Emilia (Finland)

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I came here with clear and simple navigation system that helps me follow the path guided by my Spirit. I feel there’s two energies present in every moment that we get to choose from. Often times I perceive these energies as a color of blue and black, or feel them as a tightness and rightness, excitement and fear. Sometimes I just hear the energies. To me this system was overridden, as for most of us it seems to happen by countless of limiting programmings, beliefs and heavy conditioning. That is what my spiritual path has been about: to peel away this conditioning; also to become aware and observant of how they are affecting people, society and Mother Earth. My living passion is to unravel this limitation.

I’d say I’ve been awake since childhood and have always felt immense love and compassion, especially toward people who are struggling. Being as sensitive and empathic as I am, it was initially hard to find acceptance in social circles. So I felt I needed to suppress my inner voice, so as not to become a target of judgment. This led to very painful period of being half asleep, half awake, until one morning, I felt an overwhelming presence within me saying it is time to clear my life and dedicate to the path. And so I did.

When I found Openhand, I immediately recognized it as my tribe. With the support and understanding of the Openhand Approach, my growth has accelerated a great deal. I’m passionate to bring this understanding forward so others can integrate it to their everyday lives too. I just know the philosophy can help them feel supported through basic day-to-day situations and times of major life change.

My Service:

My gift is one of empathy. I can sense and feel what is blocking someone within, and help bring these blockages into the light that they may be quickly processed and released.

A strong sense of intuition guides my work - tuning into the dance between souls. Usually sessions include some or many of the following elements: conscious breathing, connecting to the body, gentle movement, short meditation, directive questioning, consulting, a safe place to share.

In a safe and protective environment, I help clients open an internal space so their soul can emerge, to strengthen the sense of divine connection, that brings joy and peace to their lives.

How to connect and pricing:

I conduct sessions face to face, via Skype, phone or e-mail.

My suggestion to fee is 65€ for about an hour long session.

If want more information, to book a session or share your story with me, you can contact me via email: emiliajuusola@hotmail.com or call +358 40 584 1638

Stage 1 Openhand Facilitator

They say "still waters run deep", and they run very deep with Emilia. She is a gifted starsoul and heightened empath. Throughout her facilitator training, she has excelled at being able to accurately intuit and feel exactly what is blocking a client. She is gifted in being able to read karma, and to activate it, so that it can be quickly processed and integrated. Like so many gifted souls out there, Emilia has experienced the judgmental suppression of society. But with courage and commitment, she has broken through these limiting veils and stands quietly confident, humbly unleashing her phenomenal gifts out into the world. I've no doubt she can help you do the same. You will be well taken care of.... Open.

Welcome Emilia,
I just love the picture of you! Your radiance shines through. It brought a huge smile to my face and a warmth in my heart. I have really enjoyed connecting with you on some of the courses and feeling your beautiful soul. I especially loved hearing you sing. You are truly a gifted empath and you will definitely bring clarity and depth to those who feel to connect with you.
With love,

Hi Emilia.

Lovely to see you here. You have such a warm energy that really gets to the heart of things. Another unique soul with a unique gift to add to the Openhand family!

Lots of love,

YEAHHHH Emilia!! We hit it off right from the start and it felt amazing to connect to someone who could "get" my experience and share in it the way we did. So many will be gifted to work with you and be in your beautiful presence.

Much love,

Big welcome to the Openhand Facilitator Network Emilia.
I am absolutely thrilled that you are part of the team. It is a real honour to have you with us, not only as a facilitator, but as the Openhand Ambassador for Finland.

with love

Hi Emilia,

Awesome to see you here, shining and sharing your wonderful gifts with the world.

WIth lots of love and blessings for your journey, Fiona (f)

Love is just pouring in to my heart when reading all these beautiful words from you guys. I really feel being supported and I love being part of this family of absolutely amazing souls! Thank you all so much <3
I feel blessed :-)

Much love,


Emilia...so beautiful to see you here. Congratulations for stepping into your power and sharing it with the world. I absolutely love your way-of-being...humble, funny, intensely empathic. Our time in the "field" clearly demonstarted your gifts. I feel blessed to have been with you on retreats and look forward to meeting up again soul sister. Much Love xo Joann

Thank you Joann, your kind words goes straight into my heart. It's a privilege to have a chance to share the space with you on the retreats.
Woohoo, indeed, M.!! :D Thank you Cynthia!! <3