Meditation and out of body experiences

Hello, I would like some advice on something.

I have not really meditated much before, because when I do, within minutes
I feel as though I'm floating out of my body (just in the room, not
anywhere else). I have had out of body experiences before and I know I can
get of out of body easily if I want to. But the thing is I do not want to.
They scare me and I don't see the point in them.

I would really like to meditate in order to see things more clearly in my
life, but I have not been able yet, to let go properly, because I start to
feel I'm leaving my body.

Do you have any advice to offer me? I would be very grateful for your
opinions. Thank you kindly.


Hi Semira,

Thanks for your sharing about out-of-body experiences. It may be that I can help shed some light on what you're experiencing but first I'd really like to know in some more detail exactly what you feel you are experiencing. Could you therefore please answer the following questions for me...

1. Can you describe what exactly are you experiencing during the meditations. You say for example you are still in the room - are you looking down on your body? Can you still feel your body?

2. What does "meditation" mean to you? What is your objective in this is it "just to see things more clearly in life"? Does it have a spiritual purpose? Where would you say you are at spiritually?

3. What Meditative technique/s are you using?

If you can answer these as fully as possible that would be great :smile:


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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply. In answer to your questions,

1. During meditation, I have not actually left my body. I sense that I am about to leave. I know this because it is the same sensation I have when having out of body experiences. The sensation begins with losing feeling of my physical body, which I enjoy. But then I feel my body start to buzz and I know if I don't stop, I will come 'out'! I have had a number of spontaneous oobe's over the years. These begin with sleep paralysis or sometimes, if I relax, they happen on their own, beginning with a sensation of my whole being spinning, from the third eye chakra, where I can see a golden flower like shape. I have been up at the ceiling and looked around my room from there. I feel as though I am in a very light body, although I can't see it. I have gone through the ceiling once but I usually feel afraid and return to my physical body on the bed.

2. Meditation for me at this time, is a way of centering myself and seeing things more clearly. I am a very emotional person and I would like to use meditation to calm and heal myself. I want to listen to my inner voice and allow it to lead me on my true path in life. I want to get in touch with my dreams and what makes me fulfilled. I guess I am at the very beginning of my spiritual journey, because it is only now that I am ready to do what makes me fulfilled, despite how others may react.

3. When I meditate I relax my whole body. My aim is usually to visualise the healing and balancing of my chakras. I would like to go further and explore meditation techniques more fully. I would like to feel a sense that my mind has expanded and become clear and more at one with the universal life energy.

Thank you


Hi Semira,

That clarifies a lot about the situation - thanks for your continued sharing.

In our work we often do a meditation where we get people to first feel and relax the tightness throughout the physical body from the crown downwards. They then might feel a sense of lightness or tingling as the contrast between the denseness of the physical and lightness of the soul comes more strongly into awareness. They might for example experience a sense of expansion, rising, tingling - it feels like what you are describing as "buzzing".

Always though we encourage people to connect with their inner feelings so that they don't go out of body. Our approach is to discover the Universe inside ourselves rather than leaving the body which we feel is not a positive experience. The key is to bring and unfold spirit within us.

Perhaps one of the key issues here is that you're using visualisation of the chakras which can be a higher mental experience. It feels to me like it would be of much greater benefit to go into your internal feelings and release tension and effort - the actual experience of healing that you are currently instead visualising.

If you begin to release the tension and effort this way, its likely that you'll unfold you're consciousness in line with your purpose but you'll unfold that within you rather than external to you.

As this happens, it is also important then to relate the changes through our daily life. So we'll witness an effect within our usual activities. Certain attachments or distortion behaviour patterns may arise through synchronistic patterning of events for example.

It is just as important to concentrate then on releasing these distortions by expressing our perceived higher truth instead. In this way we become the Observers of all our life's experiences and we are in fact meditating in daily life - which for us at Openhand is a key objective.

The Universal life energy flows through everything that we do. It offers the opportunity to align with this higher truth - but we must observe, listen to and follow it for it to really be activated within our lives.

So in summary I think meditation would help greatly but I would suggest you try not visualising but rather feeling what's happening in your body - then I would adopt the place of the Observer in your daily life and observe the effects choosing as much as possible your higher truth. To me, this is what it truly means to be 'walking the path'.

I sincerely hope this helps you! (please feel free to continue the discussion further)

With love and best wishes


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Hi Chris,

Thank you for such an indepth reply. Yes, it makes much sense to me...all of what you are saying. I will focus on my bodily sensations rather than on my mind, and practice being the observer in my life. Two excellent places to begin. Thank you for your guidance. It means a lot to have feedback from someone who understands :-)


I read with interest the thread posted by Semira and your response and felt it might be useful to share my out of body experiences, some of which are similar whilst others are different.

I have had a number of these ‘events’ over the years, either where I rise up out of my body towards the ceiling surveying the scene below or where I ‘lose contact with where my head is!’. A third situation occurred last night where I seemed to be flipping from inside to outside my body, back and forth in quick succession. This was following a self-administered Reiki session, with the general intent of tuning in to universal energy for my greater good using my chakras. I visualised each chakra coming into balance as I centred myself. Incidentally, the theme of the session turned out to be a strong soul connection with a much loved pet, which died several years ago.

Apart from the last case, I had not been meditating or engaging in any visualisations prior to going out of body. The occasions where I lose ‘head contact’ are intriguing to me as they seem to repeat themselves. I can only describe the feeling as suddenly waking up and not knowing where I am, losing my bearings and having no reference points (as if my brain’s information filter is temporarily disengaged). There follows a disconcerting moment where I am unable to tell whether my head is located at the foot or head of the bed and I am floating in limbo, before realisation kicks in.

Taking on board the advice you gave to Semira, I will focus on my bodily sensations rather than visualisations in my mind and also practice being the Observer in my daily life but not externally. I think where I have come across visualisations before is linked in with affirmations when you focus on a perceived successful outcome such as a new job, relationship or recovery to good health (for example, visualising a tumour shrinking as an adjunct to the main medical treatment itself) rather than trusting in higher, divine guidance.

Chris (or anyone else), do you have any further thoughts, advice or feedback?



Hi AndyC,

Sounds like you're having some truly profound experiences - thanks for your continued sharing.

I believe you're beginning to experience something I often refer to as "Absoluteness". In the background of all activity is an awesomely ordinary state of pure presence. It has no boundaries, no definitions and no reference points. It just simply "is".

This is what we all are. We are pure presence, pure potential before all else arises. From my perspective it is this pure state of liberation that we are seeking in and through all things (although we don't necessarily know it).

So for example when we drink a glass of wine and feel the struggle of the world fall away; or when we have a comforting meal with a friend; when we have a financial "windfall" and feel secure inside. All of these experiences (and indeed ALL experiences) are simply reflections inviting us to let go of the need for any secure reference at all and just surrender into inner completeness - that which we are.

When this happens for the first time however, it is likely that fear will arise - why so? Because it is so awesomely liberated that the ego (our personality) cannot cope with it. It feels like a death - in a sense our ego is dieing and we feel that (in actual fact it's only our attachment to the ego that is dieing).

So a resistance might build internally to this letting go. The resistance arises as all kinds of things - fear is one.

You speak frequently of "visualising" certain outcomes - the outcomes you want (such as healing). I know this is quite common in healing practices across the planet right now. From my perspective this is actually detrimental to our unfolding because we're imposing intention across the natural flow of energy. Maybe you're meant to experience blocked chakras until you untangle the issues you face in your daily life?

The chakras directly relate to our outer experience. So we can bring light into them but then the light will create patterns and circumstances in our outer lives inviting us to let go of those distortions. It is only then that the balance of consciousness will shift within the chakras and they will truly open up. True "Healing" is really self realisation and we can't avoid it if we want to be truly healed.

Finally this brings me to the experience you describe "flipping from inside to outside my body, back and forth in quick succession". To me this is a wonderful confirmation of "Unity Consciousness" - the energy that unites all. There comes a time when we each move into a state that may be defined as "Constant Unity Consciousness". It's a truly amazing experience where the inner and outer worlds unfold into one. The duality dissolves. I believe this is what you were being shown.

Constant Unity Consciousness is a reflection of Absoluteness - the pure potential out of which Constant Unity Consciousness arises.

What we're talking about here are pointers to what some have called "The Holy Trinity". The "Father" represents the "Absolute" (the pure potential or "source"). The "Holy Spirit" represents Constant Unity Consciousness which arises from the source and the "Son" represents our unique expression of that consciousness - the "soul".

It is possible to hold all three experiences simultaneously inside yourself at once. This is what you might call "Enlightenment".

So in summary, it seems like you're being given some wonderful experiencial pointers to these states - you're profoundly blessed!
However my advice for helping these develop and unfold would be to let go of the intention - the intentioned visualisation - and let go of the need to heal. Instead allow to aise whatever wants to arise and explore yourself within that.

Unity Consciousness is profoundly intelligent. It is the cosmic library of all knowing. It know's exactly what to do when it flows through our bodies. If we can summon the trust to go into our bodies and just let go, it will flow through us like a crystal clear mountain stream guiding us back to the Ocean!

With heartfelt best wishes on your journey.


Hi Andy and Semira

I wondered if my own experiences might help your own.

