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My hearts deepest longing...

We all long for something

Most people I know long for at least something. Usually, when people dig deep within they realise that they yearn for things like peace, balance, beauty, happiness, success, recognition, security, health, or even a miracle. Perhaps there is something that you yearn for from the depths of your being too? Maybe, it keeps evading your grasp.

Sometimes I experience this...

I yearn to be the full unbridle 'ME', or rather, who I truly am in every moment. That is my deepest hearts longing. Then I realise that it wouldn't even be in my awareness, I wouldn't feel the longing, if it were not already within me.

Knowing this, I feel liberated to trust and honour the unfolding and divine nature of things. It is the same for us all. The true longing of the heart is there to point us to the universe within us that waits to be unleashed.

I love the way John Magliola puts it...

    A small boy looked at a star and began to weep.
    The star said, 'Boy, why are you weeping?'
    And the boy said,
    'You are so far away I will never be able to touch you.'
    The star answered,
    'Boy, if I were not already in your heart,
    you would not be able to see me.'

So, if you feel that your hearts longing is out of reach, perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. Trust. Look within. Look deeper still. Follow your heart and it will soon unveil it for you.

From my heart to yours

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Chris Bourne's picture

Such a powerful sharing and quote Trinity - thanks x.

I'm often working with people to figure out what is true yearning. To me, yearning is that which comes from the soul - and is totally authentic - as opposed to that which is an ego based desire.

I'd say the general approach to manifestation has muddied the spiritual waters. Of course as we awaken spiritually, we realise that inner consciousness shapes the outer world. So we must unfold and expand from within in order to create.

And of course it is wonderful to create. We are clearly here to express through full bodied manifestation. Yet I've noticed how when we create from consciousness, aligning with the flow, we'll be tested deeply. Authentic creations begin to happen. It feels destined, almost predetermined.

And here's the trap. Very quickly we can get sucked into the illusion again - thinking that the central purpose is the creation, rather than the act of being within the creation. How is this creative act inviting me to be?

And so it is we begin to discover the blade edge of life: fully embodied, fully expressed, yet without any edge of attachment. To me, this is true yearning.

Chris Smile

Chris Bourne's picture

I felt to give an example of the above from my personal story...

It is my deepest heart's longing - my yearning - for all life on our planet to find true alignment. For the natural eco-systems of sentient life to be reactivated and come back into mutual co-creativity. Where ALL life is respected and cherished.

I feel the field very deeply now. I feel the matrix disrupting the flow, desensitising people, creating mind based confusion, devaluing the true meaning of life on earth.

I realise the key to restoring the harmony is within me (as with all people). So I hold situations in the outer within my awareness, feeling the disharmony as if it were me - recognising that at some level it IS me. As with all of us, the matrix holds some outer thread of reflected inner tightness and if I allow the outer mirror to reflect that back to me, connecting with it deeply in presence, then I not only unwind myself but the matrix too.

    "If you touch one thing with deep awareness,
    you touch everything."

    Thich Nhat Hanh

I hold it and allow a deep sense of yearning for rightness to flow through me and the field. My own yearning for harmony, has the greatest potential for authentic manifestation and change.


Trinity's picture

    Chris wrote: "Very quickly we can get sucked into the illusion again - thinking that the central purpose is the creation, rather than the act of being within the creation. How is this creative act inviting me to be?"

Yes indeed. It's all leads back to beingness.

    Chris wrote: "I realise the key to restoring the harmony is within me"

I feel the same. All I see is part of me and the only real change I can make is that which is within myself. That in itself is the most profound catalyst for change. Like a bright beacon in a night of darkness.

For me, I don't even hold it as if it were me. Instead, I attune the place where I know it IS me. For me, in those moments, there is no difference at all.

Chris Bourne's picture

Interesting you say that. Perhaps we have different boundaries being different energy 'types'?

