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Think Global. Act local.


The power in our pockets.
Friends in the Openhandweb community will know some of the visions I had in a car crash ten years back. Increasingly I feel to share more. One of the 'prophecies' was that people would need to come together forming self-sustaining local communities as the "Transition Times" really took a hold as they have now. Perfect timing then that this new organisation "localblu" working out of California has come together. They're speaking directly to my soul as they encourage people to support local businesses rather than the global corporates. It's about giving our time, money and resources to local trades and services...

I'd say this action alone would have a huge impact on the current situation around the globe, making it more just, equitable and sustainable as times surely get rougher.

"The matrix runs on money. It is underpinned by what we spend and with whom. You and I have amazing power, literally within our pockets. If we always spend our money consciously, then I'm sure we'll find we end up looking more for local trades and services rather than global ones."

Sometimes it can be a touch more expensive to buy local at this time. That's because big businesses are still using over exploited oil to achieve economy of effort and therefore low prices. But what happens as the oil and essential resources get increasingly scarce? Why exactly is food becoming so expensive right now?

As the people in Greece are currently discovering, and in other places around the world, we need to support each other locally to make communities more resilient to the consciousness tsunami that is beginning to sweep our planet (Teetering on a Tightrope).

    "We're speaking on facebook and other social media about this bright awakening which is wonderful. But few are truly realising and accepting just what that's really going to mean. The new waves of consciousness we're unleashing, will sweep away the old systems based on inequity and injustice. And we must prepare now. We must make ourselves more resilient."

That's why I'm fully supportive of initiatives like localblu which is about promoting the growth of local resilient communities. What does it inspire you to do?

Go to the localblu website....localblu