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5D Shift Launch - Transcendent Experiences All round

It was an absolutely wonderful start to the 5D Shift Project in Avalon - we could not have wished for better. A lovely, intimate, group of inquiring souls gathered, with big hearts, a great deal of courage, and lots of adventure. And because of the degree of surrender, boy we went deep - transcendence all around. Through the summer, I was working hard to connect up the higher dimensional bridge that is "Openhand". And it paid off in diamonds. You all shone so brightly. It bodes wonderfully for the future dates on the tour. And the Team very much looks forward to you continuing your inquiry within the 5D Shift Project. We are all positively beaming with joy. Tune into the energy through our photo gallery...

Refocusing of the Openhand Direction...Facilitating Your 5D Shift

Hi everyone in the Openhand Community - you're most cherished - thankyou for tuning in! During it's lifetime here, Openhand has gone through many iterations through countless explorations, so as to arrive at the most aligned expression of purpose. Phew, what a journey! Well now it feels like the Openhand mission has finally come into full focus. We're all about Facilitating Your 5D Shift. How exciting! It feels like the timing is perfect for the unwinding and evolving that's now accelerating through the old reality. So what might you expect of Openhand going forwards? How might you be involved?...

5D Shift Project Update...August 2017

Hi friends of Openhand! We're busily beavering away in the background bringing all the threads together of our new 5D Shift Project being launched in September. It's hard work, but exciting - we feel it's going to generate some real energy and upliftment for people going forwards. We trust it'll help make sense of things and cataylse some profound shifts - yeah! The Tour is being received well and booking quickly in most places - so do get your skates on if you feel to be involved this time. There's also been one shift of venue in Europe, from Malmo to Helsinki - it's those 'flying Finns' at it again! So here below is a breakdown of where the event bookings are currently at...

Openhand Facilitator Summer School 2017: "The Starsouls Emerge"

We're literally buzzing here in the Openhand camp, because our Facilitator Summer School begins today, with 15 of us gathering once more near Avebury, UK, in what can only be described as 'crop circle grand central'. Openhand facilitation is all about learning to support consciousness expansions within people through the earth's Great 5D Shift. The shift is influencing all our lives, in our careers, relationships and general living circumstances. So by coming together and intuiting what stage the movement of energy is heading through, helps us be much more effective as facilitators.
So what's involved in Openhand Spiritual Facilitation and what will the week be about? As always, we'll be running a daily journal so you may join in the energy...

Openhand's "Transfiguration" Belgium 2017

Everyone here at Openhand is tremendously excited,
Because today begins our annual, jewel in the crown, level 3 course "The Transfiguration". It's taking place at the lovely private estate of Openhanders Michael and Marielle Sabbe. Participants are flying in from all around the world to be here, to immerse themselves in the Openhand energy and thereby inquire deeply into the nature of their true self. It is for sure, a powerfully transformative event.

    And we'd love all of you tuning in to join us!

So we'll be running a daily journal with photos, sharings, and suggestions as to how you might participate with your own exploration and inquiry, inspired by the energy we'll be radiating out to you. Come join the family, and activate your next big shift! Blessings from all the Team.

Introducing Openhand's 5D Shift Project

Hi Everyone, wherever you are out there in the world, how ever you've been tuning in: Openhand greatly welcomes your involvement. Humbly, thankyou. The Openhand work has been around here in the 3D some 15 years now, and after countless explorations, iterations and unfoldings with you, we're finally unveiling the true focus of what the work is really all about - The Great Shift of Consciousness into the Fifth Density. We're about facilitating the Great Shift, by establishing an energetic bridge into the higher paradigm of consciousness. The work we've thus far produced, will now integrate into one:

The Great 5D Shift Project:

    Openhand's integrated philosophy shared through 3 sequential books, 3 sequential courses, all backed by this web portal and facilitator network. It's about supporting your shift into the Higher 5D Paradigm.
    To ignite that passion, today we announce our latest World Tour, commencing in September 2017.

On the Road with Openhand: Take the Step!

I'm on Tour again - no prizes for guessing where! Okay, so I haven't quite got the hang of selfies - do bear with me, I only narrowly avoided getting run over by a taxi to catch this one. Danger aside, I love being out on the road, because I get to meet you extraordinary people out there face-to-face, and that's such a blessing. It never ceases to amaze me, who pops out of the wood, shining brightly, challenging the conditioning of the matrix. Just sitting in a quiet corner of the airport, grounding from a long journey, when who should be drawn to the exact same spot, but another Openhander, coming to next week's course. The Law of Attraction really does work...

New Openhand Base, La Palma: "Love Lift us Up"

I'm heading back to the UK now, to begin a five week World Tour taking in Avalon, Australia, Hawaii and North West USA. In my final few days here on La Palma, I've been given an extraordinary run around by "Grey" Opposing Consciousness. It seems they'd found their way out here via some form of channel. And so I was finding it extremely hard to secure a new base for Openhand to work here - every property I looked at, was being snapped up, right in front of my nose. Yet it was clear in my heart I was meant to be here. So, an extraordinary situation required extraordinary measures to nullify the intervention: something I'm given to call the "Top Gun".

This sharing is quite deep, multidimenisonal, and 'out-there'. But I felt to share it so as to encourage others to open your channels further to multidimensional creativity. With that in mind, here goes...

A Bright New Openhand Future - Guaranteed

These last 4 weeks, following the NewYear Facilitator Course (see La Palma Pioneers), I've been tucked away at a quiet La Palma retreat centre, and taking time to explore the island. It's been an amazing opportunity to truly settle into my core vibe and really feel me. I've made an amazing connection with the Openhand Higher Dimensional Team, and to "Isla Bonita" (what the locals call the soul of the island). It's something I'll be writing about in the months to come. The Team have come here to initiate, then to facilitate, this Great 5D Shift that is now gathering apace on the Earth. And I needed to be sure I had the absolute fullest alignment with that in order to fulfill the Openhand mission. I feel well geared up for that now...

Trinity's Awakened Empath Project

Since stepping back from Openhand to work on her own projects last December, Trinity has been baking a different kind of cake. Many of you will probably know, that although she's been focusing more on development of her culinary skills these last several years at Openhand, she's also a heightened empath, meaning she has a wonderful ability to sense and feel other people's emotions. It's a divine gift which can bring light to the challenges very sensitive people feel living out in the daily challenges of the world. Find out more about the exciting things Trinity is up to...