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Openhand Video Diaries

The Revelation of YOU

What exactly is authentic being and how do you find it? First it's about opening through the inner tightness and restrictions caused by identity - the conditioning of society. But then pure beingess is not about doing nothing. It's about unleashing the abundant qualities of the soul, which may first be felt as subtle vibrations and feelings. It's about tuning into those and giving energy to them, expressing them out into the world. Then Right Action, aligned with your soul, simply flows as a path of light. From Openhand's latest world tour.

The Power of Being

Is there a higher expression of being that you can be?
This short inspiring film looks at the incredible power of being within each and every one of us.
It is an animated excerpt, taken from the 'Homo Divinicus' seminar filmed live at Glastonbury Town Hall, England in January 2013, with "Open" (formerly Chris Bourne).

Expanding Your Consciousness (in the Great 5D Shift)

The Great 5D Shift gathers apace. And you're feeling it, in your relationships, your careers and general living circumstances. It's very challenging, pulling on all the connections into the old reality. It can generate fear, doubt and anxiety. Here's a short inspirational movie to encourage you onwards, to keep breaking down the old limitations and expanding through. It's shot on top of a volcano, on the magical island of La Palma in the Canaries, way above the Matrix. Enjoy...

Break Through Subconscious Tightness

Everyone carries subconscious tightness around with them, be it from circumstances in this lifetime or karmic ones from past lives. Whatever rosy picture one might paint on top, this subconscious density still creates distortion and limitation, in relationships, careers, all aspects of life. How do you effectively process and dissolve it? Here's an insight with a clip from Openhand's Breakthrough Workshop...

Gaia's Great 5D Shift and the Affect on Humanity

For those who have been on the spiritual path for some time, it is probably no mystery that the next step in evolution involves moving to a higher paradigm; a new paradigm based on divine beingness and respect for all sentient life. Having processed her own karma, Gaia is leading the way for life here on Earth. In this video, taken from a recent seminar in Glastonbury, Open explores the Ascension of Gaia and what has been standing in the way. He looks at the imperative for humankind to evolve, right now...

Unleashing Your Cosmic Self

What will it take to break through into your Cosmic Self? What will that be like? This is Openhand's latest mini movie on how to break through into a phenomenal new experience of life, that you can carry with you all the time. It's taken from Openhand's Breakthrough World Tour. The Approach is changing people's lives the world over...

Spiritual Motivation - You've Arrived!

You could just decide. You really could - wherever you are, whatever you're doing - you could just decide to Let Go right now. Let go of everything you might have been striving or efforting for, every goal, dream or aspiration. Every fear or worry. You could simply say "enough is enough, I let go!" And if you were to do that deeply enough, you'd come home - to who you really are. You'd realise this was the real purpose behind everything; the real meaning. This is a beautiful video, full of spectacular imagery to cause you to let go and surrender into the majesty that you are. Pause, breathe, watch, go deep...

Radical Transformation of the Earth

Why should we expect radical transformation as the Earth shifts into the New Paradigm? What will it be like? This is a video diary taken with Open back in 2007 which captures the divine speaking to us through fascinating synchronicity. Enjoy...

Breakthrough: an epic Journey of Awakening

Breakthrough is the new work from Openhand. It's a simple but powerful way of confronting each and every experience you have - to locate the resisting 'tightness' of the ego in it, then working through that to unwind it and thereby unleash the magnificence of the divine. It's all about opening an internal space to unleash your Cosmic Self. Here's the intro video to the work. It's time to Break Through!...

Climate of Change

How can you embrace change and use it as a positive driving force in your life? The planet is undergoing profound evolutionary change, that will leave no stone unturned. All of the structures we see in society all around us will eventually fail and fall apart. This is nothing to fear but to embrace. You can tap into the underlying flow which is unraveling it all and harness it positively into your life, for maximum upliftment and true success. Here are 3 simple strategies to help you...


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