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Spiritual Motivation - You've Arrived!

You could just decide. You really could - wherever you are, whatever you're doing - you could just decide to Let Go right now. Let go of everything you might have been striving or efforting for, every goal, dream or aspiration. Every fear or worry. You could simply say "enough is enough, I let go!" And if you were to do that deeply enough, you'd come home - to who you really are. You'd realise this was the real purpose behind everything; the real meaning. This is a beautiful video, full of spectacular imagery to cause you to let go and surrender into the majesty that you are. Pause, breathe, watch, go deep...


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Yet another great production by Trinity.


Open Ok

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Trinity, Open:

This video gave me a really BIG smile this morning. I think I may want to watch it in the mornings to come Biggrin


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This takes me there!

Thank you! Biggrin

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Thanks for the awesome video Smile I absolutely love this video series of spiritual motivation as long as i keep getting more Biggrin

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I was wondering about this today and this video came up. How do one really mark the difference between letting go and giving up? There is too much striving in the work im doing . Struggle to make it better , perfect ( im a perfectionist , i got the message yesterday ! ) I do recognize this but cant figure out if the moment is really inviting me to let go or keep pushing forward . I wish i could just let go.

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The best way is to hold the question and ask. Send it to the universe and then watch keenly and feel into your inner self. The soul will create, it will shape things. But then the ego owns the impulse and then there's tightness. So watch, ask, feel. Notice what the signs say.

My intuition says, don't give up what you're doing - you are feeling the pull of the soul and how it's engaging you. But then amidst the endeavour, attachment is owning you in some way. This is the tightness you must watch and feel for, then open out into.

Open Ok

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"You are where you always will be, back at the place you began" love this! Thank you for illuminating the way home.
Much love,

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Exquisite video. Full of soft, fluid, surrendered beauty that flows into me.

"Stop. Let go. Give up. Come home. Just be."

It really isn't complicated, is it?

The particular phrase "give up" blasts through layers of conditioned beliefs and strikes a deep chord at the center of my soul.

We can, indeed, decide to be like a tree and drop the dead leaves as Rumi beckons us to do.

With much appreciation and love,


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Beautiful, and timely as always! What baffles me is how to know the difference between letting go because it is right for your soul to do so, or because the ego is throwing in the towel out of fear? I am part way through a course which originally felt majorly soul-aligned, but after so much struggle & efforting, I am seriously doubting if its right for me after all, and considering giving up. Letting go of who I thought I would become after I graduate feels sooo liberating, yet I want to ensure its not just my ego running in terror!!? An tips on identifying the difference? x

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It's a great question Emma: anyone truly beginning to listen to the soul, will encounter, time and again, such paradoxes. Like when does letting go actually become giving in (to the ego).

It's the same as how do you tell the difference between efforting (the ego) and determination (the soul)?

How do you tell the difference between sympathy (the ego) and empathy (the soul)?

You may remember from the course work (although I know we cover a lot!), we look at how to identify the difference between when the soul is active and when it's the ego. If you make a soul led choice, it tends to be characterised by the following...

- first and foremost, it just feels 'right'. There's a sense of alignment with it. There's a kind of deep, settling "aha" moment with it. Like you've come home to something important (but you do have to practice to spot this)
- when we touch the soul, it usually comes with a sense of expansiveness too - of timelessness
- when you act from the soul, you'll start to witness supportive signs and synchronicity that confirm you're in the flow, a kind of 'clicking into place'

I'm not saying this is easy. It takes a lifetime of practice. You'll drop into the soul and it will feel right, only for the ego then to question and 'run rings around you'. But if you keep working at it, things will become increasingly obvious.

In this situation, my intuition tells me you made an aligned choice of your soul, but then the ego is questioning that.

So the key is to feel into this tightness. So what if you're wrong? What does it matter? Just embrace where you're at now, in this moment, and the next and so on.

It's constant exploration, constant testing your feelings and choices in terms of a sense of higher truth - one that expands you, one that invites you to be more of who you can be.

Ultimately it's like mastering any art - you just have to dive in and work with it.

Wishing you well

Open Ok

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Hey dear Trin,
You have such affinity and talent for videos! I like Open's words, very much so, but I might have to listen again, your weaving of images together carried me into another layer of integration - I guess that's the whole point.
Love to you, guys!

And as far as letting go... The paradox is (I feel) it's not something we (actively) do. The way I experience it is that letting go happens to "me".

Of course this is ego experiencing, ego talking. What really, to me, letting go is about is a soft and delicate (or sometimes shattering) process of soul particles restructuring, resulting in such a different personal matrix that what was clinging before finds no more hooks to hold on to.

Essentially then the only one thing to let go of is the ego.

My point of view Smile

Love to all,
P.S.: It all has a somatic aspect to it too, of course, so there are things we can still "do" to facilitate letting go (if not 'do' letting go itself). Most body work styles were developed to help the process, yoga, massage, etc.

As a doula I have the incredible gift to hold babies in my hand more often than it is probably usual for most, right after their birth and it really is amazing to feel their bodies - not only they are adorable (of course) but also: it is (almost) without the imprint of a life of separation consciousness... A baby's experience within the womb is the closest we can get while here on this plane to a sense of total (or at least dual) unity. As a body worker I often see how the body itself is "clinging to itself" (it is actually a deep survival instinct/reflex), it looks like muscles clinging to bones (lest they "fall apart"). So really beyond talking spiritual-psychological-philosophical: we can also just simply work on the relaxation practices and techniques that a number of traditions gifted us with, and let go of the tension in the body... Simple as it is, in the long term it does wonders. Wink

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Thank you for taking the time to express that Reka. It touched my heart.

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This is wonderful, Open. Such a meaningful, timely message. Its going up on my FB page this morning and will be my primary meditation for days/weeks to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And Trinity...masterful!

Such a beautiful vibration to send out. It was an honour to feel it.
Openhand team is such an amazing gift. It really helps to know you guys exist in this world.
Love you guys : )

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It's lovely feedback people - thankyou!
Just a few words from you makes it all worth doing.

You're a blessing

Open Give rose

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Yes, totally agreed - it warms my heart to feel such heartfelt feedback.
Thank you everyone.

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Thanks guys, another beautiful piece, wonderfully delivered...x

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Thank you for puttting the effort of making this video!