What exactly is the Light and is Winter Solstice best time to receive it?

I would like someone with experience in this area to answer.

I know the point is receiving light - but I need to know what the light IS first.

I've never got a straight answer. Either the light is God, or the light is your Higher Self, or that you are God becoming one with yourself.

I'm aware is dissolves your ego upon contact so that sounds good.

Just need more information about what it is before taking that final step.

Also, I looked up the date of my kundalini awakening and the kundalini awakening of several others, and I noticed it all seemed to happen at the same time, near winter solstice, From October to December, with most being clustered around December.

Is Winter Solstice the best time for enlightenment?

My theory about this is that it's because that is the time the Sun is closest to the Earth, and it has something to do with magnetic pull of the planet.
I have noticed that when I meditate at other times of the year, I get little or no major phenomenon, even though I am doing the exact same meditation I was doing before.

Can anyone here report raising Kundalini in the spring or middle of Summer? March, April, May, June, July?



Hi Elaine, greetings, welcome to Openhand :-)

When people speak of "the light", what they're usually feeling and referring to is their soul, which is interconnected with all things. It's a feeling of expansion, joy, timelessness, deep peace, unconditional love and acceptance. The soul is the stream of consciousness that flows 'down' through us from the source.

With regards timings for particular shifts, whilst certain alignments can create a resonance that helps a particular integrational shift by the soul, you cannot pin these shifts to specific timings, because it all depends on the degree of work that has been done by that individual. Enlightenment for example can happen through the most difficult, challenging and disconnecting times. To be truly enlightened, is to be enlightened by all things - especially and including the darkness.

As for kundalini, it is the natural flow of energy down from the source, through us, and back again, like a cycle. The aim is for it to be permanently active, and it depends on no particular timing. Although again, certain alignments might support the work a person is already doing.

In the end, it's not about any particular timing for these shifts. It will all depend on the work one has done in day to day life to facilitate them.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*

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Open: "Although again, certain alignments might support the work a person is already doing."

I suspected as much. Because during winter months, I get powerful astral phenomenon, but during other times of year, I'll get less effects, even though I'm doing the same exercises as before. Wanted to see if anyone else had noticed this.

Then I read there are certain magnetic effects from the earths poles during the solstices, and it had something to do with our own magnetic fields at the base and top of our spines.

Hi Elaine,

Yes, however you still seem to be attaching to the idea of particular timings, which if so, is likely to be severely limiting. The path is not just about doing 'specific exercises' at 'specific times'. The path is a constant exploration of our daily behaviours through all the exchanges of our lives. It is about softening through tightness within our relationships, careers and general living circumstances - it's here we are offered the possibility of greater soul infusion moment by moment. Otherwise, the risk is to limit oneself.

Best wishes

Open *OK*

It's too bad for the Druids and the Ancient Britons then, who wasted their time building Stonehenge. And all our ancestors who kept careful track of the movement of the planets, and built stone circles, pyramids and holy temples to observe the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Elaine - are you willing to see yourself in this? Are you prepared to self-witness through the reflection being offered? I didn't say that timings weren't important at all. In fact I said that at times certain alignments are important and can help. AND (not but) true enlightenment is to be experienced through all things, at all times, irrespective of whatever cosmic alignment. Yet it would seem you reacted through a particular filter - one that needs to see it a certain way.

There's no cosmic alignment right now, yet plenty of reflections just in this small exploration - lots to be seen and integrated. Providing we care to look that is.

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