Crash the shimmering glass...

Through Blue Eyes Faded to Grey

The mirror tells me secrets
stories, from very far away
of hidden places, treasures
behind the bright light of the day
she tries to show the true world
through blue eyes faded to grey

Staring in the mirror
i try to lift the veil
try to understand what lies behind
the bitter shades of pale

The mirror whispers softly
sweet words of happiness
sings about a world out there
where there's no loneliness
she tries to tell the story
through ears appearing deaf

Staring in the mirror
i try to hear the sound
try to understand what lies behind
the harsh noise of lost ground

The mirror winks
the mirror waves
the mirror laughs at me
i wink back
i wave at her
i even try to smile

But when i turn around again
it all just makes no sense
i try, i learn, i walk along
just facing my defence

Sweet mirror,
could you show me now
the way to solid ground...please
i've walked so long in darkness now
i'd like to find some peace

Staring in the mirror
i tell her about myself
about unwritten stories
still waiting for a shelf

The mirror answers softly
to be all still and sound
to not look back nor fear the front
'cause all is common ground

the only thing that matters
is to believe and trust
defence is just a mechanism
that leaves all wishes crushed

Just try to let go and loosen up
imagine a Rainbow in the sky
picture that what you'd like to see
and don't ask yourself everytime 'why?'

Make today the first day of your history
paint your outlook the colour you love most
throw away your best friend, the mirror
and the world behind the shade of grey
...will slowly be exposed

Staring in the mirror the last time
i startle and whisper 'goodbye'
i've listened to her for so many times
so many times asking her 'why?'

O yes, she answered, she told me a lot
but what i forgot to remember
is that the world she told me about
is a world i already got

It's a world deep down inside
the soul, the heart, the spirit
the mirror, just a shimmering surface
that hides the forgotten beneath it

It only shows a reflection, seen
through blue eyes faded to grey, the lies
in which illusion conquers
in which true beauty cries

Crash the shimmering glass with bare hands
watch red drops dripping of
follow their path, unfolding your story
the other was just a spin-off

Try to feel what your blood is telling
let its story be your guard
on your way of history unwritten
and live it out with all your heart!