Conscious Eating for Star Souls

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I must admit that, like many of us, I long to shake off the limitations and restrictions of having a physical body. I yearn to fly free in the higher densities, dancing and twirling as an expression of the boundless soul that I am. When I woke up, I began to feel this freedom in my everyday life, every time I closed my eyes and let go. The contrast between unleashing my soul and squeezing it back into my dense, physical body was a total mismatch. I just couldn’t squash my soul back in! So, I immediately embarked upon a journey to find a way that my soul could thrive whilst still having a physical body...

Eating Consciously has the power to reconnect us to the Universal Flow

If you are a Star Soul, you are seeded to awaken and raise your vibration; to shine the light so that others can wake up too. One of the most important (and often over-looked) ways that we can support ourselves on the spiritual journey is by eating consciously. Eating is not just about food... it's about energy. The energy has the power to heal and reconnect us to the universal flow. It can unleash trapped energy, free the soul and raise our vibration whilst opening us up to a New Paradigm of possibilities.

Every morsel we eat plays a role on the journey. The energy of our food becomes a part of our being, it goes soul deep - flooding into our cells; directly impacting our vibration by either lowering or raising it (depending on what we choose to consume). We are spiritual beings in physical, human bodies - aspiring to ever higher realms of awareness. We yearn to free the soul in every moment. Conscious eating is about unleashing the soul. The energy of every bite counts!

Eating lifeless, processed crap, disconnects us from Source

I found that denying and neglecting my physical body, by eating foods that weren’t optimal for me, totally disconnected me from Source. Eating crap, ultimately makes us feel like crap. Eating lifeless, processed stuff, makes us feel lifeless and processed. Eating meat and animal products makes us suffer energetically as we become responsible for the pain and suffering that happened to the animals we consume. These things drain our energy and hinder the flow of life force through our being. Such choices disconnect us from Unity Consciousness.

The Benefits of Conscious Eating for the spiritual journey

When I contemplate the benefits of conscious eating, the list is huge. Here are just a few of the ways I’ve noticed that it can support Star Souls on the spiritual journey...

  • helps bring our blockages to light (so we can let them go)
  • awakens the life force within us
  • naturally makes us feel more vibrant
  • draws us back to unity and oneness
  • energises us so that we can in turn support others
  • helps us attune to our higher purpose
  • naturally makes us feel closer to 'home'
  • helps us to stay more balanced
  • reconnects us to the flow of universal life energy
  • releases energy and trapped emotions from the cells of the body
  • cleans the window to the soul so that we can ‘see’ more clearly
  • naturally helps us feel interconnected with all sentient life
  • helps us shine a brighter light.

What is conscious eating?

Conscious eating is not just about food, it's about whole, complete beingness. It's about embracing the full cycle of life - so that when you enjoy each morsel, it melts you back into one, whole and complete, a boundless spiritual being.

Contemplate your choices

Every piece of food should be vibrant and full of life-force - a divine spark of the cosmos. This energy reminds us of who we truly are, so if that food is to become a part of our own journey, then it all starts with a simple contemplation of where your food comes from. A few things to contemplate...

    How is it produced and transported?
    How is Mother Earth respected in the process? 

Are the farm workers treated fairly? 

    Are our fellow creatures harmed?

Breaking free of out-dated paradigms

If you tug at one thread, then you will likely find that the whole 'garment' begins to unravel. Don’t be alarmed, because this 'unraveling' is an important part of the spiritual journey. Looking at life with an open-heart, with transparency and profound self-honesty are important steps for evolution of the soul. This is how we break free of the restrictions that bind us to out-dated paradigms. You don't have to be perfect at it - just make the best choices you can.

Embrace the best options available to you

Our fast-pace, money-making society hasn't made compassionate choices easy. You may need to re-define your world. Explore and find the best options you can. You'll be surprised at what can be done. You are probably embracing some of these ways already...

    Use homegrown and local wherever possible:
    Homegrown, organic and local ingredients have the highest vibration of all, brimming with a vibrational life-force, especially when grown with an open-heart and gathered with gratitude.
    Find organic foods:
    Organic foods not only carry a higher vibration with more nutrients to nourish us than their chemical laden cousins, but they cause minimal harm to Mother Earth. 

