The Spirituality of Eating a Vegan Diet

Submitted by Trinity on Tue, 04/19/2016 - 19:26

Eating compassionately, to me, is a conscious celebration of my love for all sentient life. It ignites my soul, allowing me to dance and weave a web of love into the heart of all things. Eating a healthy, plant-based diet raises my vibration positively, so that I, in turn, can infuse a little bit more of the divine into the world around me. This vibration is important for my spiritual evolution, as it works somewhat like a key to unlock the higher paradigm within me. It is a key on my journey back to whole and complete spiritual beingness.

Spiritual Awakening

In 1995 I had a profound spiritual awakening, realising my place in the sacred flow of life. We're all one, all connected. This inspired me to make instant changes to my lifestyle (including adopting a vegan diet). It became clear to me that a compassionate, plant-based way of eating was not only best for my fellow sentient beings and for Mother Earth, but also for my personal spiritual evolution.


Spiritually we know that all are connected. We sense it, through every cell of our being. We can feel it in the depths of our hearts. It’s a whisper, inviting us to unfold into the fullness of our being, calling us 'home’. There is a thread that joins us all together… plants, people, animals and all sentient life. When we tug at that thread, we find that everything is connected. What we do to another, we ultimately do to ourselves. At our deepest levels there is a yearning to become whole again and to honour our interconnectivity with all other sentient beings.

The Awakening Soul

Once our soul begins to awaken, we know in our hearts that all beings are worthy of love and compassion. True love awaits within each of us, often dormant until stirred, like a hibernating seed, unaware, yet ever yearning for the moment to be set free. 

Everything is Energy

    "A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe,"
    a part limited in time and space.
    He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings
    as something separated from the rest,
    a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.
    This delusion is a kind of prison for us,
    restricting us to our personal desires and
    to affection for a few persons nearest to us.
    Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison
    by widening our circle of compassion to embrace
    all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

    Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Spiritually we understand that everything is made of energy.  In fact these days, even science confirms it. Everything consists of a particular vibration. Without vibrational energy, nothing would exist at all. Nothing escapes us. The choices we make in life alter our vibration accordingly, creating karma that either binds us to the density, or sets us free.

You Are What You Eat

    What we eat infuses into the cells of our body, which then effects our energetic vibration (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).

Eating plant-based food that has been grown naturally with care, nourishes our mind, body and spirit, raising our vibration.

However, if we ingest animals (or their products) that have been in a state of pain or suffering in any way, we invite that vibration of turmoil into ourselves. That suffering literally becomes a part of us.

Owning the Disconnection

So we know everything is connected…. yet, we’ve become indoctrinated (since the earliest of times) to believe that we are separate from one another. We’ve become fragmented and torn. Broken and disconnected. We’ve lost our tribe!

The illusion of separation has its grip so tightly on the ego that it fights vehemently for its own survival. The ego doesn’t want us to embrace our deepest compassion; for true compassion is about oneness and interconnectivity. True compassion means the death of the ego. Humanity has become destructive, causing great devastation and suffering for sentient life. The violence that is committed towards animals, has however, mostly been sanitised - carried out behind closed doors, protecting us from the blood-shed and horror. How easy it is to deny responsibility when we don’t have blood on our own hands. Most of us stand behind a veil, believing that we are compassionate and loving beings, because we don’t inflict the torture ourselves. Or do we? We make that choice, consuming flesh and produce from our our fellow sentient beings, calling it food, distanced from the fact, that we are indeed responsible for the brutal deaths of billions of our friends every year. We know this in our hearts. Yet how many of us choose to ignore it? 

Be Completely Honest With Yourself and Find Peace Within

Whether we consume animals and their by-products isn’t the issue. The issue is whether we’ve truly explored it. Whether we’ve really looked at what is going on. Whether we’ve truly owned our choices.

Watch a movie like Earthlings . Join the dots and be completely honest about how you feel. The important thing is that you make your choices from the heart. If then, it feels right for you to eat animals, then you can do so with a clear conscience. But don’t stay anaesthetised to what is really going on. True love is honest, transparent and takes full ownership of responsibility. If you can honestly feel the fear and embrace the suffering that your fellow creatures feel, with every fibre of your being… and still eat them (or their by-products), then you’ve made your choice. Be at peace with it.

