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'When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear' - and so it has been for me throughout my life. My teachers have come in a multitude of disguises. Some of the lessons have taken me beyond the boundaries of what I thought was survivable and others beyond the my wildest dreams. For most of my life I have lived and worked in Central London - deep in the matrix - never-the-less, my teachers found me. I learnt to surrender to the moment by giving birth. I learnt to follow the voice of my soul through life as a lone parent after the disintegration of a long and happy partnership. I learnt about endurance, laughter and enormity of Love by knowing Beth, a divine soul with multiple learning differences and physical handicap. In the silence in which the sounds of everyday life sits, I found the door to an identity beyond the sum of my memories, thoughts and feelings; from this place, working with intuitive questioning, movement, voice work and laughter, as appropriate for you, I can help you unveil and discharge layers of past hurt. I can show you how to re-open connection to the natural world. I can hold a safe space within which you unfold.

Service & Pricing

I work face to face in my home city London or across the web via skype. I'm also open to email mentoring exchanges. The usual cost for a session is 80GBP. If you can afford less than this amount, still contact me - I know what it is to need a break.

Ways To Connect

You can contact me via email: auntyangel@btopenworld.com

Stage 3 Facilitator

Jane is currently an Openhand stage 3 Facilitator. She has enormous depth and breadth of life experience, and is a gifted starsoul. Containing both empathic and catalytic energies in equal measure, she can hold you in a gentle embrace, whilst directing you deeper into the inner density. Jane is especially skilled at dealing with life's karmic trauma, and helping people process through it.

Big warm welcome Jane.

It's wonderful to have you as part of the facilitator network here. You are a truly special lady with beautiful empathic and catalytic qualities... not afraid to look darkness in the eyes.
Welcome, welcome!

Jane, I love the beat of your drum because it is truly your own. Sing soft, sing loud and sing often. Much love to you. Mike

I've been so wonderfully fortunate to have enjoyed your facilitating a couple of times Jane. You are indeed a very special lady. Good luck my hand holding angel ;), may your gift continue to touch many more souls. Love Jaq

How wonderful to see your powerful talents shinning here!!! Blessings and joy
to you

Dear Mike and Jack what a gift you both are dear, clear, honest warriors and thank you sisters Trinity and Carolyn for your light and company even through the dark places.