Flow of Infinity

Steps of one after another,
feet surrender into action.
Crunching through misty
cold invigorates one
with enjoyment, peace and being.

Sunrise and the overhead flight of
ravens bring me to present moment.
Consciousness and
enjoyment of being here
manifests as joy. Flows through me,
grounds into the earth’s heart and back again.
Deep feelings of aliveness connect
in a background of activity.

My mind’s list begs to be checked off
So I am present with them and sense
aliveness inside. What to do with it?

I send joy to the galaxy’s heart where it
mixes and loops into my center
which pulses consciousness to earth’s heart center.
There it mixes and is sent back to my heart.

A sparkling infinity sign of
light consciousness is what we do.
It is who we are.
On this cold, misty morning walk
Is to be a part of Creators’ breath,
And stir up the symphony.