I too went through a stage of slipping out of my body in an uncontrolled way, it worried me enough to talk to Chris about it last year. At any given moment I'd be off, flying through the clouds, it felt as though my soul was trying to escape my body on a daily basis. Chris suggested I had overly identified with my soul, turning it into 'something' rather than it just 'being'. (Am I using the right words here Chris?) Once he'd said that I realsied it was true, and the shift was rapid. Now I'm always everywhere, I can't even say part of me is one place and another part elsewhere, I just 'am'. When I'm 'up in the clouds' I am also grounded, and visa versa, I'm able to shift my awareness to where ever it needs to be at the time. The effect it has had on my life can't be measured.

Good luck with your journeys .... mine's still work in progress and amazes me daily. :)

With Love
Michelle x

Hi there everyone :-)

I just wanted to give you an update on how I've been getting on since my first post. Well, since my awareness has shifted, I have felt firmly grounded! I took your advise Chris, about practicing being the observer and sensing when I am tense. I also downloaded a copy of your book and have read up to the end of gateway 2 so far. I can identify with the awakening stage.

I'm not sure, but an awakening seemed to have happened to me years ago. There was a time after I had completed a psychology degree, when I began reading all the spiritual books I could get my hands on! They filled in the blanks and answered questions that psychology simply couldn't. I had so many 'light bulb moments' and feelings of connection during that time. I remember once walking to collect my son from school. Everywhere was bathed in a golden light and I felt as though I was walking on air. I felt as sense of detachment from everything, while at the same time feeling at one with everything.

That period of time did not last and although I continued my reading, I became swamped once more by the emotional issues and behaviour patterns still haunting me. It took many years before I began to change and mature into who I am now.

Although I knew what changes I needed to make in my life a long time ago, it is only recently that I have felt ready and able to make those changes. This website is playing a large part in steering me in the right direction. I often log on and look around, and on Chris' advice, have been practising being the observer and feeling my emotions without trying to change them. I have been having wonderful results!

I have realised that when I stop and feel the feeling, if I do it a few times, the situation that caused the feeling dissolves. For example, a man was rather rude to me today. I knew it was because last week I had been impatient with him. His rudeness made me feel bad (no doubt because I felt guilty of how I'd behaved!). I could feel a tension in my chest and stomach area that wouldn't go away, and so I just felt the feeling. I had to do this a few times, whenever I remembered him being rude to me. I then laughed to myself because I saw the beauty in what was happening.. I was being given an opportunity to learn patience.

Eventually, I found that I could think about the man without getting any negative feelings in my body at all. This is a revelation to me! I have tried this technique in the past, but back then I found I could not detach from the situation like I can now. This must truly be the right time for me. It is so exciting!

When I was a child, I remember feeling this sense of 'homesickness'. Ironically, it happened most when surrounded by my family. As I grew up, I tried to identify the feeling, and I concluded it was a feeling of 'dread'! In my adult years, I decided it was a feeling of 'not wanting to grow up'. To be honest I still don't know what it is, and I continue to get it occasionally when with family. It's like this sudden dramatic pull of energy downwards in the pit of my stomach and it's very unpleasant. The funny thing is, now I can't wait to get the feeling again, so I can just 'feel' it. :-)

I am also practicing being the observer, although, I am not entirely sure how. At work, it is so busy, and because I am seeing to everyone's needs, I find I do not have a chance to observe myself. Yet this is the time I would really like to observe myself as I think it would help me a great deal. If anyone has advice or personal experience of being the observer I would love to hear it :-)

Thank you kindly...


Hi Semira,

Thankyou so much for taking the time to write and share your journey with us. Our website is now receiving in excess of 150,000 page reads a month; I know for a fact that your sharing will be helping many others having similar, thoughts, considerations and experiences.

You said in your post...

    "I remember once walking to collect my son from school. Everywhere was bathed in a golden light and I felt as though I was walking on air. I felt as sense of detachment from everything, while at the same time feeling at one with everything."

This definitely speaks of an Awakening experience to me and a beautiful one at that. You mention that it did not last...

    "That period of time did not last and although I continued my reading, I became swamped once more by the emotional issues and behaviour patterns still haunting me. It took many years before I began to change and mature into who I am now."

You'll notice in our book (Gateways of Light for other readers) that we talk under Gateway 1 about a "pre-Awakening" period. It's frequently the case that we have such a wonderful experience as the one you describe, an internal efforting can arise once more to try to maintain that state - so for example it's typical that people go into a lengthy period of reading, researching and practice.

However, if efforting does arise due to this 'quest', the tendency is to create inner tightness again (although for a different reason ) and so our spirit - the soul - gets sucked up into the internal processing; it cannot expand out into universal awareness (so to speak).

At this point, if we are to awaken once more, it is important that we move more and more to the place of the Observer of ourselves. Why is this so important? Well if we continue to be engaged in the external drama without watching ourselves in it, then in effect, the drama itself is dictating our thoughts, feelings and actions. We have no control over them.

Imagine for example you're driving your car one day and at the next traffic lights someone runs into the back of you. What happens next? Well you can imagine the typical scenario: driver leaps out of car in shock and perhaps a degree of rage and so begins a potentially negative loop of activity beyond our control. Our consciousness is sucked into the drama which we then become identified with.

Another classic is at work - in the office for example. The typical office environment is literally teaming on a daily basis with tightness and frustration with people locked into the drama of trying to meet targets, deadlines and schedules. Not to mention the emotional energies of other people all with their own daily dramas going on. It's so easy for us to become identified and lost.

It happens when we loose perspective - when we think that the job or our personal goals is what life is all about when in fact our true purpose (at least from my perspective) is to realise who we are within this drama - to find our most natural and highest expression - that of the soul.

When we realise this, we have a choice, the first authentic one we're ever likely to make; do we keep running this loop just like the mouse on a spinning wheel? Or do we find the courage to break free...

    "And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
    Anais Nin

So how do we extract ourselves when we've finally had enough of this endless merry-go-round?

As we've mentioned it is to become the Observer. Which means to begin to watch ourselves in and through all circumstances. Yes its not easy in the beginning. We notice we keep going back into the drama again (for example, when reading this post, are you also watching and feeling both your body and the external surroundings?). The key is when you get lost once more, to find a way to keep remembering.

I remember in the beginning for me, it helped to see an internal image of a candle flame - which represented my inner light. So if I noticed I'd stopped watching myself, I would just see the flame for a moment or two. Then interestingly over time, feelings began to emerge with the flame - a quiet inner vibration which then became a warmth.

I found that meditating really helped - with breathing, the vibration expanded into a feeling of inner peace. Breathing then became the key for me. If ever I got lost, wherever I was, I would just practice breathing for a moment or two and notice the feelings inside. Then I'd be restored to the place of the Observer.

As things continued, an awareness unfolded out of the breathing which was always present (what I've termed the "Seer" in the book). The Seer is now always present in me and so I no longer need the breathing technique to get there...

    "Be a lamp unto yourself.
    Don't search for light anywhere else;
    the light is already there, the fire is already there.
    Just probe a little deeper into your being, enquire.
    Maybe much ash has gathered around the fire...
    Just probe deep inside, and you will find the spark again.
    And once you have found a single spark inside you,
    you will become a flame, soon you will be a fire...
    a fire that purifies, a fire that transforms,
    a fire that gives you a new birth and a new being.
    Be a lamp unto yourself."
    Last words of Gautama, the Buddha

We will each have a key to unlock the door. If you truly want to step out of the prison, simple ask the question of the Universe "please show me my key". The watch over the following minutes, hours and days. A symbolic representation will appear - maybe the words in a song, the picture of an animal, cloud formations etc etc.

Whatever it is, if you're open to it and attentive, something will arise to help you remember. The if you keep applying that tool, you'll continue to move to the place of the Observer until the experiences of the pre-Awakening unfold once more.

I hope this helps!

Love and best wishes


Hi and thank you so much Chris for taking the time to reply.

Those are some really helpful ideas on how to regain my centre in order to observe myself. I look forward to seeing how I get on at work :-)

There are just so many things I wish to tell everyone and so many questions I have to ask. But I think I would be on the PC all day!

For now I am going to go away and practice observing and feeling. Already, I have been able to make changes that have been waiting to happen for years. It's amazing how life can change in the matter of an instant isn't it?

Love Semira

As a child, I was very artistic and would paint, write poetry, stories, dance, compose music and so on. There would be a point during these activities where I would become so engrossed in them, that I would go into a trance like state. My vision goes sort of different (hard to explain!) and my body deeply relaxed and tingly. No matter what hustle and bustle was going on around me, I could remain in this blissful state (it happened a lot during lessons at school). You know, when people are trying to get your attention but your eyes are glazed over.. you can hear them but don't want to snap out of it!

As an adult, I rarely get this feeling, but sometimes it arises, for example, when I watch someone write, or when I read a description of the treatments offered at a health spa (it's great, I only have to read about a 'holistic aromatherapy treatment' to get the benefit of the relaxation!)

It came to me today, that this state is the one in which I need to find myself, not only to observe myself, but to be in the moment :-)

Hi Semira,

What a wonderful description of your previous blissful childlike state. Zoning out of the chaos and attuning to the light is a wonderful quality in a world where it seems there are infinite alluring things to be sucked into, taking us away from our essential nature.

In being present, I feel it so important to maintain consciousness throughout the environment in which we are in, whilst experiencing the peace of flowing completely with universal consciousness. So often in the past have I just slipped off into another world. It took me a great deal of practice and encouragement (thanks Chris!) to become more 'here'.

I often (although not often enough) find myself in a state of bliss when I am surrounded by nattering people, although it is something I am still working on. 'Tis as if the world slows down to a crawl being drawn to only that which is necessary.

