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9 Step Spiritual Healing Process for dealing with Subconscious Trauma and Karma


I'm hearing from people around the world right now that the path is taking you deep into process. My heart is with you! Fear not, it is necessary. You can't truly access the New Paradigm without regressing into and processing deep seated 'Source Pain' and Karma. This is subconscious conditioning that projects out into your world and has a disharmonious impact on your life. It's unavoidable, this karma brought souls here in order to confront such limitation and evolve through it - the only way out is through! Such spiritual breakthrough comes with enormous sense of well-being, rejuvenation, empowerment and growth. So what might be a truly effective way of processing subconscious, karmic trauma when it activates?...

Openhand 9 Step Healing Process for breaking through Karmic Trauma

Openhand has been working now with evolving people around the world for many years. It's from that collated experience that we've developed this 9 Step Spiritual Healing Process. It's all about helping you regress into your karmic pain, work with it, then breakthrough it into a more expanded state of being.

This is taken from the Openhand book 5GATEWAYS: a profound spiritual routemap:

  1. Confront the situation: you must first accept and completely acknowledge the truth of what is happening in your world. Get thoroughly used to observing yourself and accepting responsibility for your feelings in relation to what is going on in the situation. If you get tight, angry or wound up, acknowledge it. If someone is steamrollering your truth and that feels unpleasant, witness that too. Do not shy away from, or paper over, any inner retraction caused by events and other people in the outside world. By the Law of Attraction you have manifested them anyway, so as to confront and break through such a limitation. Embrace that.
  2. Regress deeply into the feelings of the situation: it may not be appropriate for you to deal with the feelings in the moment they are coming up - you could be at work for example, in public or looking after your children. It is important not to suppress and dissolve the feelings, but rather to contain them: you get the sense that they are inside you, but you are on top of them and can manage them. When the timing is more appropriate (and as soon as possible), regress yourself deeply into the feelings once more: see the images, feel the feelings, let them come up inside.
  3. Honour and express the pain: essentially this source pain is caused where your soul identifies somehow with the illusion of separation and the need for a particular outcome – where the soul is not self-realised (not realising of the One). However, if you honour the pain by fully expressing it in some way, then you become 'as-one' with it – you relocate the lost nugget of soul gold that was buried there and you reintegrate as the One. Honouring the pain might mean shouting and screaming, crying, rolling up into a ball, beating a punch bag or cushion, writing a journal or dancing and moving. Listen to your soul, and do whatever you feel given to do.
  4. Break through with presence: when the source pain is at its height, when you can truly locate and feel it within your body, such that it is becoming excruciating, then paradoxically, you are ready to become the One through it; you are on the very precipice of presence. Remind yourself that all experience is relativistic and therefore transient – it does not define who you are. What you are, is absolute pure potential, beyond the pain. At this point, there will be some key (such as a word, mantra, a visualisation or symbolic metaphor) to help you ‘open the door’ through the density and into presence. If you are not sure what that is, ask the universe and you will be shown.
  5. Feel the light of the soul: when you’ve stepped into the sense of presence, then you are really processing and letting go of the density – it is like you are stirring the bed of the stream in which the nuggets of soul gold have become buried. Now you will be able to see and feel the glint of the soul as it is being liberated. It will be a sense of lightness, completeness, confidence, strength, surrender; you may feel it as a light or warmth beginning to flow into the body, through the previous restriction. Now focus on, and give energy to, this new sensation. It is like pouring fuel on an igniting flame – it grows stronger.
  6. Dissolve the source pain: you are now ready to truly dissolve and fully release that aspect of source pain. Whilst staying in the sense of Pure Presence, intuit how your connection with your emerging soul, can best process the dense energy of the source pain. You have to remain soft and expanded, so that you do not tighten down out of the energy that causes the pain. So stay expanded through it, containing it within your consciousness, but then use whatever meditation comes to you to remove it. It could be a particular form of breathing, movement and dance, or it could be a visualisation. Let your intuition carry you – it already knows what best to do.
  7. Contemplate deeply any conditioned behaviours: the source pain will have built up conditioned behaviours (as spoken of in Gateway 2). Now deeply contemplate what conditioning – what distortions – the source pain has caused in your life. Maybe, for example, you were needy of others? Or perhaps too competitive and aggressive. See yourself within those behaviours, being totally honest with yourself about them (reminding yourself, if necessary, that you are not to blame for them). It can help to write them down in a journal.
  8. Visualise yourself interrupting the behaviours: in motivational and spiritual circles, people often speak of visualising the outcome or behaviour you would like to have happen. The risk is though, that this just becomes another level of programming. Instead, see yourself interrupting the behaviours that have emanated from the source pain. As you get increasingly sensitive, you will begin to actually feel the density and any fixed neural pathways. With a sense of surrendered will, you can begin to break these apart and literally dissolve them within.
  9. Become surrendered openness, attune to authentic beingness: as the density and conditioned behaviours have been dissolved inside, increasingly you settle into an awesome place of surrendered openness: you feel expansive, peaceful, whole and complete. You are now much more able to interrupt the old behaviours in daily life and open up through them. Spontaneous acts of authentic beingness then begin to magically flow through you, which are totally right and befitting of the moment. It is like you become less an identity, and more a moving flow of consciousness through life. This is pure joy of living! (I have written more about the qualities of authentic beingness that start to come through, and to which you can give energy, in Gateway 4).

