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The body is vibrantly intelligent, a living breathing vessel for consciousness. It is worthy of our utmost attention, respect and care. It holds for us our experiences, our fear, our guilt, our anger, our sorrow. It holds these so that we can see where we have mis-placed our identity.

    Having lived for many years with the manta of “mind over matter” I have physically and emotionally experienced the pain, fear and horror of a sense of disorientation and disconnection from body and thus from soul. When we find the courage to fully accept everything that we are feeling deeply within the body, we can experience the expansion of what is 'right', and the collapse of what is 'wrong' and thus walk our own path, guided unerringly by soul.

It is my hard-won and heart-felt passion to support others in reconnecting with their inner beauty, peeling away their veils of distortion, recognizing and fearlessly expressing their unique majesty of Being. The body contains the path. The body provides an opportunity to recognize the distortions of identification with emotions and perceptions; to live as the cohesive, coherent frequency of soul.
We have never really left home; we have never really been alone; we are loved beyond our wildest imagining of love. That first courageous step 'in' opens the way.

Contact and Pricing:

I live in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and can be reached at
Within Canada I can also be reached at 416 526 4165.

Sessions can be done in person, through skype or email, with a session lasting 60 – 90 minutes.

My standard rate of $75 is not 'carved in stone', so please do not allow financial constraints to prevent you from connecting with me.

Stage 2 Facilitator:

I'm sure she won't mind me saying, but Cynthia is a 'wise old bird'. She's traveled many miles down the path, both in this lifetime, and who knows how many others. She has a caring, ancient energy to her, that of the 'wise woman of the village'. She has deeply shamanic connections, yet a very down to earth, no fuss approach. Her guided meditations are powerful, quickly bringing people through their inner density and into the clarity of presence, where 'the One' can guide the show. Do contact her if you feel drawn and need a helping hand along the path. She has patience and support in abundance... Open.


I am absolutely thrilled to see you here listed as an official Openhand facilitator Cynthia. I love your grounded earthiness and your humble, yet wise ancient spirit and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you as a facilitator.
with love

Cynthia - how wonderful to have a Facilitator here in Canada. Your biography is wonderful - an inspired energy.
Wishing you all the best from our Left Coast.

Lucky folks out there having you available as an Openhand Facilitator, Cynthia! When we first met last year in Toronto at the Openhand Gateway workshop, I was immediately drawn to your ancient and peaceful shamanic presence full of patience, strength, love, and wisdom. Good on 'ya, wise woman! Congrats! xxx Catherine

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Thank you Trinity, Jan and Catherine!
Being a 'wise old bird' sounds infinitely better than being a 'cranky old crone', although there are times when...
I appreciate the generous comments and the heartfelt support - and am warmed to the core as this feels so 'right' for me.
Maureen, I'm looking forward to connecting with you next week.
Again, thank you.

Congratulations Cynthia! This is wonderful news! I am not only excited for you but excited for me as we live in the same area. I have already sent you a email to book my first session. :) So looking forward to meeting you!

Maureen <3

Aww!! So Cool Cynthia! I have had the very fortunate priviledge to sit with you on multiple occassions. There is a deep feeling of being held in a very warm, gentle, open and supportive embrace...and yet there is also this fierce strength and wisdom. Absolutely incredible~I am so happy to see you listed here and know that many people will feel greatly supported on their journeys! Much love, Jen

Jen, if I were a 'blusher' I'd be blushing right now. Thank you so much. Your support is truly appreciated.
I look forward to being able to spend more time with you - hopefully not too long from now.
Again, thank you!!

What a truly divine path you are traveling Cynthia. Congratulations sent to you from the west coast!


Yea!!! I am over the moon to see you listed here as a facilitator Cynthia! I have greatly enjoyed your presence on the last several Openhand courses. You have so many gifts, one of which is being an awesome facilitator. Anyone who is to work with you will benefit greatly. Sending lots of love to you! Can't wait to connect again soon!

What a joy to see your photo, Cynthia, read your bio, and know that you have become a facilitator. I feel immediately drawn to you and hope we can connect in the near future.

Light and Love,

sandra zarins

Hi Cynthia;
when we met in 2013, I could see you were a humble and very helpful soul
I`ve just moved north of the city to wasaga beach
I`m not really sure what my next move will be, but if I wind up back in the city, I`ll be sure to contact you