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Openhand Course Changes

Hi friends,

Well the summer is almost over here in the UK and a new season of work begins. Our annual calendar starts again in September with the new Facilitator's course "Warriors of Truth" happening this week. There's changes ahead for the Openhand Course program: we're simplifying things a degree. So what's going on exactly?...

New Courses at the Openhand Centre

Hi friends,
Well you may have noticed that we're busily building away here at the Openhand Centre. The new retreat house is going from strength to strength and we're already accepting guests who want to do specific work with us. And of course we're well down the path with the development of our purpose built meditation space "Studio 8". I always felt in my soul the yearning to develop a place where people walking the spiritual path could come and hang out, to share, exchange and process: a respite so that greater clarity could unfold in your life. These two new courses we've recently introduced are exactly with that in mind...

Higher Dimensional Walk-in

Hi friends,

It is time to introduce myself as "Open" (formerly Chris Bourne). I am a Higher Dimensional walk-in. I came into this incarnation in the time around Chris's life threatening car crash back in 2002. The walk-in took place as the result of a sacred agreement between myself and the previous soul. It was his soul's destiny to ascend and move on. It is mine to bring an important message from benevolence and to catalyse a shift to help unravel the Opposing Consciousness intervention here on Earth at this time...

Crucifying the Ego 2013 - rolling journal

Hi Friends,

Well it's dawned up on us yet again. Crucifying the Ego 2013, our seventh event at Cae Mabon, the wonderful hobbit village that Eric Maddern created and I had the good fortune to stumble across all that time ago. It was like walking into Shangri la! Interestingly I get the sense it will be our final course here. We're busy developing our own centre in Avalon, and I sense there'll be time needed for courses further afield in other parts of the world. I'm also sensing to streamline our events down into three main ones followed by our Facilitator's Program. So we'll see how that wants to progress.

Openhand Facilitator's Program

This week we're running our stage 3 gathering of this year's Facilitator's Program at our ever developing home base here in Glastonbury. The stage 3 is the culmination of a good deal of hard work by a small and focused group who've come through the various stages. As with all the Openhand work, it has its own organic flow, guided very much by benevolence. The stage 3 is all about catalysing shifts in the surrounding energy field, activating cosmic frequencies locally and in the wider world. In words, I can't be any more specific than that!...

Ascension Exchanges Webinars

We had our final "Ascension Exchanges" Meditation evening in the current series in Glastonbury last night. In 2hrs we looked at the state of play in the world and the creeping impact of the Matrix. We explored how the power of cosmic consciousness is catalysing the world to a 'breakdown/breakthrough' scenario. It was immensely empowering and healing. And now we have some great news. Many from overseas have said how much you'd like to be there. I can announce it is our sense of purpose to bring the Ascension Exchanges to the web in the Autumn. So Openhanders all across the world will be able to join the new 'webinar' format. Watch this space!

Openhand Core Philosophy

Just as all life, Openhand is continually evolving its perspective and message. We're ever seeking more aligned and accurate ways to express beingness. We're not saying what we share is absolute truth, but an ever clearer perspective on truth. The clearer we become, the deeper we find we resonate and the greater the catalytic impact. With this in mind, we've just updated our core philosophy section to make it more accessible and informative. Hopefully by browsing through it, you'll get a clear sense of what we're all about and how we might be able to facilitate in some way your spiritual evolution. You can read all about it here...Openhand Core Philosophy

Gateways Down Under

So I’m traveling in the wonderful world of Aus right now. Back again in the land where much of the 5GATEWAYS film was shot, produced and edited. After recovering from an epic three day journey (almost!), I’ve been making last minute changes and preparations for a Five Gateways Activation here in Byron Bay at the weekend. And already I’m meeting such wonderful people. Byron is much like Glastonbury: a lot of conscious folk, challenging the accepted norms, shattering the taboos, exploring this amazing wave of awakening that keeps on accelerating...

Skip along to Five Gateways!

Hi friends downunder! Our Five Gateways event at Byron Bay on May 18th/19th is fast approaching. I'm certainly very excited to be back visiting Australia - the last time was when we were putting the final touches to our documentary 5GATEWAYS. There's a wonderful group gathering already, joining us at the aptly named Starseed Gardens. It promises to be a fantastic event, powered by the usual catalytic energy. So if you've been thinking about coming but waiting until the 'last minute', well this is the last minute! Why not skip along and join us...Full info

Five Gateways Glastonbury; May 2013

Well where do you wonderful souls keep appearing from? Smile

Yet again what an amazing Five Gateways gathering we had at the Miracles Room here in Glastonbury over the May bank holiday. Both Trinity and myself absolutely love meeting people who are delving deep, peeling away and unfolding new levels of personal evolution. It's so heart warming. We just can't get enough.

Here's the group photo. We wish you all well on your journey and trust that if they're meant to, our paths will cross again soon...