Breaking through with 5GATEWAYS

These are turbulent times. So don't worry if you find yourself frequently getting into rough processing periods. It is necessary in order to confront the limitations of the old consciousness. Know that you are not alone - people the world over are working through this density. Just seize the courage to confront and soften into your inner density - in which case, that particular phase will be over before you know it. And always remember, each breakthrough process comes with that tremendous sense of recovering a deeper aspect of yourself - becoming ever more of YOU!

If you need assistance, do consider the Openhand Facilitator Network who are all trained in working through such density with people.

And check out the 5GATEWAYS Book. It goes much deeper than the film, providing many similar processes, tools, tips and advice for walking the path into the New Paradigm.

Happy travels!

(on behalf of Openhand)
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Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living.
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Rich's picture

A timely reminder.
Thank you, Open.


StarHawk's picture

I find your 9 step spiritual healing process most useful & insightful, Open, so thanks also from me for the reminder. I've just printed it out on a single sheet of paper & will pin it to my kitchen cupboards where I will see it a lot, & it can act as a reminder when I get lost or confused, as to the way forward on my path of spiritual healing & self-realisation.


StarHawk's picture

I've just attempted the 9 step process regarding my feelings of envy, & got stuck (lost?) at step 4.

Step 1 was to accept & acknowledge my envy, which I did by writing my post on my thread Alex's Experiences.

Step 2 is something I'm very experienced in, as I've done many years of regressive therapy, so that came quite naturally as a result.

With step 3, I felt the pull to honour & express the pain of the envy by doing some of my creative drawing. The source pain then revealed itself as despair. However, when I got in touch with this despair, it felt difficult to stay with that feeling, & I became aware that I was starting to "numb it out", to move into my default of boredom & depression.

Therefore, I couldn't (wouldn't?) allow the source pain to reach it's height, which is what step 4 entails. I'm now left feeling that I'm a failure - I can't do these steps successfully or properly.

Perhaps my despair feels too "big" to dive into, or I don't know how to dive into it, or I'm too scared to dive into it, or there's some kind of other obstacle preventing me from diving into it.

It's easy for you, Open, to say "dive into your source pain" - but just how do I do that when I just can't see (or know) HOW???

I probably need to book another session with my Openhand spiritual coach.

A frustrated Alex

Open's picture

Hi Alex,

Please don't take this the wrong way, and I know it's not easy, but despite the past advice, you're still missing the basic point: that to distract yourself from the feeling is avoidance and therefore you won't get into the underlying source pain. This is a consistent thing you keep doing - it seems to be some kind of program you've picked up from previous processes elsewhere - it's not your fault, it's a limitation I observe is prevalent in the spiritual mainstream: that of trying to change reality into something more favourable to the ego.

You said...

    I felt the pull to honour & express the pain of the envy by doing some of my creative drawing. The source pain then revealed itself as despair. However, when I got in touch with this despair, it felt difficult to stay with that feeling, & I became aware that I was starting to "numb it out", to move into my default of boredom & depression.

"Expressing the Pain" means to be in the pain. In this case envy. To let yourself feel into it.