Warm Wishes

Hi Semira,

Thanks for your continued sharing.
The trance like state you describe, being here and yet not, sounds to me like your consciousness is touching the experience of absoluteness - in other words you're dissolving into the place of infinite potential from which all arises.

When we practice being the Observer of ourselves often and long enough, we start dissolving into pure awareness. To me, this is what it means to be in an enlightened state.

When this arises, it can indeed be experienced as bliss although I hasten to add we don't have to be in bliss to be in enlightenment. To be truly enlightened is to be enlightened by all conditions and experiences - in other words to be in a state of non-attachment not matter what is happening.

It's quite easy to do this as a child (providing the world is being quite gentle with us) but it tends to get harder (much harder) as we grow up because we build conditioned behaviours based on repetitive actions that attach us to the drama and pull us out of that state - it normally happens because we no longer experience the unconditional love we felt in the womb so we go off in search of that feeling through the outer world of effects rather than the inner one of causality.

If you keep centering in this state when it arises, you'll begin to notice a totally ordinary and yet awesome state of perception through it all - so beyond the bliss. We might call this your centre.

Once you've truly located your centre, then the next "challenge" becomes staying in this centre no matter what happens in the external world. To me when we can do this all the time, it is to be in a state of Enlightenment and it is our destiny - from my perspective its what we really came here to discover.

This state feels a bit like zoning out when in fact what we're really doing is zoning in to what's really real!

Chris :smile:

Day dreaming

This thread is really interesting as when I was aged about 12 or 13 I can remember being a dream like state on a regular basis (I have an old photo which captures how I was feeling at that time). The response I received at school and home was very much of the order of ‘snap out of it’ and ‘he’s a dozey…(!)…who needs to improve his concentration in lessons etc’.
Sometimes, I think it was a way for me to insulate myself and disengage from my surroundings and the people around me as I felt shy and fearful of the ‘big wide world’. Not long after, I was described on school reports as ‘cold and rather reserved’.

I feel as though I broadly understand what you mean, Chris, in your last reply when you say:

“To be truly enlightened is to be enlightened by all conditions and experiences - in other words to be in a state of non-attachment no matter what is happening”

However, I am a little confused about the difference between non-attachment to all outcomes and experiences and simultaneously being able to care about those around you, especially family and friends. In other words, if I do not show any reactions at all I may feel detached and on the edge of the event or action, but on the other hand I can see that if I am involved my feelings are usually only being triggered through the external drama (often linked to past experiences in childhood)-rather than being linked to the centre of my true being (I think).

I would really appreciate any further advice or insights drawn from personal experience.

Best wishes,


Hi Andy,

You asked a very interesting and important question when you said...

    "I am a little confused about the difference between non-attachment to all outcomes and experiences and simultaneously being able to care about those around you, especially family and friends."

So let's look at what I really mean by being "non-attached to the outcome of all experiences" because I definitely DON'T mean not to care about our friends, family and circumstances - in fact far from it. In an enlightened state you care like you've never cared before - you care UNCONDITIONALLY.

They key to none-attachment is to make the ultimate realisation of what this "game" we call life is really all about. In absolute reality, every single thing is formed from One Life - One Being. So at the highest level you and I are just having a conversation with ourselves.

As the One Life we have created the concept of relativity in order to have an experience of life. In other words we had to create multiplicity of form; you can't know this without that, up without down, hot without cold, you without me.

The One Life achieved the concept of relativity and therefore multiplicity and therefore experience by a seemingly complex illusion. It separated itself into apparently individual and yet interconnected parts - we are each as waves on an infinite ocean...

    "Know that this Universe is nothing but a dream,
    a bluff of nature
    to test your consciousness of immortality.
    Paramahansa Yogananda

It then caused some of the parts (souls) to loose themselves with in the concept of separation. In other words we created the illusion of time and space between the separate parts. Time and space create "distance" from the source and therefore forgetfulness that we are each the source.

When we are able to grasp this truth and actually experience the Oneness, we realise that we are actually beyond the separation - beyond the physical Universe; that we can't die or go anywhere because we exist everywhere; that nothing can truly harm us or cause us pain unless we allow it to happen because we are attached to the experience of pain.

When we realise that all pain and suffering is simply a choice, we can be free from the illusion - it doesn't mean that pain goes away. It just means we look at it differently. The very word "pain" conjures all kind of visions, feelings and realities for most people but "pain" is just a judgement of an experience - due to conditioning we allow ourselves to experience pain in a particular way instead of going through and beyond it.

There can be few experiences that cause greater pain than child birth and yet some women have become so surrendered, so masterful of pain that they go into multiple orgasm at the very height of the pain itself.

If you are attached to pain, you fight it or try to ignore it which only gives it more energy thereby making it worse. However if you go right into the very centre of the pain and ask yourself "so what?"; if you can pause just long enough without reacting to the conditioning, you're likely to find another feeling which is helps you become none attached.

Its exactly the same as hunger. If we are hungry we might feel an emptiness inside and judge that emptiness as discomfort and therefore feel the need to eat. However if instead of immediately responding to the conditioning we stop for a moment and go deep into the feeling of hunger, you may find it becomes something else. For me it becomes openness and lightness. Correspondingly I feel my energy rising. Have you ever tried fasting for a few days? The hunger pains pass away after a couple of days and the experience can be truly profound.

Many are attached to being in relationship - we'll do anything just to hold onto our partner even if that relationship is no longer serving us. Over time this one attachment is likely to breed others; we become increasingly entangled in a false way of life.

None-attachment and realisation of Oneness may happen during one life defining moment such as a near death experience for example or it could come as a progressive unfolding where we continually confront our attachments and let them go.

In letting go of our attachments however, the magical day will dawn when we realise the only purpose of life at all is to experience the boundless, unconstrained joy of the soul - total liberation.

And yet with total liberation comes a divine paradox. We don't care less about those around us - we are liberated to care MORE. We can allow them to be exactly who they choose to be without needing them to be a particular way. We don't need them to be kind to us or loving. We can dive headfirst into love without fear of the outcome such as ultimate rejection for example.

Ultimately we can truly push the envelope and walk down the blade edge between life and death without fear because we are none-attached. The key is to continually confront those attachments - those fears - and go deeply into them so that we may be released. Ultimately the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Hope this helps!


Hi Andy,

I read your post with great interest. I can especially relate when you say:

"...if I do not show any reactions at all I may feel detached and on the edge of the event or action, but on the other hand I can see that if I am involved my feelings are usually only being triggered through the external drama".

In my personal experience, I found it very difficult not to be pulled into the drama when it came to a certain close family member. There always seemed to be something she would say that just got to me, and I reacted.....It is not easy at first, to stay centred!

In this particular relationship, much of what this person said to me, I felt, was an attempt to bring me down - or at least - not encourage me to move forward. I know deep down that she is just afraid of me changing. Because this in turn would change her experience.

Knowing this deep down, allows me to find a peace inside whenever I am beginning to feel pulled into the drama. When she says something that would normally make me feel hurt or impatient, I remember where her words are coming from, and I begin to feel compassion.

I hope to hear more about how you're getting on in the near future!

Semira x

On a completely different buy equally interesting topic!

This evening I cooked Trinity's 'Sunset Curry'. Well, what can I say. It is truly delicious...AND so easy to make! I had had a block of coconut sitting in my cupboard for months, not knowing what to do with it.....Maybe it was just waiting for this recipe!

Thanks, Chris for your profound and detailed reply on the subject of 'none attachment', and apologies for the delay in responding.

My attention is drawn to the following paragraphs when you say:

"Time and space create "distance" from the source and therefore forgetfulness that we are each the source."

"When we are able to grasp this truth and actually experience the Oneness, we realise that we are actually beyond the separation - beyond the physical Universe; that we can't die or go anywhere because we exist everywhere..."

Whilst I can take these statements on board intellectually to some degree, I don't feel able (at this time) to make the necessary leap of faith (without efforting) to believe they are true in my heart. Perhaps this my fear of the unknown coming to the surface and wanting to control what might happen. I can certainly see my mind searching for definitive answers to everything (and therefore imposing limits on myself in the process!) rather than trusting the outcome, whatever it is.

In one sense I am attached to a scientific approach which rarely (if ever) comes close to explaining the 'miracles' (religious or otherwise) happening on a regular basis in the world at large. What's more, despite all man's technological advancement, some people argue that he only possesses a fraction of the knowledge about the workings of the solar system/universe (and many other things) due to its infinite nature! I guess it would be pretty boring, though, if science had a rational explanation to account for all happenings (saying that Chris, when you describe the origins of the physical universe you do have a very clear picture of the sequence of events which took place).

The other point which comes to mind is my limited awareness of the presence of God (in whatever form).
However, I am going to share one of the few mystical experiences I have had in my life, which has remained with me to this day. This is not something I have mentioned to anyone else before.
I was aged about 8 or 9, lying in bed, and the sensation I had was of a spirit or soul being forced to flee out of my body accompanied by a wailing noise. It was if there was no room for it to remain because of my ego, and the only way I can describe the feeling since then is that something appears to be missing from my life on a spiritual level. This event seems significant but remains an enigma to me.

For now, there are several poems on the Openhand website which talk about making a leap of faith so perhaps it would be a good idea to revisit them.

Best wishes,


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your continued sharing - its wonderful that you have the courage to be so open and honest. From my perspective, this is always the first step to spiritual unfolding.