I feel me, as a unique whole and 'separate' being, but then I also feel that which is not me. When I attune to the part that is 'outside', I then feel it inside. When I feel it inside, then I find I'm able to work with it.

I do believe there's a difference between radiating outwards (for example) and catalysing something on the outside from within.

Chris Smile

Trinity's picture

Different ways of working with energy...
different and complementary configurations.

I see that the whole world changes as a result of beingess. Like a pulsating tuning fork emmiting a frequency of change.

In my world, that is catalysis. It can break down energy, shatter, realign, inspire or even gently hold. When people feel the frequency, they might not be able to explain it, but they feel something inviting change. People begin to touch the soul, remember it within themselves and begin to ignite their own frequency of unity consiousness... and so on and so forth, spreading like wildfire.

Some people will relate to that. Other's won't. I see that different people work and relate to consciousness in different ways, opening up a wonderful rainbow of differences to dance together.

Let's all keep dancing :innocent:

Hi Trinity, I can see how that works - just from watching the 5 gateways there was something about you that really shook things up within the heart. It's amazing really how these things work. Thank you.

Trinity's picture

I love the new poll that you created today Chris...

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone votes for.

Thank you for the reflection.

someone's picture

For quite a while I was very confused, because I felt I would really want to 'do it all right' and so I was asking something like "what do you want me to do?". Just make it clear and I will do it! And I was very angry because instead it looked like 'they' decided to confuse me even more all the time.

So at some point I shouted "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!!" and as an answer I got an echo hehehe The universe was asking me back: what do YOU want?

So I got it. Following the guidance is not about here is ME and the universe (or the soul) and now, please, guide me. But more about me becoming the universe and then wanting the same as the universe. It is not the soul's function to disempower me in this plane, but on the opposite.

There is a big difference between surrendered humbleness or even humility of a human facing his own soul and disempowerment. I am not a sheep to be led down here by higher forces, I am to become at one with higher forces. So that my innermost aspiration IS the universe's aspiration (hope I managed to make the point).

And it feels like I am somewhere in the middle between Chris and Trin about the 'separation'. First I feel the 'outside', then I feel it in me OR I feel something and then realise it is coming from the outside, but then many times it switches to actually being it, like I feel that all this is ME. And I guess it depends on the situation and what I am brought to do about it.

Sometimes it feels that I am just feeling things and not necessarily have to do something with them and sometimes it flows to some processing or spontaneous work with the energy field. I never really plan it or have any need to process/clear/fix stuff. It just happens or it doesn't.

Chris Bourne's picture

So there's a key part of the jigsaw missing which might make sense.

To me, we are neither the inside connecting with the outside, nor everything inside of us. We are that which 'precedes' experience altogether.

This is a vitally important point. Because when we truly touch pure presence - ie an enlightened state - then the perceived duality may become real again. In fact it has to become real for the enlightened state to remain.

So in this place, there can be perceived separation and it can be very powerful for effecting catalytic change.

PS: anyone more deeply interested in the whole concept of duality/non-duality might like to read this...In enlightenment does duality disappear?

someone's picture

Yes, I can feel what you mean. But it feels like everything becomes very intense when touching this state, so some part of me pulls me out very fast. Possibly, until enough blockages and dense stuff are processed, it is just too much to stay there.

So it feels like riding a car in zigzag. Maybe also this is why it feels like roller coaster. And this is extremely funny. I mean I am afraid to drive the middle line and do all these crazy wiggles that only make it more spooky and confusing. Why do we do it?

Anyway, gradually these fluctuations from the straight line become more and more gentle, through surrender and working with the fears/resistances.

Also it is hard to get why do we 'run' away from this state? When I am there, it is just 'right', so why? Is it that we first have to experience things in distorted way, see our attachments clearly at work and make this inner decision to release them?...

And I found another yearning... I feel tired of all this escape ad suffocating in this protective cocoon. I want to stop controlling, fall back and just finally live, feel everything. Full on! hhh Smile