The Spiritual Gift of Eating Compassionately

For me being vegan is about true love and compassion. It’s about making the best choices I can, to honour the light within me, that is connected with the light within you… and all other sentient life. Personally, my spiritual journey would be incomplete without honouring my pull towards unity and oneness.

Eating compassionately is a spiritual gift. It not only raises our vibration, but it sends ripples of the deepest love out into our world. It connects us all. For me, it is not so important what other people do, but that I take responsibility for what I feel in my own heart… and make choices in line with that.

Why I Started Eating a Vegan Diet 21 Years Ago?

I created a video recently to talk a little more about exactly why I went vegan all those 21 years ago...

21 years ago Trinity had a profound spiritual awakening that interconnected her with the deeper consciousness of life. What followed was a journey of compassion for all sentient beings, and a passion to share conscious eating for the benefit of all. Trinity is an integral part of the Openhand Core Team, supporting with the philosophy development, energy processing, publication of book and film, and is also the Openhand retreat chef.
Trinity recently published two recipe books with Openhand Press: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen & Angelicious - Food for a New Paradigm.
Find Trinity here on, and here:
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Thank-you for this article Trinity, I have been trying to be Vegetarian and Vegan for the better part of 1 year now, admittedly this is very challenging and has caused me sadness when I have not stayed true to this way of eating. I would say if you look at my entire intake of Food and beverages I am probably 80% Vegetarian and 70% Vegan. For me the challenges and difficulties are not cravings to eat meat or animal beverages but in finding places where they have all the Organic Plant based ingredients I need without having to go to several different places :(

The sadness of course is because I agree with you about the Oneness and that animals suffer in this process of humanity's accepted diet...

I used to only eat meat and was a huge meat eater, so I have made incredible strides :) altho I am finding to become fully and completely Vegan is extremely challenging because of what I mentioned above.

Steve <3

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for sharing and being honest. I totally respect your honesty. Everyone is unique and has different challenges to overcome. It's sounds like you're making positive steps.

If you are not craving meat or other animal products then you are really blessed (that is a big obstacle for a lot of people) - just keep looking for ways to make it work for you.

When I first went vegan, there were very limited choices available. I just had to be organised and prepared ahead of time. It encouraged me to be creative in the kitchen too.


Thank-you Trinity, your 2 books have opened my eyes and made me a believer on how good a Vegan plant based Diet can be! I have thought about how blessed I am not having any cravings at all for meat :)

I am slowly finding places where they have the most of what I need to complete my change to a complete vegan diet, I am slowly also re-organizing my schedule to make this possible and when I cannot do it I sit back and analyze how I could possibly work around this.

Openhand and yourself have been one of the major reasons I have made this transformation :)

after this weekend I will also share the Pics of the 4 meals we will be preparing from your 2 books ;)


It can be difficult Steve to find places locally that sell organic produce - but it is definitely easier than it was a few years ago. When I first became vegetarian (about 40 years ago) we were in a restaurant and I was so excited - they served veggie burgers!! I ordered one - and was dismayed when I was presented with a beef burger that had veggies on top!
Trinity's cooking and her books certainly make vegan eating a delicious and nutritious experience. It sounds like you're on track.

I cannot imagine how it must have been 21 and 40 years ago! OMG you both are true warriors, it certainly is getting more and more convenient Cynthia....Lol at the veggie burger :)

This weekend as I mentioned to trinity My step mother and I are cooking 4 meals from her 2 books I will post them :)

I find it hard to look at the cows and lambs in the field sometimes, as I know you do too Trinity. Its no longer an idea but an empathic understanding. Very bittersweet.

9 months ago I made the changes to being vegan, and have really not ever questioned it. My reason is not clear to me nor do I search to hard to find an answer. I know for me it is right. What is hard for me is to find organic produce. So in most cases I have to buy what is available to me. The one thing I do know is like some people that have made the change it is hard sometimes to look in the eyes of other living things. You said it Ben "bittersweet". I do find that even being new to this that I am running in to people all the time making some kind of change to eating more consciously. I thank you guys here at Openhand, the diet is easy for me the writing is more of a problem.

Much love and maybe someday day I will cook for you guys
Love the kitchen

Thank you for the comments Ben & Horse. Beautiful to read them today.