What I've noticed you do, is that once you start to get anywhere near anything that's truly, deeply embedded, you tend to go into an emotional/psychological reaction which takes you out of the possibility to actually feel into the pain. Previously I've called it "the fizz" that distracts from the deep subconscious.

The deep subconscious source pain, once you get through this fizz, may only begin as a slight vibration - barely recognisable as anything. But this is where you need to be. It feels like boredom is another reaction that prevents full exploration of the moment.

This is what I've been working to get at within your process.

Open Smile

StarHawk's picture

Many thanks for your last response, Open. I initially had an angry reaction to reading it, like I felt you didn't understand or weren't hearing me correctly.

After 3 days of pondering, my anger has now subsided & I can now respond to your post in a more calm & detached way.

During the experience I described in my post above, & in my longer post on the "Alex's Experiences" thread, I mentioned how I'd "felt into" my painful, acute feelings of envy, which seemed like a "surface level" experience, & had then briefly touched the emotion of despair, which seemed to me to be the "source pain".

You wrote:

"The deep subconscious source pain, once you get through this fizz, may only begin as a slight vibration - barely recognisable as anything. But this is where you need to be."

I understand & agree with your suggestions, but my point was that it was difficult enough for me to do what I did on that day - to feel into my envy & briefly touch my source pain of despair - although I think it may even be that the despair isn't yet my true source pain, but a "stepping stone" towards that.

For me, it felt like progress just to get to that far, it's like my "being" won't let me go any faster, much as I'd like that. I seem to have some internal self-regulating mechanism that will only allow me to experience a certain level of pain at a given moment in a given situation, & will then "shut down" the pain by some "distraction" as you call it - numbing out, boredom, depression, anger or rage. This is something I appear to have no control over - I can't force myself to experience more pain (or to "dive into" it as you so often say) - it just doesn't work that way for me.

The analogy that comes to mind is trying to drive a car by depressing the gas pedal when the brake pedal has been strongly applied - however much gas you apply, the car will slow down & stop because the brakes are more powerful than the engine. In my analogy depressing the gas pedal is my attempt to feel into (or dive into) my source pain, & depressing the brake pedal is my unconscious & automatic self-regulating mechanism of shutting down the pain when it becomes intolerable.

Another way of putting it might be that my resistances to "diving into" the pain are still much greater than my willingness (or desire?) to do so.

You might be one of those fortunate people who can just "dive into" their source pain, but I am not. Believe me I've tried, in various ways over the last 20 years or so to do just that, initially through various forms of psychotherapy & more recently through more spiritual approaches, including most recently, the Openhand approach as described in your article above.

My intuition tells me that I will experience a breakthrough with this at some stage (perhaps that will be what you describe as passing through Gateway 1), that I will be able to go fully into my source pain & through that into presence, but for me it's slow progress - one step at a time.

I sometimes wonder, if I'm honest, whether the 5 Gateways sequence will be the one I experience, or whether my spiritual path will take me on another route. I sense that "trying too hard" to follow the 5 Gateways model might be counter-productive for me - seeking a particular outcome, when the Universe might have a different way for my soul to evolve & self-realise. That last part was a bit difficult for me to admit & to share on this forum.

It's been a recurrent theme for me that I've experienced spiritual practitioners & others pushing me (or pressurising me) to go faster in my process than feels right for me. Ultimately, I have to decide for myself how quickly I can go. There may be hidden karmic or other reasons for my apparent slow progress, & I don't mean to say that to excuse myself from anything.

Nevertheless, I'm glad that I'm part of the Openhand Community, & I do appreciate & welcome your comments & suggestions, Open, & those of others on the forums too.



divinespark's picture

Hi Alex,

My heart goes out to you. I've felt like a failure many times when I've pulled back, too fearful to go deeper. F___, it's so not easy! And for a good part of my life, I've often felt the need to go faster and better, which was a coping mechanism in my childhood and teenage years to both prove my worth and distract myself from the pain and the sadness of family dysfunction. Which I still do. at times. Thanks to Kim, my wonderful and stalwart coach, for helping me to realize this. Perhaps, deep down, you feel you must go faster and better like I do and then project that others are demanding this of you. I'm aware that I project this conditioned belief outwards whenever I feel that others are cracking the whip! All I see is a part of me. The outer mirror always reveals the state of my inner consciousness. I'm getting better at interrupting the blame game i.e. "You did this to me." How tempting is that ha!

