Breakthrough: an epic Journey of Awakening

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Breakthrough is the new work from Openhand. It's a simple but powerful way of confronting each and every experience you have - to locate the resisting 'tightness' of the ego in it, then working through that to unwind it and thereby unleash the magnificence of the divine. It's all about opening an internal space to unleash your Cosmic Self. Here's the intro video to the work. It's time to Break Through!...

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Breakthrough has finally arrived!
I am beyond excited and can't contain my happy dance any longer *yahoo*

Open has been working away, with every spare moment over the last year, creating the all new Breakthrough Workshop which is set to travel the globe next month.

AND - deep, deep inhale my friends... Open has completed his next book Breakthrough (which has actually been over 12 years in the making!). It's truly is an "epic journey of awakening", inspired to help others make that all important spiritual breakthrough that will change everything. Being involved in the design process, I've had more than my fair share of sneak peeks - am absolutely thrilled to announce it's release.

We've just listed the book for pre-order here...

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Love this video! Just ordered Open's new book Breakthrough! Wow, 12 years in the making! Looking forward to shifting and breaking through with the many catalytic insights I'm sure to gleam from reading and feeling into it. Thank you, Open and Trinity, for continuing to lead and inspire us to ever greater heights of being. How 'bout the amazing symbolism of Lucea, Anthony Howe's magnificent, spiraling sun sculpture at Rio 2016?! Lovely connections all around.

x Cathy

Great video! It's really exciting witnessing this new phase in the Openhand work. It feels like a new clarity coming through, grounding the Openhand energies even more (for me anyway).

It's a shame that I won't be able to make any of the workshops on the tour, but I'll be putting my pre-order in for the book as soon as.

Till soon,
much love


Love this video! Feels deeply inspiring and uplifiting. It sure feels like so many can relate to this message - can relate to the feelings and the yearning to connect to who they truly are. Always grateful for the work you are doing! Love, Jen

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This video has such a great energy to it. Sure to ignite and fire up those connecting to the Openhand work. I can feel the energy building and can't wait for the launch of the new book and world tour. It feels really powerful indeed!

Hey Open,

The video wouldn’t play for me until now. What you are talking about is so important. I feel the sense of lack being induced and reinforced at every corner. Has it become an invisible part of who we are? I see many practicing the spirituality of non-acceptance, where people seek to eradicate the uncomfortable feelings in order to raise the vibration and attract abundance. I have recently heard this theory of conscious manifesting: It states that the undesirable experiences we are manifesting now are unconscious manifesting and we should eradicate that and raise our vibration to manifest consciously, which will produce abundance and pleasant experiences. That to me is discarding the present moment, if it doesn’t fit the criteria. Also, who is the one desiring?

What is left when we cease trying to “get there” or “be more”? Perhaps it is the tangibility and infinity of the present moment. I get there once in a while to then dive back into the world of lack, feel the pain, resist the pain, let the heart break, emerge as a new consciousness, contract, etc. We are a process, not a product. I'm grateful to Openhand for continuously providing a guidance for this process that is me :-)

I’m really looking forward to reading your journey! Let us break through. It is time!