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Thought of the day

Finding it hard to make a decision? We have to wait for all the pieces of the jigsaw to land in order to know exactly what we're creating.

Divine synchronicity is less about telling us what to do and more about helping us how to be.

We don't search for the truth because we have lost it. We do it because it defines what we are being.

When truth is the prize, figuring out illusions becomes the game.

In the journey of life, leave only memories, take only lessons.

Confront your suffering head on. Embrace it. Know it intimately until it no longer defines you and you will liberate the soul.

A True Soul Mate is our perfect mirror. Both our light AND our dark are lovingly exposed to us.

Relax, stay open, see the beauty in all things. Raise your vibration and rise into 'heaven'.

Create a positive feedback loop today. Find and express a root of truth in someone else's distortion.

To truly forgive another, is to realise the blessing that took place in the original event.

Be aware of the obstacles in your life but focus on the path between them.

Just as leaves fall in the autumn, we must honour our natural internal changes and harmonise activities with the seasons.

Our destiny is not a creation, it is an authentic way of being and our creations are merely the vehicles of expression for this beingness.

Why not engage your real SAT Nav today?...
Surrender, Acceptance, Trust!

Everything you admire in others are gifts waiting to be realised in yourself.

A brave heart is one that can stand fast in the truth waiting for the dust to settle and the right action to arise at the right moment.

Continue the inner inquiry, even the most subtle vibrations can become something miraculous.

Only through an open mind do we find certainty.

A true master reveals herself more by what she does NOT say.

The mind can be like a prison...but remember, you are not inside it, it is inside of you.

Does the honey bee have to think to find the flower? No, and we will find the flower too when we stop thinking where to fly and just fly.

Light within doesn't come from ideas about light, nor trying to manifest light. It happens as we open a space for it.

To heal is to realise that the disharmony in our outer world is really inside. So go within, find the tightness, let it go.

When you've come to the edge of everything you know, there's only one thing left to do...jump off!!!