Remembering Past Lives - a personal journey

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Past lives unveiled
I'd never been interested in past lives. Nor had I found compulsion to remember what I'd experienced before this life time. Yet beneath me echoed a medlodic chant of the past. There were always whispers of the joys and suffering of lives forgotten to me. Having consistently peeled away that which no longer served my evolution, I trusted that those aspects of me that I needed to remember would be unveiled, if and when, the time was right...

Past life memories

My first past life memory was divine... When my beloved partner first came into my presence in this life time, the bubbling spring of memories began to overflow. Somehow I knew him. I related to him in a way I had to no other. I bit my tongue on several occasions when my mouth almost echoed terms of endearment that were only fitting for long term dearest of partners. I shocked myself, watching curiously at the stirring within my soul.

The first time his gentle hand touched my hair, I saw a flash of myself as a celtic lady with a long green dress bathing in the light of his arms. I danced like the mists of the meadows, twirling and swirling with carefree abandon. The earth rose to lift my bare feet whilst the wind brushed through my soul. The memory was a breathtaking journey of absolute love and unity. A gentle easing into the world of my past lives. The key that unlocked the memory was his touch, for it was exactly the same touch that had ignited the passion in the life we'd shared together before.

Destined to remember

It happened to me not out of curiosity or intentional regression, but because I was at the place where I was destined to remember. I would love to say that all of my memories from that day forward captured such serenity. Alas, not many have done! Since that day, the universe deemed me ready to embark on a journey back through the aeons, even to times and places I did not know existed. At first, I began to resist such memories, as they had not been particularly pleasant. I did not want to remember. Yet it was on my path to remember and I have never found peace in my heart by denying destiny.

Each memory would be spontaneously sparked whilst I was getting on with everyday things. Sometimes it would be a word. Other times it would be a particular energy, feeling, fragrance or a replay of events that prized apart the world of secrets that had been hidden from me for so long.

At first I recognised that I was only being taken to past lives that held a key to events that I faced in the present day. There would be something I'd learned before that I now needed to draw upon for evolutionary purposes. These are by far the most magical and exciting, as if re-initiated into the wonderful traditions of the past. However, the greatest reason that I needed to go back into the past, was to release the attachments that I'd unknowingly carried like heavy chains.

The truth about karma

I began to see that karma is created by holding on. In fact karma is created by holding on to just about anything; fear, attachments (whether they be perceived as 'good' or 'bad' or something that either we did or was done to us and we had not yet found peace in our hearts with. It is karma that creates the world we see around us (at least until the day we have resolved the energy).

When I began having my first heart-wrenching memories, I saw that I'd carried the energy of the burden of these with me through the aeons. The effect of these permeated my current life, like thick vine roots that tighten and strangle. They were the haunting aspects of life that would not let me rest for any length of time without feeling turmoil. It happens to us all. To me they were like 'demons' that came out periodically to make sure I never found comfort with life. Such discomfort was quickened by the fact that I sought not to aneasthetise myself with the trappings of modern life. This meant that river of universal consciousness could flow through me, clearing anything that was holding back my spiritual evolution. Judging by the torrent of past life memories I have cleared, it worked!

Embracing destiny

The journey of clearing karma is very challenging. At times I felt as if I'd cleansed and released so much that I surely there can be no more. The barrel seemed bottomless. If we keep delving within, we will evenutally reach the bottom.

In truth I know it is my destiny. The only way to release myself from karma is to embrace it with open arms as and when it is unveiled. It's as if I look it straight in the eye and watch it dissolve in the light of pure presence.

Most of our karma seems to form in one of the multitude of past lives that we had. We don't always have to relive everything in order to let it go, yet sometimes we have no other choice.

Reliving past lives

There are different ways to have past life memories. What we encounter depends on what we need to experience in the best interests of our journey. However, I don't believe that we are afforded the luxury of choosing what happens. Our choice lies in the ability to surrender into the experience or not.

On the extreme side of things, memories are relived - as if we were in that exact experience - right now. The only way out (or more importantly to let it go forever) is to fully be in it and find our deepest heart of acceptance within the storm, no matter what events took place. Less intense memories may simply be like the sensation of little butterflies brushing through our senses with memories, sights and visions from afar, as if observing a play from the front row. These are often the easiest to deal with as we are often more detached (almost like third person observations) and can softly process from the outside in, reaching out a gentle hand of light to ourselves.

Letting go

Our history is uniquely ours alone. There is fine balance of honouring our past, yet not being attached to it, no matter who we were!

Our stories offer a rainbow of colourful insight. They make us who we are and yet tear us apart again. They give us the gift of experience so that we shine the light and illuminate the path for those who will come after us.

We ignite these memories to let go of the burden of fear that we have carried for so long. We are also invited to release the inner strength of surrender, to the divine flow of the universe, that is our destiny. It's not about having an easy life or an erasing our history, it's about unveiling our soul through the enriching experiences along the way. Our most challenging times hold the potential for us to shine the brightest light.

Becoming one

Our task is to let go and let the river of universal consciousness take us. We're taken into the heart of all things until the river and we become one.

Soul to Soul

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