As I read your post, much flowed within me from a higher perspective. First let me deal with the whole issue of "leap of faith". You wrote...

    "Whilst I can take these statements on board intellectually to some degree, I don't feel able (at this time) to make the necessary leap of faith (without efforting) to believe they are true in my heart."

The journey of the soul is a divine paradox. We feel a pull to do something and then the mind often takes over. But this happens on both sides of the coin - so we might feel a pull to "jump" but the mind might talk us out of it. However it could also be that the soul is simply "testing us". Its pushing to the brink to contemplate how we really feel about jumping but then pulls us back - unless of course the mind owns it once again and actually jumps!

To me this is what the Buddha actually meant when he spoke of walking the middle path - my experience is it's like walking along a blade edge.

The second thing that arises for me in responding, is I sense expectation of how spiritual experience should be. Writing about spiritual experiences on this website (and in my book), I have long realised that we're providing a double edged sword - we're helping to explain what people might be experiencing but then others may take the words literally and think they should experience that too instead of 'stepping through the lines' to identify what is really real for them.

I remember reaching the place that others have described as Enlightenment (I can't actually know that what I experience and they experience are the same thing of course!). A wave of realisation washed over me as to how ordinary it really is - my life had come full circle. I gone through a magical roller coaster ride, stripped away thought, emotion, mind and body and arrived right back at the same place I began!

Yes I can identify etheric experiences in my reality, but at the same time it feels amazingly grounded. I have exactly the same issues as everyone else does - uncertainty about whether to do this or that; uncertainity as to what my soul is really revealing and yes sometimes even fear. The difference now is that I have located a simple state of perception that is always present in the background and I know WITHOUT doubt that I am that. I cannot go anywhere because that perception is everywhere. It cannot be damaged, tarnished or violated.

I realised EVERY experience is a spiritual experience: pain, frustration, anguish, fear. The key is not to fight for them to go away - not to want anything else to replace them. In which case they tend to dissolve anyway because no such distortion can stand for too long in the face of absolute inviolable truth.

This leads me to the final point you raise...

    "the sensation I had was of a spirit or soul being forced to flee out of my body accompanied by a wailing noise."

I'd like to hear more about the incident but my intuition does already speak very loudly about this. It feels to me like its all about Opposing Consciousness - hence the wailing sound.

As I refer to in my book, I (and many others) experience an Opposing Consciousness operating in the surrounding energy field. It's purpose is to retard our evolution. One way it does this is by "driving the soul of out the body" so to speak. In other words, by the use of fear (or delusion), it causes us to desensitise to various aspects of our bodymind. So for example fear might cause us to tighten so that we can't feel our true sensitivity any longer. Alternatively delusion might cause us to flee to higher, dreamier realms - hence people often go into some ungrounded floaty state.

The real key to combating Opposing Consciousness and therefore bringing full realisation into this place here and now, is to bring spirit totally into the moment by being absolutely grounded and embracing everything that is arising without avoiding it. So if there is fear, go right into the heart of it. If there is pain, drink it in through every cell. Don't try to switch or 'reframe' - be prepared to go through the fires of hell if need be and if you can do that, you will, without a doubt, find awesome okayness. There will be nothing left for fear to be sustainable. It may arise but it will also just as quickly dissolve.

Intuiton is the key. Trust in your intuiton - that it will ALWAYS bring you exactly to the right place for what you now need to be learning (remembering actually). So you are in exactly the right place and experience right now. What is the moment revealing to you about yourself? Not about others, not their feelings and issues but YOU? What is really real about you and what is illusion? You don't even have to know for sure, you just have to feel what it could be and go with that. Do you feel shy? Then be shy. Does that now serve you? Do you feel angry? Be angry. Does that now serve you? Do you feel confused? Be confused and ask does that now serve you.

If you do this, you'll peel away layer upon layer until you get to what's really you - but here's the paradox - you won't even know what that is until it reveals itself in the moment. You will be completely undefinable - completely free to be you.

Finaly, I am given to share this affirmation with you. It adorns my altar and I read it practically every day...

    "I stand behind me
    in line with my self and my path,
    I trust my love and intuition,
    and I am whole,
    Open to the future.
    Consciously earthing my spirit
    I see light born from darkness,
    The son of the mother.
    My vision returns."
    Rainbow Jo


Hello everyone,

Since my last post, things have appeared to slow down a lot. After that night when I had the pressure on my crown, I had another such event. I could not sleep all night and the pressure and tingling in my head was intense. I could also feel a cool tingling sensation across my lower back and my heart felt much pressure at times too. My mind was racing and despite knowng that I should let go, I could not let go of the fear. The next morning I felt desperate. I looked in the mirror and my pupils were huge. I felt I needed to find someone to help me. I could not do it alone. I phoned a friend of mine who I thought cold help me but he couldn't. As I explained what had been happening to me, he told me I should 'be careful', that I might change forever and may even lose my children. I became frustrated that he wasn't understanding me and made my excuses to get off the phone. It was only then tha I realised he had just relayed all of my fears right back to me! I still felt strange and I needed someone to talk to about As I walked through town, I felt wonderfully liberated. Normally I feel very tight in crowded shops but now I felt expanded, light and almost 'above' everything. The first place I thought to go was the local buddist meditation centre. But it was closed. I began to shed tears because I felt desperate to talk to someone who could relate to what I was going through. I wanted someone I could call in the middle of the night to helpg uide me through.

To cut a long story short, I never did find anyone to talk to. Instead I treated myself to a lovely dinner and I managed to sleep soundly that night. Days later I did this chakra test online, which claimed to be able to show me which of my chakras were open and which were not. I was sceptical but the results rang true. While my upper chakras were open, my lower ones especially the base chakra was very under-active. I am a very analytical person with many ideas however, I do have a tendancy to be anxious and self-conscious. I realised that what I needed was to ground myself.

UP until now I am using the grounding technique provided by Trinity. I am having great success with it although there is still a way to go, I feel. I remember something Chris once said about bobbing up to the surface every now and again and I can relate to this. Sometimes, I have felt that because the pressure in my head went away, I have gone backwards on my spiritual journey. But these things cannot be rushed and I believe I am now processing a lot out of my system. I still get pressure in my head and tingling and when I close my eyes there is almost always a violet circle there. Curiously, I have also noticed twice now, a flicker of vivid blue light around me in my peripheral vision; once on my chest and last night on my palm. I do not have the internet now (all a part of the plan!) but I check the site when I can and just felt like sharing what has been happening with me lately.

Love and light to you all,


Dear Semira,

I'm delighted to hear that you are still checking in. I recognise all the things you talk of from my own journey. These things are all valuable experiences that invite us to peel back all those things that no longer serve.

It seems normal to go through periods of intense experiences, followed by apparent calm. The more gentle periods give time for the integration of new layers of consciousness into our every day living. It can be rather pleasant if this is gentle, especially if you have a tendency to experience powerful shifts.

I agree wholeheartedly in that it is best not to rush unfolding. There is a natural pace unique to us all, depending what we are ready for.

I love reading of your meditational experience. Awesome!

With Love

P.S. Further info here on grounding:
""Connecting to the etheric whilst grounded...""

Ok.. here it goes.

I had my first out of body experience 1 week ago and it was traumatic because I saw a little girl falling throw a window and felt that girl was related to me. The shock was big and I was pulled back to my body in a traumatic way I found myself like around the room screaming and my body on the bed after some seconds I was back.

Just 2 days ago it was just horrible…I woke up and felt someone was beside me but I could not see, then I felt that entity digging on my stomach and pressed very hard that I even felt pain very uncomfortable. I tried to push away the entity and could not. Then I said on my mind “in the name of jesus go away” twice and it finished. When I opened my eyes saw a light twisting on the ceiling of my room like start shape.

This is the first time in my life I feel this thing and it is totally scary. I do not want even be asleep after this.

Someone can explain to me about the lights? The stranger? The hands on my stomach? I think maybe someone with more experience on this area. I have seen lights on the ceiling when I wake up then those disappear.

Hi there,

Welcome to the forum. The first thing I would say is to stay calm and not to be afraid - at the end of the day try to remember this is all an illusion. Every experiential phenomenon is simply created by consciousness as a mirror to experience who and what we really are; that we are one life, whole and complete expressing itself through multiplicity of form. You exist everywhere, cannot be harmed and you cannot die.

That said, I completely empathise with you - when you're in the middle of these experiences they feel totally real.

I can respond to your questions intuitively to help give you some direction. My guidance comes from a higher state of perception where our souls meet. However, I would also say, you must pass any guidance I give through your own inner feelings and processing. At the end of the day, we must learn to interpret and master our own experiences.

So here goes...

The little girl is indeed related to you. She is in actual fact a part of you. She is what you might call the "inner child". What exactly is this? When we are born we are being completely and wholey at one with the Universe. In other words we are being our unique and divine expression of the One Life - the soul. We are so at one with everything that we don't even know where we end and our mother begins. We experience ourselves as the same thing.

However, over time we are conditioned by our environment into believing we are separate from everything else, that there is no unifying consciousness and generally the love we receive is conditional; we are chastised for being 'bad' and rewarded for being 'good'. In response to this we begin to build conditioned behavioural patterns. These form fixed neural pathways in the brain of conditioned responses to external stimuli. For example: "I'm hungry, I don't feel complete, if I cry I'll get fed". This is just a simple one but over time they build into a complex web interlinked with visual imagery, emotions, thoughts and feelings. This complex web becomes an inner identity because now all of our impulses are filtered through this web. This is what is known as the "inner child".

