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"The Angel Bridge" ....... Video Poem

Trinity's video "The Angel Bridge"
Using new footage from Hawaii, soak in the soul stirring imagery and heart melting poetry. Listen to the space between the spaces and feel yourself attuning to the higher paradigm...


Open's picture

I just found this completely encapsulating. It took me off to a distant place from whence I did not want to return!

An angelic gift - thanks for producing and sharing.

Open Smile

Yes, this is really beautiful! Can you also post the angel bridge poem here so that people (or at least I) can read it. Smile

Trinity's picture

Thank you for the kind words.
Here is the poem in writing.

    We might believe the bridge to heaven is grand,
    with a marble arch laden with the finest blossom,
    or a choir of angels to rejoice in our blessed coming home.

    Upon my birth there were no angels, blossoms, nor a marble arch...

    I crossed a bridge made of woven dove feathers,
    A bridge so fine as to allow
    only the passage of the lightest being.

    As the years passed,
    My heart grew too heavy to cross the bridge back home.
    Thick with doubt and fear.
    Troubled, alone.
    Trapped in a strange world with no way out.
    I forgot the bridge made of white feathers.

    Then one day,
    I cried a lake full of tears
    and breathed a breeze of sorrow
    that washed me a dove's feather
    upon the shore.

    The breeze of sorrow turned still.
    The lake of tears painted a bridge of heaven just for me.

    It was with in the depths of my tears I saw the brightest light of all.

    Three doves circled overhead and told me what must be done.

    To be,
    Like the touch of a feather.

    Tell me!
    What more is there to do?
    Is there is more to life than to allow myself
    to unfold into the gentle wings of a dove?
    Tell me!
    I have searched everywhere.
    I have found nothing else!

    In the depths of my tears I learned, that,
    I am my bridge. And you are yours.
    For our wings are formed from the woven feathers
    of the bridge we crossed from heaven.

    When I am me,
    and we are we
    Heaven, earth and we
    are one.

    What more is there to do?"
    Trinity Bourne

Thanks Trinity, it's a beautiful poem. I"m so honored to have you as a friend Smile

Margaret's picture

Dear Trinity,
You have the ability to capture the moment and slow down time. Smile when I saw the image of a child playing in the ocean it occurred to me that your poems would speak so well to children. The "little people" I know (Including 3 of mine) really crave inspiration and confirmation that they don't have to work so hard to fit in.
Thank you, and please keep sharing.

Trinity's picture

Thank you for the sharing an encouragement Margaret.

When I film, it means so much to me... I feel an energy surging through my body. I see a higher paradigm through the lense. At times it is even reflected on the footage that I come out with. When I edit, I cannot not rest inside until it feels like an expression of my soul. It's an amazing journey for me.

I am so fascinated that you mentioned the children aspect. The boy in the Ocean, is my son and that is my favourite part.

There is a real motherly apect of me that delights in inspiring children to celebrate their joy of uniqueness without becoming lost in a system that labels and judges so harshly.

with Love

Cynthia Sham Rang's picture

This is so stunningly beautiful - it has me weeping a lake of tears!! Thank you.

Cynthia Sham Rang's picture

The gentle sweetness of this poem gives me goose-bumps.
Thank you for sharing this Trinity!!

Trinity's picture

It's wonderful to feel the connection with a fellow kindred spirit on the path who is touched by this energy too. Thanks for sharing Smile

Never forget the bridge -of white feathers! This is an awesome reproduction Trinity. I can see why your heart calls your there amongst those dolphins. And so important to have had that time.

Trinity's picture

Your comment made me smile Teresa Smile
You are perceptive indeed. It was such an important time for me and yes my heart called me with an unmistakable strength.
Thank you for the kind words.
with Love

Dear Trinity

Thanks for another lovely version of this poem. I’ve watched the video several times now and just love it. So wonderful to see that image of Kumu Kumu beach and the sea come to life – just as I saw it in my mind’s eye! Such exquisite, delicate imagery (in the poem and the video), yet such strength and depth of emotion. It certainly speaks volumes to me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Bless you
With love

Trinity's picture

Hi Becky,

You are so welcome. The clip from Kumu Kumu beach that you talk of is incredibly special to me and I am not surprised that you felt a deep connection with it.

I have a profoundly touching story about that place to share with you when we cross paths next (April for Five Gateways workshop I believe). When ever I meditated there at dawn, an ancient ancestor friend joined me there. Words can hardly convey the magic that allowed us to dance together during those moments in Kauai. I was gifted such shimmering images to remember the gifts I had been given myself. My impulse was to give that gift back outwards again. Thank you for being so open as to receive.

soul to soul

Kumu Kumu

grahamd's picture

Hi Trinity

I found it quite moving for reasons I am not sure of other than the beauty of it.

Here are a few other comments from people I sent it to:

The visuals are beautiful, love the waves lapping over the rocks and stones - Belinda

Beautiful. Thank you dear friend - Brenda

That was exquisite. Thank you from my heart - Lyn

Here with Love, Graham

Trinity's picture

And thank you for taking the time to share Graham.

So often I keep things, silently, to myself. The world is flooded with so much 'stuff' that I prefer to hold the space, working quietly and anonymously through the ether.

At times my soul bubbles forth so strongly into the tangible world that I can not hold it back. This video was one of those occasions.

I just have to ask, Trinity, is that you surfing?

Trinity's picture

That isn't me surfing. I was on the other side of the camera.

It was a fascinating experience. I'd hiked alone along the south shore coastline one hot day for hours (in my flip flops) and found this apparently deserted beach in the middle of nowhere, seemingly inaccessible unless you wanted to hike along the cliffs. A few moments earlier, I'd been thinking how you'd get torn to sheds in the wild ocean out there. To my astonishment, from out of nowhere, two surfers appeared out of the surf... that was one of them.

grahamd's picture

Hi Trinity

The following comment from another person I sent your video to is the reason I like to share things I like.

Thank you Graham,
I needed to hear that..and just at that precise moment!... Funny that.
sending love, ed

Here with Love, Graham

Joan Belle Nemeth's picture

Thank you dear Trinity for this encouraging reminder of who we are...."I am me and we are we...", just to be. That we stand with one another in the fullness of just being who and how we are in this magnificent moment. I am in awe of the beauty of us and this earth home we have created. Thank you for magnifying its beauty.


divinespark's picture

The poem and video images together are simply exquisite. So full of beauty and truth and so soul soothing. I have shared it far and wide. Thank you, Trinity!

"Heaven and earth and we are one, what more is there to do". Have a wonderful weekend all of you, much love through the burning candle. Mike

Trinity's picture

Thank you Mike.
Would be just wonderful to have you here too this weekend.

divinespark's picture

Hi Trinity, I watched this video, once again, after many months and allowed its gentle beauty and soothing words of truth to sink into my being. I've shared it widely, once again, so that others can be touched by it. Thank you! With Love, Catherine