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Openhand Approach: "Openhandway"

your spiritual compass for walking the path in day-to-day life

  • There is a natural flow behind all events in life, which if you can follow, leads to great success and fulfillment
  • The universe works tirelessly to reveal your profound beingness; it reflects through mirrors you draw to yourself
  • "Openhandway" is a unique spiritual approach, to help you understand the often conflicting reflections felt within
  • It’s a way of setting sail in the direction of your Higher Self, and unleashing it through your life
  • It dissolves karmic density, as you follow your evolutionary journey through the 5GATEWAYS, into the New Paradigm.

In overview, "Openhandway" is a four step process that can be defined simply as this...

    Open mind; Open heart; Receiving hand; Giving hand.

What exactly does this mean, how can it help you and how might you apply it to every day life?

'Open mind' - move into the place of the Observer of yourself.

    You become the OBSERVER of all arising thoughts, emotions and feelings. You observe the internal effects to external events without forming judgment either of yourself or others. In understanding that the central purpose of life, is greater self realisation, you simply witness the truth about each arising situation. In so doing, you work to release internal attachment and tightness to desired or resisted outcomes.

'Open heart' - connect with the consciousness of all life around you.

    From the place of the Observer, you begin to liberate yourself from attachment to the external drama. By bringing attention down into the heart, internal tension eases. You can then explore the full beauty of life through your five senses more fully, and begin to sense the subtle vibrations of Unity Consciousness. The heart opens more and your psychic senses begin to activate. You start to taste the full depth and divine majesty of the moment. The inner flame of the soul is kindled.

'Receiving hand' - receiving the energy of the universe and opening into blockages.

    The consciousness of the soul infuses within. You begin to receive internal impulses to make higher truth choices in life. You’re caused to confront conditioned behaviour patterns formed from attachments by the ego to desired or resisted outcomes. By identifying these internal blockages, fully expressing and then softening into them, you release pent up emotional pain and deeper trauma. You expand into the tightness they generate, dissolve them, and thereby begin to access the "Void of Presence", a place of infinite potential from which all authentic action arises.

'Giving hand' - giving yourself completely to your perceived "Right Action".

    By dissolving conditioned behaviours, you begin to open an internal space through which the soul can shine forth. You attune deeply by applying yourself to full energetic, mental, emotional and physical expression of this authentic beingness. You give yourself completely to “Right Action” – the natural consequence of soul infusion, which is totally aligned with the universal flow. You observe magical, supportive synchronicity, and drop gently deeper into the Void of Presence - a crystal-clear space of infinite potential. You are becoming "the Seer" - 'who' you truly are.


As you finely attune your spiritual compass, the confusion of the moments conflicting impulses dissolves. You are more readily able to drop into the Void of Infinite Potential - the place of pure presence where all authentic action is born. You find it more easy to resist making pre-programmed and limited choices that disempower.

Instead, you unleash expressions of profound, authentic beingness. This shapes your world in a divinely mystical and miraculous way. Such Right Action leads you on a progressive evolutionary 'Ascension' through the 5GATEWAYS of expanded consciousness. It is an inner journey which infuses these profound gifts of beingness - your soul - into your life and through your world.

Learn how to apply "Openhandway"

To fully understand what each step of "Openhandway" truly means and how to integrate them into one seamless process for soul-led decision making in day-to-day life, Openhand provides a specific five day course called "5GATEWAYS". Find out more...The 5GATEWAYS course