We become so wrapped up in the drama of how the inner child relates to the world that we forget our inherent sense of completeness and awesome okayness of the soul. Instead we identify with the inner child - we actually sense becoming it. Furthermore since our reality in the external world is shaped by what we're being on the inside, we create a complete false life style to go with our false identity.

When we begin to wake up, we're actually releasing ourselves from this prison. It may happen because the tightness caused by the inner child is so dense that the soul may feel like it needs a brief rest from the drama - which is why you had the out of body experience. What was actually happening was that you were stepping through the window into absolute authentic reality - which is why you saw the little girl falling through the window.

As this happens two things tend to occur. We may feel joy, completeness and love as we are suddenly liberated and we may also feel fear. This is because a part of the soul is still identifying with the child and is afraid of its own death. Although this may feel real, it is only our attachment to identity that is dieing - in actual fact it is an amazing liberation.

When we come back into the body we may also feel the constriction, tightness, doubt, worry and fear that coming into incarnation tends to feel like until the soul becomes fully adept with the experience. Over time, if we follow our soul led journey of awakening, the conditioned neural pathways that form the inner child will dissolve and we will step permanently through the window of life into our absolute authentic reality where all is one and inter connected.

The digging in your stomach feeling was to do with "Opposing Consciousness". Acting through the external field is a consciousness which is trying to prevent our natural evolution by invoking fear, doubt and worry. In fact most of society is being influenced in this way. When we are in such tightness, we emit emotional energy - Opposing Consciousness can assimilate this energy just as we can food. Opposing Consciousness tends to act through the solar plexus chakra in the area of the stomach which is why you felt what you did.

In many ways your response was intuitive and exactly the right thing. You projected the power of your "Warrior Energy" - your will - into the surrounding field and pushed them away. So you learned a valuable lesson.

They are many other things you can do to protect yourself. You might like to take a browse through these two threads...
Combating psychic attack
Tips on raising my vibration

It feels to me like you are going through a pre-Awakening prior to having a full blown awakening experience. You're about to step onto the super highway of internally guided spiritual evolution. Its a miraculous roller coaster ride leading to your eventual Enlightenment (hence the lights on your bedroom ceiling). It is not to be feared by embraced - this is the purpose of life itself and you're about to get some very powerful and wonderfully rewarding lessons.

I believe it would greatly benefit you to buy a copy of our book "Gateways of Light" which explains in great detail all about the process you and others are going through. It provides first hand accounts together with tools and practices for facilitating the unfolding at the various stages of our lives. You can preview it and buy a copy here...Gateways of Light

It would also greatly benefit you to get involved in some kind of meditation and perhaps spiritual unfolding courses like the ones we run. Our level 1 course "Unfolding into Light" would be ideal. You can read about it here...Unfolding into Light

I hope this helps!

Love and best wishes


Dear Chris

I do appreciate your response. I feel more relaxed now. I was in anguish as did not know the right person to ask. Someone pressing and touching your stomach it is not a pleasant experience it rather intruding and annoying.

I will follow your advises. However, I would like to know how can I distinguish between a "Opposing Consciousness" or karmic thing with an attack of a bad energy of lower vibration perhaps taking advantage of a crack in my etheric body or aura.? I had 2 operations on my stomach for a bowel obstruction and this areas of my body has been an issue to me whole my life. In fact a was born with a bowel obstruction and operated after 2 days born.

Thank you very much for your comment
God bless

Hi Monica,

Opposing Consciousness is a huge issue to deal with. From my perspective it has created and continues to dominate every aspect of the society in which we live. At the same time, most people cannot touch, taste, feel or see it. We mistakenly believe that all our thoughts, feelings and emotions are entirely our own when frequently they are not. All too often buttons of conditioned behaviours and predictable reactions are being pressed for us.

I am given to write some quite indepth work about the phenomenon and I cannot really give it full justice here in one comment so I'd invite you to tune in as we add to the body of work.

Suffice it to say for now, the key to combating Opposing Consciousness is self awareness. Opposing Consciousness cannot do anything physical to harm you - it can however influence you to harm yourself by deceiving you into making choices that are not in your best interest - the food we eat for example and the conditioning we expose ourselves to on TV.

In becoming more self aware, it is important to begin to watch our motivations for doing things. Are they selfish actions inspired by fear, worry, desire or the perceived need for something outside of ourselves to make us feel whole? Or are our actions inspired instead by a higher altruism - the authentic inner yearning to find and express that aspect of beingness which most completely defines who and what we truly feel we are? Opposing Consciousness tries to support the former approach by attaching us to physicality thus disempowering us. Benevolent Consciousness on the other hand empowers us to find self completeness.

You might like to try this approach to decision making in life and following only those inspirations that come from the higher self...Openhand Approach

You might also like to read more about how we are hindered and supported in our unfolding...Benevolent hand, Opposing hand

So until I write the more detailed response, I trust this will help.

With love and best wishes


I felt the necessity to come again to write in the forum hopping to find some answer about what is actually happening to me.

After I felt the bad entity or opposition of consciousness mentioned in this forum weeks ago I have been praying and praying to stop seeing and feeling what I did following Christian/ catholic faith as I believe on it. I did not feel it anymore. Peace came back to me (on that particular experience). On the other hand, the flashes of light I used to see and the orbits of colour disappeared as I also prayed to stop seeing this as it was taking my self peace away and making me feel VERY uncomfortable.

Last night, I was in the stage of half sleep WHEN AGAIN I felt voices, laugher, sort of radio stations tuning and honestly speaking I knew that could go out of my body but DID NOT WANT. I will explain why:

As I had 2 experiences traumatic ones very fresh 1. going to visit my inner child and coming back to my body in a stressful way (commented in my last message of this forum) and 2. feeling the bad entity or opposition of consciousness (commented also in my last message of this forum )

After these two traumatic experiences during OBE/sleep paralysis I saw a twisting golden light and other little white lights on my ceiling after I opened my eyes. What sort of being is a golden twisting light? looks like a star of david.

Please tell me what are those lights? . How can I believe those are angels or good beings when I found them beside my bed when the bad entity or opposition of consciousness was touching me/attacking me. My guardian angel or spirit guide should or suppose to protect me and he did not. I am now associating the lights I see with bad entities. Are them? I feel they are manipulating my brain for OBE experience.

Who is manipulating my brain with tuning of radio stations? Laughing? etc etc are those good or bad beings? My choice is to stay in this 3 dimension now, I do not want to see more lights specially when I am passing through a major episode of my life almost breaking with my husband/moving house. Emotionally I feel broken at the moment and this sort of experiences are making me more stressful.

I got up yesterday praying very much to god for no more bad entities around and no more traumatic OBE.

I am following Chris advises regarding rising vibration with food, less TV, cloths, products etc etc I am very careful with it.

So in conclusion I STILL see a golden twisting light and other little white lights when I open my eyes after sleeping and in addition during the day with the age of my eye I see sometimes like black mosquitoes flying…What is that? It is making me very nervous and stress to see things or dots around is that a bad entities ? It is stealing my inner peace to see all of that.

I would appreciate your comment, advise or guide. I never had this sort of experience before.
Monica E.

Hi Monica,

I would say you're having direct experience of both Benevolent and Opposing Consciousness. The Mosquitos are a classic symbollic representation of Opposing Consciousness. The twisting and bright lights feel to me as if they are indeed benevolent. Intuitively I feel the light is telling you something - its acting as a mirror which is how all Benevolent Consciousness acts. Its telling you that your own inner light is 'twisting' and you need to steady it.

It is not the purpose of Benevolent Consciousness to protect us. It is its purpose to support us on our path. Clearly at a higher level of consciousness you have chosen this experience with Opposing Consciousness to learn something and Benevolent Consciousness will not manipulate or interfere. This is often misunderstood especially within the orthodox religions. It is not the purpose of Benevolent Consciousness to cause us to avoid those experiences which can teach us something - the reasons why we incarnated in the first place.

So what are you supposed to get from this experience?

The key is your tendency to go Out of Body when something unpleasant happens. This is quite typical especially for psychically sensitive women. The personality is trying to shut down the experience of something invading your body. Put more accurately, a fragment of your soul that is identifying with the personality is trying to close your body down by leaving it.

This is exactly how Opposing Consciousness works. It creates difficult and stressful circumstances within the Bodymind - we then either try to desenitise ourselves through food, drink, soft drugs, external stimulation, or alternatively we move to a higher plane leaving our full connection to the body behind. Either way, Opposing Consciousness wins because it has lowered our vibration and disconnected us from the full experience of Unity with God (unity consciousness).

So what is the way through this situation?

The key is to 'become as nothing in it' - to be awesomely okay with what is happening. Opposing Consciousness cannot harm you. It can only scare you or tempt you into doing something which is not in you best interests. So when you feel the attack coming on, be still, relax, breathe deeply. Don't avoid the visions or feelings. Go deeply into them - be not afraid. Confrontation is the key. You must go through the negative feelings - bathe in them until you're afraid of them no longer. Do something that brings your consciousness down into your body. Do you like to dance? To walk in the country? Yoga? Meditation? Do those things that bring looseness and lightness back to your movement. Trust in your benevolent connection. When you have dissolved your fear, explore and intensify your conenction to the light. Feel it inside yourself. Focus on visualisations that bring you happiness and joy - those that make you smile inside.