It warms my heart to feel that I am not completely alone with this. It's ironic that really caring so much about other species can alienate one so much from humanity. Yet, we are not alone ;)

Hi Horse

I really like what you wrote here - "My reason is not clear to me nor do I search to hard to find an answer. I know for me it is right."

For me it feels so important for everyone to follow their own feelings, the pull of their soul in the moment. Maybe some aren't ready to eat a vegan diet yet for example but are moving towards that. or they might feel not to. or it may become obvious and natural in the moment. How do we know another's journey? - though for a compassionate soul walking the path with honesty it seems most probably that a deep contemplation of the question will at least arise, to be really felt out in truth. Especially in relation to the connection with nature and other beings. how to unfold that is of course unique. That's my sensing/understanding anyway.

I like how you expressed that you don't need to know/understand so much as to follow the feelings, and that it was a very natural unfolding. Its a great example. there's a nice flow to that.


Dearest Trin,

Thank you so much for this deeply touching article. This is such an incredibly important issue, which is so often overlooked by people on the spiritual journey, and indeed, by people in general.

We can never really hope to find the light within ourselves which is our connection to Source, if we refuse to address the shadows. We must go to the depths, get down and dirty with whatever lurks below the platitudes and superficial actions of spiritual life, really see and explore those parts and love them back into the light.

For me, it is impossible to walk the spiritual path without facing all of the places within, where I am not being compassionate with myself and all of life. For me, to do so, would be a mere charade. I feel that it is commonplace within society, for issues to be addressed at a superficial level only, the root of the problem is never weeded out...and this is no way to achieve lasting transformation.

This is one of the reasons I am so attracted to the Openhand philosophy. It is underpinned with a way of being which is in alignment with Peace on Earth and Unity of All. So many spiritual leaders are out of alignment with these underpinning core principles in regard to their dietary choices. To me it then follows that whatever surface message is being shared, will also intrinsically share this distortion.

This distortion away from Peace and Unity is deeply rooted through our social conditioning and cultural traditions worldwide. I feel until we make inroads into uprooting this control on our consciousness, forgiving ourselves as a collective and loving it all back to the light, we shall never know true enlightenment as a species...

The good news is that I see much movement in this direction in recent years. And I always maintain hope for humanity, as I recall my own refusal to face the shadow dwelling within me for 24 years as a vegetarian before becoming vegan 5 years ago. So many years of wasted opportunity! And I considered myself fully compassionate! No doubt I still have my own blind spots elsewhere, but I am truly thankful to have become awakened to this particular way of helping the movement of humanity towards Peace and Unity.

Thanks again for the brilliant article and the sharing of your divinely beautiful heart.

With much love,

Ishara xox

A million thanks for your soul stirring reply Ishara!
My heart is about to burst with LOVE - it makes it so much more beautiful to walk this journey side by side as we join together in unity.
Biggest heartful of love

One thing I have noticed, since I became aware of being on a journey that led me to the Openhand website, is that no matter if I am in question about unfolding what is to come for me or just the pull to connect with people that are aware of what is, I leave here inspired. So I would like to say from the bottom of my heart and soul{Much love and gratitude} to all beings. You know after 50 plus yrs have pasted, I am just feeling what it is like to live with unconditional love in my heart. No room for anything else....


Thanks Trinity and Ben
see you in the ether

I always love the sharings and postings here. So often they challenge perceptions very subtly. I eat a plant-based diet,but note importantly I keep away from processed vegan foods, which can be energetically draining. For me the issue comes down to how food changes your energetic nature. Food requires a lot of energy to digest and eliminate, if you want spiritual growth you need energy, the consciousness that I am is more expanded when the food that I eat is eliminated rapidly. This is not the same for everyone. Some eat meat because it is their current experience. We incarnate geospacially so that we can experience these things. There is no single path. The next comment is not aimexat people here, but too many 'spiritual' people claim the high ground when being g vegan. It is another identity, another energetic burden, another cross to bear. At some level even animals incarnate for the experience of death. Don't we all? I am compassionate, but ultimately all is perfect we, without humanity intellect decide otherwise.the true self loves all of its expressions. This is today's understanding, tomorrow my experience may reveal something else. My reality is always expanding into a beautiful multidimensional experience. Thank you all for contributing to that. Much love x