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Thought of the day

Telling someone what to do is disempowering. Helping them self realise through an appropriate question is inspirational.

Who's teaching who? No one. We're just learning from each other.

Signs, symbols and synchroncity. Are you paying attention to how your higher self is speaking to you?

Every day, every moment and every person is special. And why not take time to celebrate that!

Global events provide a powerful mirror through which to see ourselves. What do you see and feel to be in response?

We must break the energetic ties of the old world if we are to liberate ourselves into the new.

Go into the heart of any emotional discomfort. Let go, release, and find empowerment of the soul to carry you into pure presence.

Dissolve distorted behaviours yes, but not authentic beingness.
We must express the full harmony of the soul to be truly at peace.

Feel every step. Do not resist the moment. Go deeper into the jungle still.

Tune constantly into Gaia and we discover a natural mother tongue unfolding our beauty and grace.

In walking the path, there are no wrong steps. There are only lessons from which to learn.

It is by absolutely embracing our ordinaryness that our lives become truly extraordinary.

To turn up the volume on our soul, we must tune into our joy. But that doesn't necessarily mean always taking the soft option!

An ounce of practice is worth a tonne of theory!

To pick the best fruit in life, we have to be prepared to go out on a limb.

Spiritual practice is valuable. But it is through its direct application to everyday life that makes it priceless.

Look for the perfection in all things. There are no ordinary moments!

We don't need to be taught anything we don't already know within. Sometimes we just need a gentle hand to help reveal it.

If you can see more than one step in front of you, you're walking a false path!

Silence is golden. When you speak, let your words be better than your silence would have been.

Give darkness nothing to oppose and it cannot touch you.

There's knowing the path and walking the path. One is not enough, the other is all there is!

It's the little things in life that have the greatest impact: a smile, a touch, a kind deed, the right words at the right time.

We don't have to struggle to climb the spiritual mountain. It happens naturally, as we bring our attention internally to what's limiting us.