How to break out of a Spiritual Rut by Finding your Passion?

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Have you found it yet? The passion that gets you out of bed in the morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Have you found the sweet spot, that breaks you out of any rut, and pushes you forward no matter what the difficulty or density? Passion is the root of purpose - it gives meaning and direction. Why? Because when you're in your passion, you're accessing the elixir of life itself - the mainstream of your soul. And the soul instantly connects you to the Source of all Creation - an unlimited potential that constantly fires with new potential and possibility. The One in you is fulfilled, and simultaneously, a streaming bountiful and abundant expression flows from that. That's why it's essential you discover your passion...

Breaking out of the Box

Society is not interested in you finding your passion. Because when you're in it, you become uncontrollable. You step out of the norm, which can no longer be conditioned into the endless carousel of cheap thrills. It wants to sell you the shadow of your passion, and make you work for it, locking you into a world of doing, and then sells the illusion of release from that through entertainment and distraction. And so the majority never find, and even give up, their passion so as to fit in this world of doing because it seems somehow easier, there's a formula that kind of works...

    "If I do this, then I'll get a job, I'll get paid, put a roof over my head and food on the table. If there's a little money left over, I'll go on holiday and have some fun" - it's how so many people live. But it's not really living at all.

It's not easy to break out of this box. Not easy, but it is straightforward. You just have to find the path of your soul to do it. And the path of your soul can come from accessing your true passion in life - what truly brings you joy?

Beingness can bring people pure joy. But I'm just just talking about detaching from the doing. I'm not talking about simply dropping everything like dropping the proverbial 'hot coals'. That too will bring a temporary relief, yes, but mostly only temporary. We still have to live in the world, and that requires that you engage in something.

    If you engage in what you truly love, then I've discovered the Universe always comes to meet you, it always provides a 'vehicle' for you to express that passion. And by 'vehicle', I mean another situation or circumstance - the universe weaves energy and resource together around your expressed passion. You don't have to think about money - it just starts to flow. And neither do you have to hold onto it - as you let it flow out, it flows back in. Money is merely an expression of energy that flows as creative expression flows.

What are you curious about?

So it all hinges on your passion in life. The question is, how do you find it?

I think this quote by Steven Kotler is highly intuitive...

    "Passion exists at the intersection of 3 or more things you're really curious about."
    Steven Kotler

With curiosity and interest, you're already beginning to tap into a fundamental aspect of soul. The universe itself is curious. It's absolutely fascinating. It's constantly shaping new opportunity and exploration. So to find your passion, begin in those things that truly interest you and fire curiosity.

Without trying to box these things in, just give as much energy and attention to them as you can. Explore into them. Most of all, explore yourself in them.. Feel into yourself as you're doing them. What do you notice about yourself inside?

Following the thread of curiosity and interest

Find the thread of feeling, and then 'pull on it', exploring deeply into it. Where does it want to take you?

    In the early days of my incarnation here, meditation fired my curiosity and interest. I wanted to know and explore deeply into this experience called 'life'. This quickly unfolded into other dimensions of experience. One day I was meditating to music, when I felt a vibration around me, which started to move and pull me. It was ever so subtle and easily dismissed or ignored. But curiosity and interest guided me to follow the feeling. Very soon I found myself dancing around the room with multi-dimensional beings. It was deeply profound. The experience itself evolved into a practice, which I now call soulmotion - it's become a fundamental aspect of the Openhand work I now teach. It takes me to countries all over the world.

The crucial thing is, there was never any intention to develop the practice as a means to live from - to make money from. It was simply something that caught my curiosity, that I paid attention to and gave energy to - I committed to the exploration of it.

Another crucial part of it, is that I allowed the experience to evolve naturally of its own accord. I didn't put a constraint or limitation on it... "it has to be like 'this' or 'that'". And I didn't let self-consciousness get the better of me. Yes, stepping out of such boxes of conformity may feel a little weird in the beginning, but anyone whose every going to truly create a new experience, must be prepared to put yourself 'out there'.

    I recall years later leading a firewalk, where you burn down wood into hot coals and then walk across. It too fires curiosity, interest and passion. I remember saying to the group before first crossing, "Simply walk directly across with commitment and focus. But when you've done it once, let your feeling get the better of you. If you want to strip off and dance naked on the flames, then do it!" I had meant the last part metaphorically, but to my great consternation and surprise, on the second walk across, one lady did indeed strip naked and dance across. I can tell you it inspired everyone to step out of the box!

How to unleash your passion

So to find and unleash your passion, I'd suggest this simple, but highly effective approach...

  1. Begin to explore what interests you
  2. Overcome, in yourself, any conditioning or limitation that would hold you back in the exploration of this interest
  3. Let the interest continually move, shape and evolve
  4. Explore your inner feelings whilst you're engaged in these interests
  5. Look for some sense of purpose, meaning or direction within the interests
  6. Watch for the supportive hand of the universe coming to meet you
  7. Let go of the need for your growing passion to result in some particular thing, result or outcome. Simply observe how somehow it keeps carrying you to another event, situation or circumstance - the universe is supporting you.

Break through on the out-stretched wings of the divine

One of the things in life that interests me, is what makes people truly successful? And by 'success', I mean in the widest possible sense of the word - I mean someone who appears to have touched the sweet-spot of life itself. They seem motivated and yet simultaneously fulfilled.