    Find fairly traded foods:
    Fairtrade ingredients
    are embalmed with the energy of love as we support our fellows human beings with justice, with fair energy exchange.
    Compassionate eating:
    Make compassionate food choices by honouring our fellow animals. We are all connected, so embrace the plant-based nourishment gifted from Mother Earth. Eating compassionately has a very beneficial, vibrational raising effect on our spiritual energy field. My recipe books are both totally plant-based and over-flowing with compassion.

Make your food from the heart

Our energy feeds into everything we do. So, be present. Close your eyes for a moment and let go. Be ‘here’ and ‘now’. Gather your ingredients together with care. Connect with each ingredient as you prepare it. This might seem like a simple act, easy to overlook its importance. Just being present - in the moment - is a powerful practice for spiritual growth. It helps you appreciate the gift of food. It helps to bring peace and calm to the moment. Preparing food with love is nourishment for the soul. Check out my article for "Raw Cacao & Coconut Energy Balls and the importance of making food from the heart".

Giving thanks

Authentic appreciation is a powerful way to raise your vibration and send ripples out into the wider world. Taking a moment to pause before eating, allows space for gratitude. Offer genuine thanks for the circle of life that nourishes your soul. The important thing is to connect with your food and allow a natural arising appreciation to permeate into the field around you.

Eat slowly and savour the taste

Eating slowly and savouring the taste sounds simple, yet its amazing how many people rush their food, chatting away. Switch off your phone and T.V. (if you have one) and really taste your food. Connect with the texture, flavours and vibrational life force, then you will begin to embrace from a centred place of true experience. You will feel much more guided on how much to eat and what your body actually needs for optimal health.

Recipe inspiration for Star Souls here

If you resonate with this article and need recipe inspiration, then you'll absolutely love Angelicious Recipes. Inspired by a fellow Star Soul...

What the world needs right now

Remember YOU are awesome and what the world really needs right now, is for you to shine. So, embrace conscious choices and shine like the sun.

For more tips on Conscious Eating read my article here: 20 Tips For Conscious Eating
Warmest Blessings

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21 years ago Trinity had a profound spiritual awakening that interconnected her with the deeper consciousness of life. What followed was a journey of compassion for all sentient beings, and a passion to share conscious eating for the benefit of all. Trinity is an integral part of the Openhand Core Team, supporting with the philosophy development, energy processing, publication of book and film, and is also the Openhand retreat chef.
Trinity recently published two recipe books with Openhand Press: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen & Angelicious - Food for a New Paradigm.
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My transition these past few years to conscious eating hasn't been an easy one to say the least. I've had many struggles along the way with food addictions and health challenges. For all of these reasons and more, it takes every ounce of courage I have to keep going with it, to keep getting back on track when I get sucked back in to unconscious eating by the hypnotic lure of the matrix around me. Thanks to Open and my own inner knowing, I'm aware that conscious eating is a crucial part of my evolutionary journey and ascension in this lifetime and that I'm here to let go of past karmic patterns where I attached to a power over construct. It's high time to embrace a power with construct -- that which serves all sentient life with compassion, unconditional love, and respect. This is such a splendid article. I take great inspiration from it. It comes at a crucial time in my journey. My star soul is chock full of sparkly, glittering gratitude.

Lotsa Love,


In reply to by soulseer

Thank you for the kind words Cathy. I have so much respect that you are giving it your best, even through it can be challenging for you. A lot of people do find it difficult, so you are not alone.

For me, it makes sharing all worthwhile know that it can be of support and make a difference - so I really appreciate you sharing about your journey here.

Delicious, compassionate food, makes the world a much better place.
Now let's tuck into some raw carrot cake!

with love

In reply to by Trinity

Thanks for the respect and the raw carrot cake, Trinity! The mirror tunes me into respecting myself for keeping on...keeping on. And treats definitely ease the journey! My motivation to both power on and surrender to where I'm at is fueled by my love and compassion. I know it's hard for many. I observe this in my own social circle and out there in general whenever the conversation is broached. That's one of the reasons I share here: to connect with and inspire others who may be struggling to eat vegan yet hold in their hearts a deep yearning to live in love and compassion with all sentient life. In short, it's worth all the trials and tribulations.

I'm off! Treats are calling! :)

x Cathy

Hi Cathy,

I know it's not always an easy journey, switching to conscious eating after perhaps decades of system abuse! But what we need to work to remember, is that life is a journey, not a destination.

