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Awakened Living Views

Living Spirituality in Daily Life:
A new paradigm is emerging as the old fear based reality breaks down. If we can begin to live this new sense of beingness more and more, then increasingly this New Paradigm becomes our reality.

These articles and points of view, are all about activating seeds of awareness that may encourage you to live more accordingly to your higher self, and to shine that forth in the world around you for more successful, joyful, harmonious and fulfilled living ...

Do-It-Yourself Reflexology...to Heal and Invigorate

As a practicing reflexologist, I am continually amazed by the positive effect reflexology can have on people. It can release energetic blockages and held emotions, and encourage deep relaxation. In this article you will find three useful reflex points that you can enjoy working on at home.

    Who doesn't love a foot rub? While reflexology practitioners use particular methods of applying pressure, any type of massage or pressure application can be beneficial, so try it out on yourself, a family member or friend - tune in to what works and feels good for you. You can inadvertently work the body, and help it to re-balance. Enjoy!

Is Morality Judgemental? Taking Inspiration from Life without Limiting Ourselves

J.R.R Tolkien, author of 'The Lord of the Rings' was asked countless times in his life, by members of different religions, philosophers and fans, to comment on the many morals one can take from his books. However, Tolkien always refused to do this, despite his books being so apparently full of life lessons. Tolkien stated that his stories, and the world he created for them, were simply 'full of life', and that he intended no specific morals to be gained by the reader. I absolutely love this perspective. You see, we all can learn from life experiences as well as from reading books, watching movies and listening to music. But are these really morals?

Let's explore the difference between a 'moral' and an 'organic life lesson'.

Chickpea Curry in 15 Minutes by Trinity

One of the most popular requests that I get from my readers for recipes is 'anything quick & easy'. As beautiful as it can be to spend time in the kitchen, most of us either have busy lives or are put off by having to take loads of time preparing our culinary delights. I must admit that my usual daily efforts usually involve making things fast. Being a conscious kitchen foodie however, means  that I don't like to skimp on flavour, quality or delectability.

How to Transcend the Moment...Bring Yourself Back to Life

I find there is nothing quite like riding the blade edge of life. It's where you've moved beyond any intention for the moment, beyond requiring any particular outcome or goal, definitely where you've moved beyond expectation or need of it. Then to completely and wholly immerse yourself in what is. It does take application and commitment, patience and perseverance. The One in you is not found by distancing yourself from life, but becoming intimately intimate with it, sensitively engrossed in the sensuality of it, yet not at all lost - deeply exploring and feeling into it. Yesterday I was out enjoying my most favourite of 'games', which I call "free wheeling". Wow, I had some incredible experiences, riding the blade edge of life...

How Foraging (at least some) Fresh Food can Heighten your Vibe

"Your body is your temple to the divine!" Because put simply, we need a vehicle through which to actualise the soul - to truly experience it. But the soul can only infuse if the vibration is clear and high. Meditation and conscious bodywork help open the temple, but you also need some high vibe resonances to create the right 'atmosphere'. This is where high vibe food comes in. Sadly, in society, a good deal of the vibration is dampened through toxicity and the deadening distances traveled to your doorstep. Hence foraging, at least some, of your food is beneficial for activating enzymes, healing the body and raising vibe to enable full soul infusion. Be inspired...

The Healthiest Ever, Raw, High Vibe, Chocolate Mousse Recipe

I am having a flashback moment! About 14 years ago, when I lived near Brighton, in Sussex, I used to host raw-vegan potlucks. People would come from, all-over, near and far, bringing along a dish of tasty, high vibrational food to share. We were all about making food with love, inspiring each other to find optimal levels of wellness. I noticed, over the years, how clean, high vibe eating seemed to activate spiritual awareness in my pot-luck friends. It felt as if cleaning the body, also cleaned the window to the soul. Everything seemed brighter and more vibration - a reflection perhaps of the innate beauty within all of us.

Why You Don't have to "Try" - You are Perfect just as you Are!

Each and every one of us is beautiful and magnificent exactly as we are. By simply being our true selves our unique and exquisite light shines. Yet, so many of us are disconnected from this truth, we feel inadequate and less than. So many of us want to fit in, to be like others, to be accepted.

Yet what matters is being who we truly are and expressing our unique authentic beingness - how joyful and liberating is that! In the world we currently live in being our true selves is not always easy or straightforward...

Trinity's Cardamom & Ginger Chai Recipe

Energetically speaking, when it comes to chai (tea), there's nothing quite like making your own! I am not JUST making a cup of chai. To me it is a spiritual adventure. As I am sure you know, spirituality is in everything. It's in the way I feel connected with each spice; feeling the energy inspire my senses - the aroma, the taste, the unique soulful healing properties. It's in the way that each ingredient 'speaks' to me, strengthening the life force that flows through my whole being.

All that from a cup of chai? YES!

Sweet Potato & Coconut "Soul Food Special" Soup

This tastes divine! I've made so many different versions of this soup over the years at home, for friends or whist catering on retreat. It is perhaps the one meal I eat more than anything else. Anyone who's been on an Openhand retreat that I've catered for will recognise this one! It's the 'Soul Food Special'! This soup originally appeared in my first book Trinity's Conscious Kitchen, although I've never made the same twice. It does however, always contain my signature ingredients coconut, tomato and sweet potato.

It's fast, it's easy and it's soul-stirringly de-e-e-lectable.

Travel Tips for Maintaining a High Vibe...Particularly for Sensitives

Travel can enrich the soul and broaden horizons, opening our hearts and minds to new possibilities. In today’s busy world however, it can be somewhat overwhelming for those of us who are empaths (or highly sensitive) as we sense and feel everything around us, within ourselves. If your senses are on over-drive and your awareness is heightened, busy cities, chaotic airports and so much new stuff can send a highly sensitive person into meltdown.

How do you best deal with that?...