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Thought of the day

Soar above the drama today,
stay engaged but unattached.

Sometimes when nothing is flowing at all is to be in the flow!

Each choice invites deeper self realisation. We cannot see past a choice without first understanding the purpose of it.

Do you have a dream of the soul? Then bring your attention to it and watch it unfold!

Unveil your primal power, inner sovereignty, intuition married with instinct.

Attachment to non-attachment is still attachment!

Just because you are in a minority of one, doesn't make your truth untruth.

It's not our creations that count, it's the act of creating them.

On a day like today, look into the mirror and find the love for yourself.

To cure depression, don't avoid it, go right into the heart of it and become awesomely okay with it.

Today and always lets walk in love and light.

The only certainty is uncertainty. Can you be completely at peace with that?

With the stones they put in your way, you may build a solid road down which to travel.

Our role as lightworkers is to empower others to find their own way.

"Attuning to the light" doesn't mean ignoring the dark. It means finding the path through, over or around it.

You've found the road to no where (now here). So why are you trying to escape?

The obstacle ahead of us is never as great as the help we receive overcoming it.

Is your life built on the rock of your spirituality...or the sand of global consumerism?

When you remember what is behind you, you'll realise there's no need to fear what is in front!

Our true path is like surfing. You don't ask which way the wave is going, you just ride it and enjoy the ride!

Don't theorise....

The human race is all about running.
We are running to learn how to stand still.

Expect some divine magic in your life today and it will be so.

When you can no longer express who you are, that's who you are.