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Thought of the day

An AUTHENTIC affirmation is simply the confirmation in your mind of something you ALREADY know in your heart.

Sometimes to fight for what you know in your heart to be right, is to do nothing.

In this universe NOTHING happens by chance. EVERY event has a deeper purpose.

When the mind is open the heart opens and we feel the true flow of the universe. When we are expressing our highest truth, we synchronise with this flow. It feels divine.

Instead of creating who you want to be, can you be awesomely okay with who you are right NOW in this moment? and the next and...

ALL acts of true creativity, be it work or pleasure, come from the place of inner stillness.

Light and dark are simply judgments above which to rise. Identify with neither and soar beyond the illusion.

ALL guidance leads to a choice you don't yet understand. When you're undecided which way to go, calm your fears and follow the heart.

WHATEVER you are doing,
ALWAYS maintain one eye on the flame within.

All that is worth having is to be found in the stillness within. So keep going, keep going, keep going!

If you want to acquire the nectar of life, you have to be still within the movement.

Blend with life, move with gentle softness but when called, act with unwavering, sure footed directness.

Suffering is a personal choice. NO ONE can inflict suffering on you except yourself.

The sun doesn't shine to get something in return. It just shines!

The secret of happiness is simple. The less we want, the happier we are.

All fear is a test of how much we are identifying with the illusion. In absolute truth, there is nothing to fear, not even fear itself.

Money is just one of many sources of universal energy. We ALWAYS get EXACTLY what energy we need to be our true selves.

If we are to realise the full splendour of our true selves, we must continually die to the past and be reborn in the moment.

Just like flowers, love will grow almost anywhere, but where the ground is rocky, more watering is required.

Your true pathway in life unfolds naturally in front of you. Hopes, wishes and desires only make it more difficult to follow.

In the usual human state of perception, the noise of life replaces the background inner silence. In enlightened states, the noise may arise from it, but doesn't replace it.

You cannot change the past and the future unfolds from the present...so can you live in the moment?

In this world there is nothing 'right' and nothing 'wrong'. Can you be awesomely okay with that?

Follow your heart at whatever personal cost...and you will summon the whole power of the universe to help you.