What if animals could talk to you?

Submitted by Trinity on Sun, 12/08/2013 - 20:10

I've just watched the most incredible film about communicating with animals. The message it brings us is so deep. I feel that Anna Breytenbach, a highly skilled, telepathic, inter-species communicator holds an important key to the evolution of humanity and this planet. Anna understands the trauma experienced by the animals in the documentary in a way that I have never seen before; transforming a deadly growling black leopard into a peaceful cat; having wild baboons groom her hair; experiencing fish swimming right up to her in a river; wild birds landing on her shoulder etc...

It's all about the vibration!

So what does this mean for us?

It's no secret that the human race as a whole has lost something incredibly sacred and divine: the ability to communicate soul to soul with absolute authenticity... the ability to permeate through the veil of illusion and connect with what is really real. If people are able to openly embrace the gift of communication with other animals and nature, we'd experience first hand the inter-connectedness of all life. We'd sense the need to honour and respect the earth and all of our fellow sentient beings. For humans this would mean reclaiming the lost aspects of our soul and meeting in the place where we no longer judge one another; the space where we align with the natural flow of the universe. We'd know exactly how we are meant to co-exist and live in harmony with this world. This opens the pathway to the higher paradigm.

Enjoy this deeply inspiring clip about the amazing story of the black leopard encounter and consider watching the full film:

What does this inspire in you?

I recommend the full length 52 minute documentary film on the art of animal communication. I have received a stream of emails from people telling me how watching has ignited something so sacred and divine within them. It transcend words... You can find it here: The Animal Communicator (it does only appear to be available directly from the film makers in South Africa).

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I've watched this recently it's a wonderful film.

I've been looking into a course in Animal communication with a lady in Wales, I have also talked to my cats through her about various issues they were having. She got their personalities exactly right, and one of my cats even gave us advice on how to help one of our other cats, and the behavioral issues he was having, all stopped after we followed her advice. The biggest message for me was how much they long to be respected as equals to all of life. My cat told me that she 'would rather be seen as my friend, than a pet'. It made me realize that although I have always had a deep love of animals, that somewhere within I still hold some sort of belief that they are not equal too me.

Anyone interested may find these books an interesting read....

'Kinship with all life' by J.Allen Boone
'Learning their language' By Martha Williams
'Beyond words' By Martha Williams

I bought second hand copies off the internet. I am also hoping to do her course early next year. I'm sure there are so many realizations for humanity within this type of exploration and may also help build intuitive skills and trust at a deeper level.

thank you for this... i started crying way before the guy did in the clip
words cannot describe it
thank you for the link!

Me too Reka! I felt such a sense that it reconnects people with ancient inner alchemy. To me, it feels as if something profoundly divine is being infused in to the field with this. Right now, given the time of transition we are in, if this can help reach out and people to reconnect with their divine origins, then awesome. x

I have just watched the longer documentary - thanks Trinity. What a powerful and incredible film. Beautiful gifts of being completely at one with nature - which the vast amount of us don't use/don't know how to use or are unaware of it.

I wonder what the pigs, cows, sheep and hens would like to say to us!

with love Myra x

dear Trin,
i watched this documentary for the third time in the past 24 hours (showed it to my family too, Zsombor especially, my son, was so deeply affected, the girls too, just differently). Clearly the reason why i watched it so many times is because of the energetic message that comes from it.

It touched me so deeply, like nothing in a long while, crying, yes of course, i was, but i went into a state of shivering, internal vulnerability and softness, there definitely is a deeper effect taking place, im only sitting and listening inside ...

... but i can say already now that what you shared here and what Open did on the other thread about the same time (The Great Realignment) is why i found you, why i was lead to Openhand back then, and i do feel a very strong common rooting along these lines. I am really touched.

Thank you again for the video, and the reminder. Never ever enough.

There are so many inner layers where we can not see through. I do see most of us humans "wanting" to be empathic with animals, but at our respective comfort zones, we stop. Stop because it would be too painful to feel what this Anna feels at one point in the full documentary when she talks about being a bridge between humans and other sentient beings, and what she sees on both ends...

I felt, compared to Her and the likes of her, we are like the alien "grays": i mean really no feeling, no empathy, just mind, dry. Yes, this is a very big part of what an intervention could do to us.

So i cannot say i was cheered up by this video (though deeply stirred and hugely inspired).

But this little story came to me this morning, as a healing. I share it here so it might help others as well, and also as thanks to you Trin.

with love,

Once upon a time there was a Queen who lived in the forest.
One day she had to have her sacred tree cut down.
This made her heart very sad. She had spent her whole life loving this tree.
She honored it under the lights of the Full and New Moons.
She did ritual at its feet when the eclipses came through.
She saw the tree spirits and the little people thriving in it.
She left them offerings at dusk, water and flowers at dawn.
This great tree flourished with great vitality.
The Queen took all her great loves there.
To this sacred tree. The tree of love.
The animals and birds were drawn to this tree.
Bees buzzing sacred hymns one day, the Queen noticed they were telling her something.
So she listened closer.