For some people, defining every choice around food, will be defining their very being - the challenges are what forge the soul.

So push ahead. But never judge oneself by where one is currently at. Just keep working forward, developing with each step.



Thanks for the reminders, Open. Yes, it's about the journey, not the destination. When on a airplane flight to Paradise Island, it's a challenge to stay focused on the moment! I'm feeling my food choices do define my being but I know it's also important to accept and surrender to whatever I can manage in the moment and keep moving forwards one step at a time. Man, the whole self-judgment thing is hard especially when one is fully aware of the consequences of one's choices and how they impact other sentient life. My soul should be made of steel at this point with all the forging that's gone on! :)


Hi Trinity,
Thanks for the beautiful article. I love to create good food, especially when cooking for others. My kids are opening up more to healthy choices, especially my oldest.
I do often get distracted in the kitchen or too focused on the outcome so this is a great reminder to be more present with what I am doing both in the kitchen and other areas of my life. I am sure it is affecting the energy of what I am creating. Many thanks for you and your gifts.

Fab to see you here Kim.

One of the things that helped me when I was going through some massive challenges in life was my kitchen. It became my temple (well sort of). I made a commitment to myself, no matter what crazy world was going on around me, that when I make food it is my meditation. A beautiful dance, weaving around the kitchen. If something comes to distract me, like busy thoughts, the phone or some other thing, then I just smile to myself, then pause, take a moment, inhale the divine and then carry on.


Incredible article Trinity...I love that you bring attention to the importance of not only what you eat but how you are being while you prepare and enjoy your food. When I approach the whole thing from this place - not as a job to get done - then it's all so much richer. I am finding it very soothing and like an offering of love to make a bright vibrant meal for myself, lite a candle...put on nice music... feels so nurturing on so many levels.

In reply to by .Jen

So pleased to hear that it resonates with you Jen - thanks so much for posting.

I can imagine that this approach comes naturally to you - in fact I a feeling relaxed just reading your description with the candle, music and beautiful energy.

I am off to make dinner for tonight. Some herb-inspired quinoa with a raw, rainbow salad and tahini sauce. I can feee-e-e-l the love flowing already.

It will be a year this month I think that I became vegan. This change for me for whatever reasons it evades me, I don't need a reason, nor do I want an answer. All I can say, it is just amazing that somebody that can be a meat & potato man for 50 years, all of a sudden can become vegan, WOW. For me there was no struggle. At the same time I started this mission becoming vegan, I became a member of Openhand. What a ride it has been the last year. People here at Openhand are amazing and inspiring. Trinity your recipes, videos, along with your angeletic approach to everything touches me in so many ways. I'm truly blessed that my path leading to you and Openhand. When I'm in the kitchen making whatever it is I'm going to make I have a soft gentle music playing in the background, I get lost in what I'm doing and sometimes I am there for hours and not even aware of this. Most times whatever it is I am trying to make just comes out yummy. I have had a few things that didn't turn out and that is okay to. I use a lot of your recipes Trinity, they are just amazing. I'd like to thank you guys from the bottom of my soul. You are all proof that Angels walk amongst us.

Much love and Gratitude

Dancing my way there! Always been a vegetarian but finding going vegan a challenge but one that since my visit to you guys early Sept my body has decided to embrace regardless of my head. Really noticing that when I have dairy now I feel the density almost immediately and rarely finish. So completely vegan at home now, it's just eating out that's a challenge as my friends and family up here are all meat eaters! And why do most veggie meals in restaurants focus on mushrooms so much!!! xxx

In reply to by Amy

Hi Amy,

How wonderful to feel you tuning in. Everyone comes up against different challenges. Just do what feels right for you and unfold from that in a way that is right for you.

And mushrooms? For those who like mushrooms, they add a delightful texture and taste (not so for those like yourself who don't care for them). I am a big mushroom fan. Did you have a strange/unpleasant encounter with mushrooms when you were little?


Thanks Trinity. Nope, no negative encounters with mushrooms when I was little, though had plenty with other vegetables that I've since made friends with :) It's something about the texture for me, not taste. Feel the same way about Okra! Urgh! Thankfully the world is full of such a variety of fruit and vegetables :) Am devouring the Fit for Life book at present that Open mentions in Breakthrough, is really resonating and today is first day of just fruit for breakfast and I'm rustling up one of your salads for lunch... much love xxx