Most of us have had strong and relentless societal conditioning around achieving outcomes and going full force to reach our goals. I experienced this recently while meditating, wanting desperately to stay in the Love/Light space I was feeling and kept losing due to distracted thoughts. And then feeling totally pissed off and frustrated. I go in and out of attachment to outcomes. I accept what Open says. That when we aim for enlightenment, we've already separated ourselves from Source. And, in general, when we try to control the flow, we separate ourselves from the divine flow. What a huge challenge that is. Letting go of control!

When all is said and done, what I truly feel is that we are all doing the best we can and that acceptance of where we're at, without judgment, is the key to letting the pain go. And there are no timelines to get to that space. Sometimes I resist. And sometimes I accept and find the doorway into the Light.

Take heart, my friend. As Open, says, it's not your fault. We're not to blame ourselves for our "shitty" conditioning, but we are responsible for letting it go. You've stepped up to the plate quite admirably. One day, you and I will look around and find that we're at Home Base.

Much Love to you,

x Catherine

Open's picture

Hi Alex,

I totally understand where you're at. That's absolutely not a problem. Each person should go at the speed they feel able to manage. As long as you keep testing and exploring.

I believe 5GATEWAYS is the natural evolutionary path for everyone. It's simply 'calling' the ascensionary process as I see it. However, that doesn't mean everyone will be ready for it in this cycle.

It may well be that it will naturally come in other incarnations. And that's fine.

What I would say, is that we don't exactly promote this work. People are drawn to it for a reason. So something must have drawn you.

That said, if you felt your path lay elsewhere, in a different direction, then you must honour that too.

Wishing you well


StarHawk's picture

Many thanks Catherine for your post which I found most supportive & helpful. Yes, I agree with you that there is some part of me, that is projecting this idea of having to go faster & better, onto others including Open. It's something that I could well do with letting go of, & perhaps writing about it on this forum, & having it witnessed & "heard" by you & others, is a step towards that. I can be a very hard "task master" towards myself, cracking the whip & expecting/forcing myself to do things that are beyond my capabilities at this moment.

Many thanks Open for your understanding & your wise, supportive comments. Reading your post somehow took some of the pressure off me, & brought me a feeling of relief, contentment, that I'm doing OK. It's opened something up for me, which I can't quite put my finger on right now, but may be able to later.

After reading these 2 posts while I was out doing my voluntary job at the Credit Union, I came home & felt a pull to listen to some music that I find sad & was able to have a bit of a cry, to shed a few tears which I don't ordinarily find easy to do at all. I haven't listened to those particular tracks for a while, & it felt significant to do so, to release something, to let something go...

I appreciate these Openhand forums very much.



Cynthia Sham Rang's picture

To be gentle with ourselves, to let go of the inner critic, to be soft in the sadness

Rich's picture

Hey Alex,

You have been in my thoughts.
Wishing you well.


Nivasha777's picture

Dear Open,

My gratitude for a truly succint and inspiring piece. It is always such great comfort to be reminded that this journey is not not mine alone and that as humanity we are facing our most rapid and enormous growth and we must be also congniscient of what little Souls we are indeed! Feels like the nerdy class Smile

Open, I would like to iterate on an point that you made in one of your articles. That is to always be fully aware and understand what we asking for when we seek to confront our pain, to ascend, to connect and flow to Source. It has been very dark, and very painful and mostly because once I committed to my soul journey I was shown my mirror fully and naturally my broken bits were infected with this pain I speak of and I didn't even know I had those broken bits to begin with!

So hence I just wanted to say this, if I only knew back then what I was asking for! Smile

I am grateful always. My pain has been and still is my greatest catalyst.

God Bless,



Open's picture

Hi Nivasha,

Thanks so much for sharing. It's very inspirational for others to hear how powerful it is to work through and transcend the subconscious density people hold within. You said...

    "I would like to iterate on an point that you made in one of your articles. That is to always be fully aware and understand what we asking for when we seek to confront our pain, to ascend, to connect and flow to Source."

Yes that's it - you can't connect to the flow for any length of time if repressed density is dragging you back! So get into it, work with it - process it out - and you'll be flying on the outstretched wings of the soul!


Open Ok