious systems - like the jetstream for example - break down. And we see it in the increasing earthquake and volcanic activity as Gaia's pole shift and concurrent dwindling of the magnetic shield intensifies.

    But there is something that now needs very focused attention.
    Here's where you, I, and Openhand come in.

Unraveling Bottlenecks in the Flow

Imagine the light of Gaia and the consensus reality still caught within the lower densities, stuck within bottlenecks of energy. These will manifest in a very synchronistic physical way - like the gridlock we often experience in failing, over-burdened transport systems for example. Or where communities come into direct conflict, as in Syria right now. The higher dimensional light is stuck within eddy currents that have sucked in density and distortion. This will be true in most people's personal lives where relationships have been stuck within out-dated behavioural patterning.

    What must happen is that these choke points must be brought into consciousness, where they appear on our landscape and worked with to resolve. Which means to explore the distortion and why it's happening; to 'normalise' in it, which means to completely accept it, then to express the higher truth within it.

At a soul level, each of you is naturally yearning for this in the very personal exchanges of your life. By bringing focused awareness to the process is going to greatly benefit your own life by restoring higher harmony, which then ripples into the wider field. That's what much of the Openhand work is about facilitating. And there'll be plenty of you who've evolved to such a degree personally, that you're now able to have a wider beneficial effect on the field itself - you're rapidly realising yourself as energy workers in the field (which is a fundamental part of the Openhand Facilitator Program)...

Your Personal Torus

Here's where the notion of Openhand as a higher dimensional bridge is now coming to the fore. And how you might personally benefit from that. And if you're relatively new to "Openhand", it is a word we've applied to describe a universal phenomenon of benevolent support within higher consciousness shifts like this one. It's a highly evolved consciousness acting to restore harmony and balance within convoluted systems of consciousness as on Earth right now.

Imagine the earth's consensus consciousness as a field, shaped something like an apple - scientifically known as "The Torus". Through the core of the apple is a torsional vortex which resolves out to a void of presence - as in all sentient life. From the vortex unity consciousness (as soul) flows out and through separation consciousness (that which forms the visible physical). But in places where's there's karma, unity consciousness identifies and gets stuck within the separation consciousness. There are many such choke points out there in the field at the moment, just as there are in many people who've still got karma to work on.

    Now here's the crucial point, as the light progressively shifts into the Fifth Density, it's going to pull on all of those choke points, like a balloon struggling to rise against its tethering. If the pressure builds too greatly, the ties will snap, resulting in a chaotic breakdown of the limiting density - it collapses in on itself. So energy workers have come here to facilitate a more harmonious shift.

The way we work is by bringing focused attention to disharmony within ourselves. We work to realise out the distortion. Upon which, we send a realigning rippling beacon of truth (for that particular issue) out through the field. The more you've processed personally, the more into alignment you've come, the clearer is your resonance, and therefore the greater beneficial impact you can have. In short, you experience greater harmony in your own life and a greater creative flow around you.

    The question is, how might you maximise this personal effect for the good of yourself and more widely through society?

A Higher Dimensional Bridge

Since the necessary shift in my own personal life, I've felt a concurrent strengthening of the "Openhand" energy. As previously mentioned, it's an ancient consciousness that works to restore evolutionary balance in convoluted areas. Openhand is working as an energetic bridge between the old karmic reality and the new one taking shape within the 5D.

Consider the Torus which is depicted in the video below. You don't at all need to understand it at an intellectual level. Just get the feeling that energy is flowing out from the central vortex in waves, flowing through the physical phenomenal thereby animating it, before flowing back to the central vortex - the source - once more. As you might intuit from the animation, there's an outer circle which can represent the old 3D reality, and there's an inner circle which might represent the higher vibrational 5D - take a brief peek at the animation (but feel it rather than intellectualising it)...

In the animation, the energy is shown flowing smoothly. But this is far from the case for Gaia right now, where there are countless blockages - choke points - in her field. And many of those choke points are caused by, and contain, human consciousness connected into her consensus field. As many of these must be unraveled as possible so as to facilitate a smoother 5D shift.

    What can you do directly?
    This is where it gets really exciting!

Establishing a free flowing energy torus in your own life

Take yourself off in meditation. Reflect on the animation of the Torus above. Get the sense that there are flows going on within you, where higher alignment wants to happen (use this Breakthrough Meditation to facilitate the alignment of the torus within you). Work within the sense of a shift taking place from the lower 3D consciousness to the higher 5D one. The higher has a much greater sense of connectivity, of peace, trust, unconditional love, and above all, synchronous flow supporting all life.

