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The secret to Breaking Free

Whilst helping someone in coaching yesterday this came...

    Feeling anxious, worried or tight about something?
    It has a purpose, a deeper meaning, a path to healing.
    Go into it, experience and honour it,
    explore your deepest, darkest fear about it.
    And soften, keep softening into the tightness you feel...

    And when you've tired of being in that place,
    and you've softened as much as you can,
    look for the void of pure presence that precedes whatever
    you are now feeling.
    Look for the emptiness, the nothingness and then the everythingness,
    the source of infinite potential.
    From this place, Right Action will happen, it will simply arise
    unwound, unleashed, untethered with the purity of a rising dove.
    This Right Action always has its place in the world,
    your Right Action, whatever it is, will always be good enough.
    However it is received by others, it will be perfect.



Trinity's picture

Indeed indeed!

The natural rising of the Soul.

Chris Bourne's picture

Réka's picture

falling free falling... Smile
a whisper once quiet now rising to a scream
yeah! favourite song for me from a couple of months back, thanks Smile

Philip's picture

Hi Chris
I have seen this Movie , it was so lovely