The Power of Being

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Thu, 02/16/2017 - 16:57

Is there a higher expression of being that you can be? This short inspiring film looks at the incredible power of being within each and every one of us. It is an animated excerpt, taken from the 'Homo Divinicus' seminar filmed live at Glastonbury Town Hall, England in January 2013, with "Open" (formerly Chris Bourne).

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Openhand, so simple, so accessible, so touching, so inspiring...thank you for that fab video. I hope it touches others and inspires them too. :-)

With your trips and films at the Tor,Brentnor and the Power of Being I notice a connection to Saint Michael monuments...but I'm usually wrong due to an overactive imagination!

Mike, I was so moved by your posting and the absolute vulnerability expressed therein. It really touched my heart so deeply and although I rarely post, as you know, I felt I wanted to add my love and support and send you the biggest possible virtual hug. I know you will keep on trusting and that trust will move mountains.
With Love, Irene

This is an awesome video, full of inspiring and direct experience from someone who has, like most people, really struggled with being vulnerability.
Let ourselves be seen vulnerably seen!
Thanks for sharing Mike.

The random 'lower thirds' banner ad that appeared on this YouTube video was for Silva Mind Control, a method of manifesting what your ego wants. Ironic considering that it is the opposite of what is being taught in this video.