    I believe these people truly found their passion and were fired by it. They didn't rest in conformity. To some varying degree, they broke through, and unleashed their soul through it. They flew on the out-stretched wings of the divine.

That's what inspires me about this video, which I felt to close by sharing with you. Let no one be the keeper of your dreams, let no circumstance extinguish the fire of your passion...


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I'm the one who has locked themselves in the box paralysed by fear wondering what it will take to have the courage to breakthrough...A very inspirational read and video. Thankyou.
Love, Shar.

Open, this is a wonderful article.

Speaking from my own experience, when I climbed out of the box, stopped working for "the Man" in 1988, I started a small herbal company for horses. My friends, my family thought I was quite mad, reckless, naive. What did I know about herbs, starting a business, running a business?....yet I could not deny my heart passion for plants and animals, and the pull of the river to trust. As soon as I quit my job, synchronicities appeared like a meadow of wildflowers.

I sold the herbal company to a much bigger company ten years later, because I was feeling the pull of food, although I didn't know why at the time. The pull was to explore other passions that had been bubbling up. Then in 2006 the river flowed to start a whole food company for horses and dogs. And here I am ten years later doing what I love. Doing what I love has opened the door to new passions: photography, painting, growing hemp :-) The river doesn't stop moving.

I know it appears to be easier to stay in the box, but in my experience that is an illusion. It is easier to follow our passion because we become more alive, more tuned in, more aware and so the feedback loop brings energy, joy, laughter, creativity ---even in the obstacles that appear (my company running headlong into the push-back bureaucracy of the department of Agriculture), the river still flows, creates a new path. To deny the river is to deny who we are. Obstacles are opportunities waiting to unfold.

For me it wasn't courage I needed to get out of the box, it was trust. Trusting the passion, the river, my heart, my spirit.

love, tigger

It's a great example Tigger - thanks so much for sharing.
I see it everywhere - how easy it is for people to stay in the box. And yet as you say, once you find your passion, all manner of possibilities open up.


Open *ok*

I missed the last four or five weeks of dancing. Basically, you are moving or you are going backwards. You can cut things that are useful out, but you need to take the plunge and keep taking it until it is almost effortless.

I'm planning on helping people with computers, and I'm fired up about that. I just need to get through the meantime, getting back into dancing, walking etc. It is really cold here in Australia, but as long as you wear warm clothes you are fine. :)

Tigger, I relate to how you follow your heart in your career path. It's a joy to read about your passion. I started out with a well paid, solid career in an administrative position in hospitals, with excellent pay and a great pension plan, but it didn't fire up my soul, so I walked away and pursued what did several times in my life. Some of those so-not-easy changes involved returning to school at the most hectic of times when I was raising small children with a husband who was away much of the time. In short, I eventually ended up working in several social service sectors where I supported those with psycho-social, physical, and mental health challenges. It truly was a path with heart especially since I could relate to their challenges and draw on so many of my own personal experiences. I may not have ended up with a huge pension, but I am managing just fine. Modest is good. The Universe does indeed support us when we have the courage to step out and follow our hearts although that doesn't mean it's easy. Despite the hardships and challenges I faced, I wouldn't have done it any other way.

These days, I'm pursuing my interests in writing, astrology, and tarot card readings. Who knows where this will take me. I know nothing. Mostly, I feel immense joy in inspiring others as we journey together to higher ground. One of my favourite moments in a 2015 Openhand workshop in Victoria/Canada was being asked by Open to choose a character we resonate with. I chose Samwise Gamgee from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. What I came to realize not that long ago is that I've always felt passionate about cheering others on through thick and thin. Tolkien said that the character of Samwise Gamgee was drawn from his war experiences as an officer, fighting alongside the soldiers in the trenches, who he considered to be the unsung heroes of the war.

That's how I feel about all of us lightworkers around the world who have the courage and honesty to look within to dissolve our own darkness and the love and compassion to inspire others to do the same, so we can light the path between worlds to the Fifth Dimension.

Here's a short film clip featuring Samwise Gamgee that warms my heart to no end as tears stream down. It's for all the amazing, dedicated lightworkers everywhere, the unsung heroes who keep slogging through the 3D trenches.

Love to All,


What a fine start to the morning, to find this beautiful thread here. Thank you Open, Tigger, Cathy and friends. Here's to a day of unfettered flow!

Does passion needs to be one thing or the other? I find that i continuously shift focus to something new and i can get committed to it and find the necessary satisfaction (with varying degrees )like singing, teaching, managing a business and now fixing an organic garden. Doing these are particularly interesting when I'm not trying to follow any passion of any kind or desperately needing any outcome. I had this interesting talk with my brother. He was trying to associate passion with some external outcome or goal and i was putting it forward as something to find in the simplest of the things like even cleaning or digging. But I'm not sure how much of what i preach i believe. With all this said i would always associate my passion with playing music since i get appreciation and joy with it . But that's the tricky part as soon as i label it as something as passion i suck the juice out of it . I want to do something else because it would never be upto my expectation, sometimes it does and now that's my bar and i would get disappointed with anything less than that. Its also where most of my jealousy lies which is the biggest downfall. I know there isnt any easy way forwards and im not looking for any but is there someway to use the negativity as fuel to propel me forwards since im in no shortage of fuel.