This approach will release endorphins in your body and block the receptor cells that become infused with negative energy within. After a while the feelings should subside.

It is clear to me, you're being invited to go deeper and deeper into your bodily feelings. To take command once more of your inner senses. This is your path to the higher vibrations. You're being invited to confront your fears and sense of lack to find inner completeness.

Much love


Dear Chris

Thank you for your message.

How can I at a higher level of consciousness chose this experience with Opposing Consciousness to learn something? I do not want it at all I am sure about it. So how can my consciousness want something here and at other level of consciousness will be glad with those horrible experiences? How many levels of consciousness do I have?

Your question. So what are you supposed to get from this experience? Well, I definitely can tell you that need to correct many aspects of my personality and lean to be less emotional, and more strong.

It is still unclear if behind OBE experiences the sounds, the voices etc are part of Opposing Consciousness?

I will work on the endorphins and raising my vibrational level.

Blessings and thank you

Hi Monica,

As someone who has had similar experiences and in the past a tendency to go "out of body" to avoid dealing with such situations I heartfully empathise with you! ((((HUGS))))

I thought that you might find some of the sharing on my blog entry yesterday helpful. Although I don't specifically talk about the issues that you have raised here... remembering to attune to your inner light in these overwhelming multidimensional experiences may help you enormously. Here's the direct link:

I know this techqniue can help through the things you mention.

What are you to learn from it all? This is very tricky to see when you feel in this midst of such traumatic cirumstances, but it is all part of the unique journey of your soul. I can only share what I have learnt from such experiences, and that is to find peace within the all situations. I have learnt much about how divine energy flows and my part in all that. These situations have taught me how to flow with the authentic path of my soul that leads me back to the heavenly place through all thingss that is our divine birthright.

If you are attracting energies that are not benevolent to you it is because you need to release something inside of yourself that is allowing these energies to surround you. It usually takes a long time to release all of our internal blockages, but until we do we shall keep seeing a mirror of that outside of ourselves.

Sending my Love and Blessings to you!

Hi Monica,

We exist in multiple realms of consciousness although we may only be aware of the lower ones. It is quite certain that you won't know what you are choosing for yourself at the higher level. If you knew beforehand what was going to happen, how could you test your non attachment and assimilation of the learning experiences you confront? That would be like taking your university finals with the answer paper in front of you!

So at the highest level we choose our experiences but are totally unaware at this level. With perseverence, constant attention and skill, we learn how to read the moment in line with what we know of our soul and personality attachments. We learn to navigate a path which lets go of our illusionary fears, goals and desires and instead align with our soul. But this takes constant practice. There is no quick fix.

It feels to me as if the experiences you have in Out of Body are Opposing Consciousness but the only way for you to know yourself is to explore them. Bring attention to them, constantly unravel fear and attachment; find the hidden gifts of sensitivity and greater awareness. Then your experience of the truth of the moment will unfold and unfold. No one can tell you what your truth is - although others may be able to point the way.

Much love


Trini and Chris

To both of you thanks very much for the comments.

I have been working in raising my vibrational level, meditation/praying, doing sports and increasing endorphins also practicing the way to find inner peace among the storm. However, I carried on seeing more black mosquitoes and when I see them close to me just try to relax and find peace inside myself and breath...but I must be honest sometimes it just freak me out. No easy!. I get the chest hot like in anxiety. Now they are at home, at office, on the tube, they stand up on my bed before I go to sleep etc etc. I know spiritually all of this has also a lesson to me because I am pulling down at the same time fears and old emotions, attachments etc

I am trying to get mental sanity and balance spite of the chaos.

At night I wake up several times sometimes I feel just energies around and yesterday a very filthy smell on my nose woke me up. I suppose it is all part of that opposition of consciousness. Any advise of something that can prevent those energies approach me specially at night.

Trinity or Christ did you ever saw those mosquitoes or black things on your journey?. I feel lonely on this experience..perhaps is another lesson to learn.

Hi Monica,

Opposing Consciousness is all around us - we cannot avoid it. If you take a look around you at what our society is doing to our lives and our planet you might agree that there must be a very unbalanced energy which is directing these events. To me, we are continually being influenced by this consciousness and people experience it in different ways - for you it is symbolically represented by Mosquitos.

The key is to realise that they cannot harm you. They can only cause you to make choices that are not in your best interests or arouse anxiety and fear. There are no quick fixes though - the way is to continually watch our motives for action. Are we coming from the place of love and absolute self acceptance? Or from lower impulses of the ego? We have to continually watch whats going on and always choose the higher consciousness.

Then it won't matter whether they are there or not. And when it doesn't matter, they will simply 'disappear into the night' from whence they came.

Much love


Hi Monica,

Though another sharing might be useful to you, though mine is a very different, more "earthly" kind of experience, I feel the place of understanding required to deal with it, may be the same as the understanding you are currently searching for.

For six months from January of this year I was renting a suite of rooms that were in the back part of a very huge rambling farmhouse that is hundreds of years old. It is out in the countryside and surrounded by derelict farm buildings. In the day time it looks charming and with the trees swaying and the birds singing, and a field of very handsome creamy cows opposite, it would be hard to think of a more idyllic place to be.

However there were a couple of things that were slightly odd. If I appeared in the same room as the owner, even if I gently shouted "Hello" as warning of my entering the room, she would always "jump out of her skin" and sometimes even say, "I thought you were a ghost". That she was so easily scared surprised me as she had lived in the house for fifteen years. It became obvious really quickly that she was more often away than at home so I would spend about 5 out of 7 nights a week there by myself. As I have spent a good deal of my life living alone and often in the countryside, it wouldn't normally bother me.

However pretty soon a kind of general uneasyness set in, and when I came home late at night to this huge, empty, dark house, with the wind howling round the broken-down buildings surrounding it, I started to feel a bit of fear. I am very careful not to waste electricity, and try to live in a way that doesn't waste resources, so it is not in line with my principles to have lights on in any rooms that I am not using. So when I moved around I would always be entering darkness and trying to find the next light switch (not always easy to remember where in such a huge place)!

Over a period of time I noticed my tension rising and misinterpreted it. Because I would not usually feel such anxiety I thought I was "picking up" something sinister that was about to happen. This got to a kind of peak one night when I went to bed with all my clothes on as I was "certain" "something" was about to happen.

The following morning when I got up after a totally uneventful night I suddenly saw what had happened to me.

Every image of "haunted" houses I had seen on TV showing "scarey" noises in the night and doors that creak just before the mad axeman comes crashing through to kill the victim (my living room door had a spectacularly creepy creaky noise!!!), had conspired to convince me I was in danger, when in reality, every night was just another ordinary night in a rather big old house (but why should thirty rooms be more scarey than three?)

I REALISED THERE WAS NOTHING TO FEAR EXCEPT FEAR ITSELF!! AND I WAS CREATING ALL MY OWN FEAR!!! I suddenly laughed and laughed and laughed. My fear went and never came back, no mad axeman ever appeared, I became very fond of my creaky door which made me laugh every time it squeaked, as it reminded me of my folly. I was even rather sad when my friend fixed it with some oil!

The thing is we can all be conditioned to go into fear about anything a bit out of the ordinary that sparks off our memories of the feelings of impending doom that horror type films, ghost stories, psychic suspense thrillers, etc. etc. have implanted in our psyche.

So are you going to be like me and see through it all and get beyond it and be free? Or are you going to be like the owner of the house and still living in fear in fifteen years? I am not meaning that to sound hard on you, just meaning to point out that it is all a choice and if you can see through the illusion you too can be free. Maybe you can think what influences in your life have "taught" or "conditioned" you to be scared of your new experiences, rather than to embrace them and see it as a beautiful mystery which could gradually unfold into something you understand and appreciate.

A big hug and lots of love,
Lesley x

Thank you to all of you

It has been of lots of help the comments

I am following the advises and It is working out I have a big smile on my face.

I will try to give you and update later on but the key is truly be at peace and forget fear which only has the power we want to give to it.

Much love


Hi everyone,
This is definitely not the first time I was facing out of body experience but this time it was much scaring because I used to enjoy the previous ones. I do not know whether after having such experiences I should go to a psychiatrist. The experience is something like this...
I meditate before sleeping trying to ignore all the thoughts in my mind believing that "I" or "me" is different from my mind and heart. Sooner I get scary faces infront of my eyes (I know I am not sleeping and hence it is not a dream). Then the dream or out of body experience starts. Then I see myslef falling and crawling on the floor and I feel completely powerless. I continue to move to an uneven object which is not actually a body, which is transparent and can be only mentioned as "something" having a human shape as I can only see the legs. Then I try to grab the legs of that unknown object and the object continuously moves away from me. Then I see that I wake up and move to an unknown person and he tells me that I should not look up. I remain on his feet and then I get up to see his face. His face is not clear and that person tells me that I am afraid and hence he tells me that I have to concentrate more on one of the chakras. I was so scared that again I tried to get up but as soon as I get up my whole body was hanging in air which made me realise that it is a dream now.
Finally I got up and switched on the lights as I was really scared. One thing more, throughout this experience I could hear people walking and talking in the corridor which confirms that I was not sleeping.
Kindly help me in this regard.

Hi geoscience,

You're welcome here :smile:

There's absolutely nothing to be afraid of within your experiences. You're being caused to confront the whole question of identity.

You are not your personality. You are not your mind or body. Indeed, you are not even your soul that animates these things. You are that which is through and beyond everything - what we call here at Openhand "Non Identified Presence" - The "Seer" of all things. What some would call "God".

