Conscious Life News, Ross Pittman interview with "Open" (Chris Bourne), November 2012: "Understanding Ascension"

In 2012, Open (Chris Bourne) gave a wide ranging interview to Ross Pittman of "Conscious Life News" based in California. The subject matter concerned mostly viewpoints about our Ascension and what's really going on right now, shared from both a scientific and spiritual perspective.

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What a beautiful way you have Open to put complex matters in simple terms. It brought me even greater clearance in what is happening on our planet. Thanks a lot! I`m looking so much forward to seeing you all in Januari! And i have already booked in my agenda the "step two course" in March.

Open, you really animate this subject. Even though this is an every day part of my life, I loved listening to this interview. You have an incredible way of explaining these things.


Thank you so much for sharing your interview, listening I had tears rolling down my cheeks, you touched my soul and helped me to understand a vision which I have been seeing / feeling, which I now believe to be a flavour of the fifth dimension. Your words and energy help me so much to renew and strengthen my connection - Heartfelt Thanks


While I found this interview a very well articulated clarification of what I've both researched and experienced, I am left curious as to the place of children in this ascension, as all of this discussion seems to rest on some understanding of one's spirituality. Trying to explain dimensionality (e.g., 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.) to a child, the depth of complexities and challenges facing the planet etc. to children is really not possible unless they are considerably older. So, do young children simply ascend? And, if not, what would stop them? And, if so, will they go alone if their parents do not ascend with them? What is your opinion of this matter?

Great interview!
I recently came across an equally fascinating ,although very different style of interview on Ascension and the Dec. 2012 high frequency Light portal.
This interview was given on u tube by a Mayan Elder, and together with other videos posted; gives a somewhat different slant on Ascension and what will happen thereafter.
How do you view this information Chris, and particularly the construction of pyramids to anchor these high frequencies during such a short time frame?

u tube video at

further info on


Hi Sartre,

You ask what will happen to the children in our Ascension? A good question, one that I'm sure touches all parents hearts (who are aware of the process).

Firstly I should say you don't have to understand Ascension to experience it.

Secondly, Ascension does not happen in one group. Souls will ascend when each is ready, so there's no particular 'deadline'.

A child will have come here like all of us - to process karma, evolve and grow. They'll move on in their own time.

If something were to happen to 3D earth, that's makes it increasingly uninhabitable (and let's face it, that's already happening for millions of children around the world), then when a soul passes on that has not yet processed their karma, they'll move into the 4th Density and be held within the angelic realms until another incarnation possibility becomes available. This could be another 3D existence elsewhere in the cosmos.

So there's options and possibility for all of us, no matter what age.