    You should get some sense of movement, flow, joy and harmony.

Now, during the rest of the day, especially where there might be some disharmony or dissonance, pay attention to that sense of realigning flow inside of you (I've found it works great to resolve traffic jams!). The more you can activate the flow in you, the greater the resolving effect you'll witness. And if you can't catch that at the time it's happening, take yourself off into meditation later in the day and reflect again on those particular circumstances, working to bring realigning flow to them.

Of course you can't simply override your own attachment or unrealised consciousness in it to have a beneficial effect. In which case, you're need to explore and unravel your own tightness first (check out this video to give you a sense of how to work).

Hugely exciting times to be alive

So these are really exciting times. As we prepare for the beginning of the New Year (2017), the consciousness field is so loosened, it's ripe for major shifts both in your own personal circumstances and society at large. Even, and especially, since the shadow side has revealed itself, means that shifts can greatly strengthen.

Do call on the "Openhand" energy if it feels appropriate for you. It will respond. It always does so by highlighting personal limitation and resonating the possibility of the higher truth. So if you look for that possibility, it will be highlighted for you.

Thankyou for all that you are, and your involvement in this essential work - at what ever level you feel to commit to it.


(on behalf of Openhand)
(Publishers - please publish with links intact and the Openhand brief biog. Thankyou <3)

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Rich's picture

What a post.
Awesome and some.

I love that animation - masterpeice!

Understanding what's happening, within and without, in this way is so valuable.
The idea of energetic 'choke points', how we can process them for ourselves, and how that helps clear the wider field gives fantastic and inspiring tools to work with.

Exciting times, indeed.

.Jen's picture

Yes, truly awesome! I love the way you describe feeling the flows within - sensing the shift wanting to take place from 3D to 5D. Watching the torus I felt the breath flowing in unison with the pulse...out and back in. I recalled a recent meditation where I witnessed a visual of myself taking in a huge breath and not being able to breath out because of a heavy sense of responsibility...clearly one of the "choke points" for me. I do feel things accelerating in the exposure of these congested areas...grateful for the inspiration on working with these as they show up in the personal and I love how you elaborate on the effects on the wider field.

Beautiful article Open!

Kristian J's picture

I could actually feel the torus this time in respect to the manifestation process, although watched it before. Cool! This truly developed my perception. I'm so excited about helping the humankind and Your post is inspiring. I wish I could be in the flow You so often speak of, conscious of performing a purpose. I'm uncertain if it's my ego or soul longing for such a task in this life. It's one thing to live in an existential experience of fulfilling a purpose and an other to psychologically experience it as a truth. I certainly feel rooted in this dimension with a longing to achieve physically, even if I believe in the unconscious impact of higher consciousness on others. I daily pray for divine guidance and alignment to my highest truth and the uncertainty still bothers me, although I practice to let go of as much as possible including desires. I humbly present before this community now too, in hope of some resolution or advice.

Always grateful for the gifts bestowed by You for my path... Thank You Open. And for the silent ones, benefiting humanity by their pure hearted compassion, I love You.


Open's picture

Thanks for the kind words of feedback Rich, Jen and Kristian Ok

Kristian its absolutely fine to be uncertain. In the Openhand philosophy at the core of every distortion is a hidden truth - locate the truth, express it, and then the distortion falls away. The truth we're looking for is an expression of beingness - in this case it would likely be the "ray 3 questioning principle" of the soul. It questions exactly what is authentic reality - it keeps you connected into the consensus consciousness, without which, you couldn't fully explore your karma.

But yes, this principle easily gets owned and becomes an identity - "the questioner/doubter". So allow yourself to question, but then keep exploring what feels like your highest truth. When you do the level 2 5GATEWAYS course, I'll share Openhand's spiritual compass and how to work with it. It's about discerning your true alignment in the moment. That doesn't mean it will always feel perfect - but when you get in the density and disconnection, you'll know how to align with your highest truth more.



Kristian J's picture

Thanks, it feelt like something that was clogged was tucked loose in me when I contemplated Your answer. Might be big. Big thanks Smile

Margaret's picture


This article is strongly synchronistic and helpful for me and I feel like sharing bits of my recent experience. I’ve been feeling the toroidal energy flow quite strongly since our last gathering this month. Few days ago, I found a golden coin with an image of a toroid and a letter "M" at its center. When I look at it I feel my energy strengthening and swelling out.