A powerful spiritual awakening is happening to people all around us. Some are unfolding quickly into Enlightenment. The transition is about letting go of attachment to identity.

When the soul is identifying with the personality, we may call this condition the "Ego". The ego is afraid of the journey of Enlightenment because it fears its own demise.

Currently you are living as the Ego and therefore wherever you're having experiences challenging the whole notion of identity, its generating fear within. In fact from my perspective, your Higher Self is initiating the dreams - your Higher Self being represented by the unknown person.

The Higher Self may be regarded as that aspect of the soul which is not yet fully embodied. At some point in the future, your attachment to identity will dissolve completely and your Higher Self and Lower self will merge. You will become the Non Identified "Seer". In other words you will experience what we call "Transfiguration".

The key to following this path (should you choose to) is "surrender". Surrender to what is. Begin the inner inquiry. Go deeply into every experience you have and observe yourself within it. Keep letting go of your attachment to the need for an outcome from the moment. Feel yourself letting go inside.

From time to time, you'll find the experience of being the Observer dissolves into pure presence - the Seer. Keep following the pathway that leads to this experience.

You'll then be taken on a magical journey of unfolding - it is our Journey of Ascension.

If you'd like to find out more, I'd recommend you get a copy of our book "Gateways of Light". It's packed full of advice, tools and information to help you on your journey. You can read all about the book here...Gateways of Light

Love and best wishes


I have an experience when I chant. It feels as if energy is about to leave my body. I don't follow through and let it happen and I return from this ecstatic feeling. Can someone explain to me what will happen if I follow through and continue chanting?

Hi geno, welcome to the Openhand forum.

It feels like what's happening, is that you - as soul - are starting to go out of the body. That can tend to happen as you relinquish attachment and identification with the bodymind (which chanting can cause).

I'd say there's a very authentic feeling why "you don't let this happen". Generally it's not a great thing to leave the body. There can be difficult side-effects. In any case, there's no need whatsoever to do this in order to progress spiritually.

During our workshops if this starts to happen to people, we get them to stay with the lightness - the experiences of soul - but then to breathe this down into their body. Because what we're working towards is a fully infused and embodied soul.

In doing this, you may well initially experience the blissfulness dampening as you re-engage with the denser frequencies of the body, but if you keep working in this way, then you won't go out of body, but ultimately you'll feel the blissfulness WITHIN the bodymind here and now.

Best wishes


I appreciate your answer. I'd like to tell you about a friend of mine. She had a near death experience from an overdose where her heart stopped beating. She told me that when she was in her experience she had traveled (for use of a better word) back through past lives where she met people she didn't recognize but knew she knew them, she said as she traveled back through each life that she felt her life force (energy) getting less and less until she reached a place of compete emptiness before her lives had begun. At this point she met a man (soul) that she said was Jesus (and she is not christian and didn't know about Jesus from religion). She said that he asked her what he could do for her and she told him she wanted to meet her favorite musician Bob Marley a reggae singer. Then Jesus told her to be good to herself and love herself. Then she said a bright light entered her that was Bob Marley and she woke up on the emergency table in the hospital. Thx again, Geno

Hi Everyone

My experience of meditation seems to be that it takes on its own form entirely. When I lie down I often do some grounding and chakra work and then just see where the energy wants to take me.

I started having 'full on' experiences about 5 years ago when I was meditating daily. Some of the experiences were so intense and sometimes scary as I had no frame of reference for them. Until I spoke to Trinity on the Way of the Heart last September and it made sense.

One particular time I remember feeling strong energies that began in my hands, intense heat that spread all over my body, as I let the feelings unfold in their own way I felt a tingling sensation in my third eye that intensified, feeling a bit dizzy and the pulstating energy then grew and grew with an immense pressure building up in my head, at this point I was lifting my chin upwards as the energy got stronger and stronger I suddenly felt as though I was rushing upwards at a great speed. I could literally feel G -force!

As the experience intensified I wondered if I would die in that moment as I had no idea why I was feeling such strong physical sensations! And then everything slowed down to a really peaceful place and I could see a bright white light infront of my eye lids, even though they were closed. It was a being of Light, so beautiful and magnificent, with feelings of unconditional love and pure bliss. The tears were streaming down my face while beholding the beauty of this being. Which I have now come to know as my higher self.

I also had an experience where I was completely paralysed and could only open my eyes, this was very frightening as I tried to move my arm and I just couldnt! I had some other experiences that were as intense and beautiful as this but as I had no frame of reference I ended up stopping meditating because I didnt really know what I was getting into.

After talking with Trinity I began to understand that I had been experiencing kundalini activation amongst other things and have started meditating again as I now have no fear of going into this place - whilst always being respectful of the energy.

Just the other day I felt the same paralysis and was able to just go into it and allow the experience in the moment. Im glad I did as I took such an amazing journey. Although I in no way feel that I am out of my body at all. Im journying inside myself - if that makes sense. I see all sorts of visions including hieroglyphics - that feels like huge downloads of information. There are alot of trips through tunnels and what seem like black holes. I see spiral staircases and the faces of native american elders. I met my power animal the other day which is an elephant at the moment. Gentle yet strong. Its beautiful and im am not afraid at all as I feel very much inside my body during these experiences. Often as I just allow the experiences to unfold of their own accord I then reach a place that feels, to me, like I can feel my soul a meter or so above me and I see the white light again (with my eyes closed) and feel the awesome presence above me. The other day as I did this I was drawn to doing some inner child and teenager work where I visualised myself talking to my inner child and loving me and saying that it is time to let go off anything that doesnt serve us, with Archangel Michael to cut any cords that may be attaching us and releasing the energy. As I did this I could feel my soul coming closer and closer and the energy getting more and more intense. Until my soul seemed just outside of me.

So for me it now feels like each time I meditate I no longer travel to meet my soul..its actually drawing closer to me! I trust that I am divinely protected and and willing to go through the intensity such as paralysis to see what is unfolding for me.

I would like to ask a question about speaking to angels or other beings. I have never felt the pull to seek guidance from such beings, although I know and respect that many people do. I have a strong feeling that for me, the answers come from inside of me, my heart and soul and not from an outside source. Instead it seems to spring up from inside of me as a knowing rather than information gained from elsewhere.

Or have I missed something that could have be of value by seeking answers from spirit guides etc?

Just curious

Thanks for the space to share - again :)

Gwen x

Hi Gwen,

It sounds like you're having some truly profound and wonderful meditational experiences. You asked...

    "I would like to ask a question about speaking to angels or other beings. I have never felt the pull to seek guidance from such beings, although I know and respect that many people do. I have a strong feeling that for me, the answers come from inside of me, my heart and soul and not from an outside source. Instead it seems to spring up from inside of me as a knowing rather than information gained from elsewhere.Or have I missed something that could have be of value by seeking answers from spirit guides etc?"

It's a great question, and in it, I sense a healthy wariness of being misguided (I'd say rightfully so). Yet within this, there might also be the risk of overlooking invaluable help.

You are of course a completely integral soul. The answers come from within. However, you're not a soul in a vacuum. Were that to be the case, you could not have experience at all. Experience comes from the relativity of one soul against another.

So for example, you could be walking in nature, you look outside of yourself and see a tree or a cloud formation, the sun or a power animal. These are mirrors that stir something inside for you. They help you feel deeper and more accurately.

Likewise, some people can really help you - people you exchange with where you watch and feel the interplay. Some mirrors are more clear than others and you use discernment as to how much to be open to particular influences.

It can be exactly the same in the higher dimensions. Within these, are highly realised beings that can be of enormous help and evolutionary acceleration for you. Yet of course you're right to be wary - the dimensions are also awash with less clear, less helpful beings, ones that are pretty confused themselves.

The key is discernment. My direct personal experience is that a truly benevolent being will not over influence. They won't tell you what you should realise. They may encourage with possibilities, but the way they seem to work best is by providing very clear mirrors. My experience is that (when I invite them in), they'll strengthen or activate a particular ray dynamic inside of myself. So for example, there may be an interplay between two soul-ray characteristics that I need greater clarity on. Let's say I need to be more diplomatic in delivering a point of view. In which case, what I've noticed is that they will help shape events and circumstances to bring the interplay into a clearer light.

They may also insert an energetic filter that obscures for a while. So for example I may be engaged in a particular relationship and the interplay feels like it's of a particular kind (romantic soul-mate for example). For some reason the relationship doesn't want to go the way my mind would like. In the ensuing internal interplay, passions are aroused which can't be fulfilled. The 'friction' causes an energetic movement to rationalise and harmonise the interplay. Now the filter is removed, the relationship changes to what it is destined to be (a platonic friendship for example) but in the meantime, I've had a powerful self-realisation experience (and the other party too). I should also importantly add, that the relationship would not have happened without consent - a "sacred contract" - at the higher level between all parties concerned.

Another important thing to consider is the presence of your higher 'ashram'. Within the higher realms, it's my direct experience that each soul 'belongs' to an 'ashram' of highly evolved beings whose purpose is to help guide and 'educate'. They will be beings closely aligned in vibration to your soul-ray-harmonic. For countless life-times you'll be unaware of them and they won't have played much of an active role in your evolution either - there's simply too much vibrational separation.

But when you reach a certain level of evolution (as you are getting to now), you'll likely start to become aware of their presence and they'll be drawn more to you too. At some point, it's likely you'll be initiated - "married" - into the group. It's a powerful booster for evolution. From this point, a continual 'dialogue' can take place aiding and assisting in your journey and 'mission' here.