They forewarned her of something coming. Something she would have to do.
One day the storm clouds came, and everything went still.
The day had come. She had to follow thru.
It was time to send her tree to the spirit world.
The tree cutters came and piece by careful piece it went.
The Queen felt it throughout her body as the tree was dismantled. Ripples of energy coursing.
She fell ill as the branches went. Confusion set it. Disoriented.
For a moment death circled.
Balanced by the Shima as the roots started coming out, she started to feel better.
The first grind of the blades had brought a gut wrenching pain.
Deep. Rippling through her body. Wave after wave.
She thought perhaps she was dying, as she felt the tree’s spirit slip into the beyond,
momentarily to the other side, before it planted its spirit roots fully. Transplanted to higher planes.
The queen watched as the last pieces came out, like shards of glass from her heart.
She cried. But suddenly recovered, and moved forward.

She told the workers to save her some pieces of her sacred tree.
The Queen planned on making special items with them. So she watched every piece fall.
Waited for the signs. Followed and tracked them. Her Royal Woodcarver was preparing.
He would find the heart of this piece of the sacred tree and bring out its face.
The Queen felt good about this transformation of a sad event, into a better one.
She would finally meet the sacred tree spirit when he was done.

That night as the moon rose over the hill, she walked out to the place where her sacred tree once stood.
She sat down in the pile of root shavings and closed her eyes.
She just let herself reach down into the earth to feel the roots still there, left behind.
She felt her spine extend like a snake through a tunnel, moving deeper and deeper.
She opened her eyes and saw the moonshine coming up over the hill, and she knew.

The tree spirit flowed up through her. Out through her head like a crown forming a golden halo.
The orb expanded until it reached the ring of where the leaves once hung. Tree line magic circles.
She looked around and the other trees turned towards her, they spoke in a song language.
Crystal and clear. Every thought a holy one. Ripples of energy like heat on a hot road emanated around each one.
The Queen heard the words…

How do you create holy ground?
By loving what once grew there.

The Queen laid down in the root shavings. She felt the ground change beneath.
She saw an opening form. A sacred space created like a bubble in liquid. Surrounded her.
She sent out her sacred breath and said the prayers.
As she was praying she felt her body shake and twist.
Like the trunk of her beloved tree.

The moon broke over the hill. The light hit her eyes and she lit up.
She said the power words she had been taught.
The Queen watched as the root shavings around her turned to bones.
Scattered bones everywhere. Fossils of all trees.
Remnants of ancient beings from forgotten plant kingdoms.
She saw the worlds around her reveal. So much life everywhere.

The tree began to talk to her.

My daughter, thank you for all the many years of love.
I have enjoyed your presence, and all the offerings.
You have been a good friend. Your heart is pure and kind.
I have watched you grow and seen you stand strong.
You have kept true to your word.
In love. The plant kingdoms have been waiting for your return.
The Queens of the world are ready to awaken.
They are remembering how.
Soon the Kings will follow.
In return for all of your beauty and love,
and for holding the space so sacredly for me as I passed into the spirit world.
I am going to show you how to create sacred ground.
I am gifting you my throne, and when you sit in this throne you will look around,
and see the others in their thrones and here you can hold council with them.
With the Kings and Queens of the plant realm.
They will show you how to communicate,
and how to send messages to the other side of the world,
or other worlds completely.
They are the grandmothers and grandfathers of the plant realm.

Sit here often, sink into my roots, awaken your heart.
When the first light of the moon hits your eyes as it rises over the hill,
think the holiest thought you know how.
I will always be here with you now.

The Queen thanked the grandmother tree spirit and did what she had been told. She opened all her senses.
She picked up two pieces of roots and felt the pulsing heartbeat of the mother in her hands.
She brought the sacred wood pieces to her altar. She collected bags and bags of the pieces to save.
Grandmother Tree blessings.

The Queen shared her story and soon others were honoring their trees.
The plant kingdom once again began to flourish and thrive.
Life came back to the land, crops bloomed everywhere.
As promised by the grandparent tree spirits.

For many generations nature was God.
And the land was love.

Dear Trinity,

Thank you so much for putting up this lovely scene. I feel that words are not enough to express my feelings. But it went straight into my heart. I hope that Spirit (and all the other animals) still finds himself / themselves in harmony with the Life.

Anna seems to be a lovely, understanding person. The film proves that it's very clear that understanding and accepting can do magic (right expression?).

At the same time I feel very sad and upset how people are treating the animals and the nature. These are feelings hard to handle for me. Sometimes it's just too much, and my strategy is then to close myself. But the more I do that, the less I feel, I believe.



Welcome to Openhand Emma.
In our world today, this is one of the few things that makes sense to me - I am pleased to know you resonate. Words do fall short :)
Thank you for sharing.