All this shifted my consciousness and activated an old, massive karma, an issue that’s rooted in childhood (and beyond) and that is touching other distortions like a gigantic root. It’s always been derailing and energy draining for me. It took the center stage recently and my heart is stirring (but not hurting) and the third eye feels wide open, like a stretched rubber band.

The universe provided a person in my life that pulls ALL the strings related to the issue and what a lesson that is! This person also shows me new ways of being by reacting in new ways to my patterns. At times I feel like I’m drowning, grasping for air, panicking, even throwing internal tantrums. There are also moments when I manage to slow down enough to have a strong sense of the energy flow from myself outwards. It seems to be forming my reality and then circling back to me, and again outwards. What a beautiful dance it is! It doesn’t last, but I’m able to carry the flavor of this experience for quite a while. When I’m aware of this toroidal energy flow, there is only love and compassion behind the story and I am the only actor on this holo-deck. This momentary shift of perspective enables me to glimpse at the mechanics behind the drama. What a construct! It doesn’t feel like a part of me, but there are still chords of attachment that want to be let go before this construct flows away. They are so ancient and I’m happy I can see them better now.

I sat with the fear related to my issue lately and I saw a face of an angry animal showing its sharp teeth, then the image subsided and was replaced with a white lily. I know there is something so beautiful and pure that is wanting to be revealed if I could only get acquainted with the monster. And I will!

Last night, I had a dream and in it I was chased by a grizzly bear. I run from it, but I wasn’t afraid of it. Seems like perhaps the fear is not as strong, but the conditioning is still in place. When I say “not as strong” I mean I’m not in a panic, just slightly terrified.

I’m also getting quite a bit of insight into how I allow myself to be derailed. The moment I’m not fully conscious, I allow the opposing forces to re-route my energy. I feel the thoughts being inserted and how they play on my distortions taking me into daze-filled states. It leaves me tired, confused or numb. I also noticed many people walking around and functioning while in that daze. I’m strongly invited to be vigilant and aware of my energy all the time. If I can stay sturdily in my energy even just for few hours, I feel so much more clarity and joy.

The energy flow in my torus is strengthening and is unwinding the karmic layers with a new speed and depth. At times, there seems nothing more important than to align with the natural flow of things. It manifests as a right action that arises faster than the judgment. I'm feeling a magnetic pull and a yearning to flow back into the ocean and dissolve in it, become it.

With love,


Open's picture

Hi M - a powerful sharing indeed.

My intuition tells me it might well be related to your Twin Flame experience and how that gets usurped in many people by OC. Effectively OC hides within the Twin Flame experience.

Imagine your soul consciousness flowing as a loop, out from the source, into manifestation and back to the source again (within the Torus). Now imagine you lose yourself to some degree in a relationship - could be past lives aswell. The relationship bleeds energy - as many do - through subtle (and not so subtle) degrees of attachment. It's prime landscape for an entity to enter, unseen below the 'radar' of codependency. One's guard of complete awareness is down because you feel safe.

Now imagine the entity winds an energy 'tentacle' around the aspect of soul that is returning to the source, and subtly distorts it - in this way, it can assimilate the highest frequencies of love energy - it's pure manna, and very attractive for OC.

The problem is, that the frequency feels like love, and is very close to your aligned vibe. So over time, the distorting frequency sinks into your authenticity and buries itself there. In effect it becomes a part of you. It's a very tricky deception indeed and my sense is that its rife within many relationships. In effect, people are being derailed from the true connection to their twin flame.

So how to solve the predicament?

It requires being profoundly honest with yourself, especially in relationship. To be vigilant about where you might hit blind spots, where you might give over power - where you might go unconscious. You may find yourself pulled in two different directions - a part of you is saying "do this", another "do that". If so, watch the dynamic keenly, and above all, watch what the synchronicity is saying.

Step out of your usual living circumstances (and relationships) as much as possible. That way, you're in a more pure reflection of yourself - the synchronicities will reflect your authentic energy more clearly.

Watch your behaviourisms in relationship - use the time away to realign yourself as much as possible.

If you're consistent, you'll start to feel the internal mismatch. At which point, you can consciously peel off the distorting strands of energy and eject any entity in the mix (because it will now become visible). These are highly tricky, and highly advanced. They don't like being ejected that way, so there'll likely be some kind of attack that goes on at this point. No worries - just keep persisting with the realignment. Eventually your twin flame energies will become pure again.


Open Ok