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What time of year did you raise Kundalini?

I looked up the date of my kundalini awakening and the kundalini awakening of several others, and I noticed it all seemed to happen at the same time, near winter solstice, From October to December, with most being clustered around December.

Is Winter Solstice the best time for enlightenment?

My theory about this is that it's because that is the time the Sun is closest to the Earth, and it has something to do with magnetic pull of the planet.

I have noticed that when I meditate at other times of the year, I get little or no major phenomenon, even though I am doing the exact same meditation I was doing before.

Can anyone here report raising Kundalini in the spring or middle of Summer? March, April, May, June, July?

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Yes - I can confirm it happens at any time. I've noticed no correlation with dates with other people I know either.

For me personally I had a full blown kundalini awakening at the end of the summer. Lots of other related experiences over the years in all different months.

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