Releasing Entities Meditation

This meditation is designed to help release entities within our own field. We work on the basis that entities are only able to co-exist if they have something to latch on to. This meditation works to release the blockages within us that send out a beacon to negative entities. The spoken element of this meditation is about 22 minutes long, beginning with a deep mediation to relax, unravel and create the space to release entities. There's a further 8 minutes of gentle relaxation music to follow.

Ascending with Gaia: meditation with Open

Free meditation download connecting deeply with Gaia, drawing her Kundalini Energy up into our body and through our field. Breaking down the dense matrix of mass human subconscious, throwing it off like a worn out overcoat. Allowing the rising energy, supported by the song of the whale, to surge up through us, unleashing positive waves of energy through our being and into our world. 25 minutes of liberation, transformation, empowerment...

Return to Light Meditation by Trinity Bourne

This is a meditation that came to me directly from Higher Consciousness whilst cleansing my energy field earlier in my spiritual journey. The meditation invites us to sit above a giant universal net, as it filters through our entire being, removing that which no longer serves us - leaving behind only Light. You can play and listen on the website by clicking the play symbol directly below. Enjoy! (revised version June 2nd 2012)