Learning about and attuning to these exchanges is deeply profound. It is truly magical yet not without its challenges of course! Malevolent energies find their way into the dynamic. At one point I was quite led-astray myself. It took me down a path developing a subtle (manifesting) shadow identity. But that was all a part of the journey. It needed to happen. I needed to discover how to work with this higher evolved consciousness whilst at the same time maintaining my own inner integrity: to allow influence to happen, but only when it helps initiate higher self-influence.

So a long answer I know, but really I've only scratched the surface of a very deep subject. I'd say you're being invited to go deeper, watch the inter-dimensional presences happening during your meditation and to work with them. Not to be afraid, but always to be discerning. Ultimately you'll get to know when an influence is truly benevolent.



Hi Chris,

As I mentioned on another thread I have much confusion over the whole idea of our soul family or higher ashram. I hope you don't mind I ask a few more questions.

Do these highly evolved beings in our ashram (residing on higher realms) each also have their counterparts (maybe lower self) incarnated on lower dimensions like here on earth? And when you say that at some points we'll be initiated into the group, do you mean that we will have integrated our higher selves and thus returning back to where we rightly belong as a part of the ashram? Also you say that 'they will be beings closely aligned in vibration to your soul-ray-harmonic', do you mean that they have very similar sou ray harmonic as ours? Finally, is our soulmate (maybe his/her higher self) a part of our higher ashram?


Hi Lei,

I think sometimes it's best not to be too highly specific about such finer aspects of consciousness. Firstly, understandings can be lost in translation. Secondly, the words need to be pointers to direct personal experience. I could tell you one thing, but your experience might be different and the risk is that I'll have over-influenced you and therefore distorted or blocked your own (subtle) reality.

I only really mentioned the higher 'ashram' to open a gateway into direct experience for those who might be ready to taste it for themselves.

I do trust you understand.


    Guineviere wrote: "Just the other day I felt the same paralysis and was able to just go into it and allow the experience in the moment. Im glad I did as I took such an amazing journey. Although I in no way feel that I am out of my body at all. Im journying inside myself - if that makes sense."

Makes perfect sense. Many people who have the experiences you talk of would interpret the 'journey within' as an out of body experience... It can seem so vast and expansive, as if we are travelling outwards. The way we experience this is due to unique soulful configuration (which of course is very different in us all). Your configuration is very similar to mine.

For me, I find the entire universe is in inside of me. It's rather paradoxical. I travel to the ends of the universe, yet have found it all within, without leaving my body at all. It means that my frame of reference is often very different to others... It also means that I have a unique way of realising the 'nature of reality' that has by default catalysed my evolution powerfully.

    Guinevere wrote: "Just the other day I felt the same paralysis and was able to just go into it and allow the experience in the moment. Im glad I did as I took such an amazing journey. Although I in no way feel that I am out of my body at all. Im journying inside myself - if that makes sense."

A temporary paralysis would typically happen when there are these strong infusion of energies that you mention. It's as if all of your human energetic resources are given to holding the space for that integration of universal life energy. Everything that is not necessary is momentarily switched off (manifesting like a paralysis). Not everyone experiences this. Not everybody needs too. Someone with your harmonic, being configured for a particular purpose would need to; to infuse universal life energy in a way that really makes a difference here. A person with this harmonic would typically find the journey very challenging indeed, being taken to 'the edge' frequently. It's all part of the course.

    Guinevere wrote "I would like to ask a question about speaking to angels or other beings. I have never felt the pull to seek guidance from such beings, although I know and respect that many people do. I have a strong feeling that for me, the answers come from inside of me, my heart and soul and not from an outside source. Instead it seems to spring up from inside of me as a knowing rather than information gained from elsewhere."

I am not suprised you feel this way. If you are like me and experience the entire universe within yourself, then everything is going to come from within. This is a unique way of processing your experience of human beingness for certain people. I rarely feel the compulsion to ask higher evolved beings for help either. My mind just doesn't work in that way... Instead I feel an internal impulse which has a corresponding openess to be shown something (this is the equivalent of 'asking a question', I guess). This then aligns with what Chris shares about the external mirror. The outer world might then reflect something back to me which then filters through my energy bodies. The answer will then be realised from within depending on what I am "ready" to realise at the time. Does that make sense?

The process is one of remembering, when we are ready. The reflections will only reflect what we have started to touch within.

With Love

Thanks to both of you for your guidance!

I originally asked the question on behalf of my partner Matt who has recently started receiving claraudient messages. As this is new to him I was very aware that a healthy discernment is needed when allowing certain energies in. As I havent ever felt drawn to explore this area myself we would both very much welcome some advice as to how best work with the energies, where they come from and how to discern a positive being and any other guidance given.

I was also aware of it coming at a time that he is working to dissolve an identity around material success in a normal world view and felt he may the run the risk of his ego attaching to this new gift and create a new more 'spiritual' identity rather than going fully into the feelings around loosing his old identity. Of course I understand that he is bound to carry some sort of attachment to it!

I resonate with so much of what you put in your last post Trinity:

'I rarely feel the compulsion to ask higher evolved beings for help either. My mind just doesn't work in that way...'

I am aware now that our configurations may just be different. He is getting messages from an outside source (in effect) and he gets them during normal waking hours. And I journey inwards and tend to meet beings within my meditations but dont tend to feel the need to ask questions.

All of this is just a process in understanding different configurations I guess and how best to work with the energies for both of us.

So therefore I was wondering if your statement Chris...

'Another important thing to consider is the presence of your higher 'ashram'. Within the higher realms, it's my direct experience that each soul 'belongs' to an 'ashram' of highly evolved beings whose purpose is to help guide and 'educate'. They will be beings closely aligned in vibration to your soul-ray-harmonic. For countless life-times you'll be unaware of them and they won't have played much of an active role in your evolution either - there's simply too much vibrational separation.'

Is it the same idea whichever configuration we are coming from?

I get the feeling this is a vast subject area so if you could recommend any books or sources of further information we would be very grateful.

Through my own meditation I often feel I come close to a very strong soul connection, the other day I had such a profound feeling of wanting to go home as to me it felt as though I could feel the energies of my soul group. In the past I would have been consumed with the feelings of wanting to leave my earthly experience. But now as I am having the same feeling another feeling is present that knows for sure I am not ready to go home and that I am dedicated to my purpose here an earth - whilst still enjoying the energies I experience.

Hope this all makes sense - Thank you both for your time and wisdom!


    Guinevere wrote: "I get the feeling this is a vast subject area so if you could recommend any books or sources of further information we would be very grateful."

I don't know of any books that go into the kind of depth you are looking for. Everything we have learned has been direct experience. Perhaps we should write one. Feel free to ask away if there is anything specific you feel to explore.

Each configuration tends to interpret absolute authentic reality in a unique way. Your configuration probably feels 'soul family' in a different way to others. Whilst I see and fully appreciate the 'higher ashram' concept... I don't experience this in the same way that Chris describes.
It is a model to point us to something deeper.
Everything is :innocent:
The important thing is to explore what it evokes inside. Where does it take you? Where are you within that?

Your previous incarnational origins and karma also influence the way you interpret the nature of the universe. There is good reason you see and feel the way you do. Honouring whatever arises is incredibly catalytic on the journey of self discovery.

It can be insightful to understand different ray harmonics. You may have complementary gifts to your partner, in which case understanding would lend itself well to blending together those strengths (if that is meant to happen of course). Your own catalytic energy may also be awakening aspects of beingness within him too.


In view of the last couple of exchanges, I felt to explain a little deeper what I mean by the 'higher ashram'. I'm definitely using metaphor here to describe something I experience inside - a subtle sense of consciousness.

When I began to experience it, as mostly happens with me, the inner exploration gets amplified through an external physical experience (like in my post today...Multi-dimensional meditation). So when I experienced 'entering the ashram' it was actually played out through the enactment of a marriage ceremony. Which having completed, synchronistically this was confirmed through the words of an Alice Bailey teacher who spoke of other similar occurances.

I now live my life day-to-day in constant inner dialogue with this ashram - in the interplay and conversations, events and occurances in the 3rd Dimension. It's like a telepathic knowing exchange.

So it's internal yes, sublte yes, but I guess because I have a very strong ray 3 (the interpretation aspect) and a strong ray 7 (the synchronistic manifestation of 'magic'), then the subtle shifts radiate into the outer world creating mirroring experiences which feel very tangible.


Thank you both again for your guidance.

I seem to be dropping deeper and deeper into internal enquiries!

I feel working with the ray harmonics, through my own direct experience as and when I am invited to, with help a great deal with my exploration here.

I feel so close to your interpretations and feelings Trinity. It is of enormous benefit - thank you. It just feels like the truth for me.

I read your article on multi dimensional meditation Chris. I have observed that when I am perceiving 'higher truths', like in my story about the interplay between my friend and I recently. Or just having a passionate conversation with someone that I begin to shake. It feels as though I am accessing a place of higher knowledge and it just starts flowing out of me along with a very passionate energy.

Im aware that my conciousness seems to have shifted over the past few days. It seems like I have moved to a place of constant observer, if that makes sense. Instead of these huge roller coaster swings its as though I am having 3D feelings and thoughts while simutaneously seeing the higher truth. The gap has closed almost it seems.

Do you have an advice as to why I am experiencing this?

Love to all