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Thought of the day

To unfold your spiritual wings, feel deeply the softness and lightness within.

If you can't decide don't decide...
until you really have to!

You will come to the edge
of everything you have known...
and then go beyond it.

Master yourself and you master your world!

On our Journey of Ascension every moment presents a choice...that of higher truth or expediency.

Love life and it will love you!

I am all that I need.

Find your child like innocence in life today. Explore your joy!

Unveil your truth in every moment at whatever apparent personal cost and your spirit will soar eternally.

Higher Mind doesn't work by envisioning what we want. When we surrender, it channels the infinite organising power of the Divine Design.

Let peace come first from within. Then it will radiate outwards to fill our outer world.

It's time to let go of everything that limits us, take back our power, unfold our wings and soar!

In times of energetic tension, let go, open your hand. Be like water!

The love we withhold is a measure of the pain we carry.

Honour the changing seasons - listen always to one's own internal body clock.

To hold you must first let go.
Open your hands.

If you find yourself loosing connection to spirit, you're being invited to go deeper.

It's time to push off from the bank and move into centre stream!

Contemplate often what brings you joy in life and you will recreate that inside yourself.

The only real and lasting security in life is total vulnerability. To be awesomely okay with whatever happens.

Nothing is "out there". Everything is "in here".

Be still and know that YOU are God.

Give evil nothing to oppose and it will dissolve of its own accord.

Remember your soul is the one thing you can't compromise.