Releasing Entities Meditation

This meditation is designed to help release entities within our own field. We work on the basis that entities are only able to co-exist if they have something to latch on to. This meditation works to release the blockages within us that send out a beacon to negative entities. The spoken element of this meditation is about 22 minutes long, beginning with a deep mediation to relax, unravel and create the space to release entities. There's a further 8 minutes of gentle relaxation music to follow.

This meditation accompanies the following article: For further support and understanding about entities, we recommend that you read it.

  • Duration: 30 minutes total
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This was deeply touching...the movement and opening starting from the bottom and moving up felt very organic, flowing and fully connecting. I found the tones supportive, transportive and home-like. Incredibly beautiful and intuitive guide. Thank you Trinity!

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Thank you for sharing Jenny. You are very welcome. It's beautiful to know that you resonate and that this works for you. This subject comes up with people on the spiritual path, all the time, so I felt it was time to create something like this to be of support.

It's meant to be experienced in fullness as a natural part of the whole spiritual journey... Feels as if you really felt that right away and hence felt the full infusion of higher consciousness.

Thank you for this powerful meditation, Trinity. I was drawn to it in the middle of the night while sick with a flu virus, so the timing was perfect. I could feel where these entities have been feeding on in my body (I've been sensing this for awhile) and what conditioned emotions and patterns they've been sucking from. During the meditation, I became aware of fear around releasing judgment and fully accepting them, which is a luscious meal in itself. So I feel the need to continue with this meditation until I fully release these hungry entities that are worthy of unconditional love as ALL is. Deepest gratitude, Catherine

It's great to hear that it's helpful Catherine. Yes, it can be difficult at first to release judgement of the negative entities... yet very powerful when we full embrace that it is their presence that highlighted our own blockages.
with Love

Hi Trinity,

I have been using this meditation the last few nights and I continue to find it very powerful. I am repeatedly drawn into my throat which also came up during walking the path. Last night as the meditation guided me deeply into feeling the tightness there I began to feel intense energy and then felt lifted off the ground and there was. Sensation of traveling through space. I then felt a group of beings up by my head and at first I was just watching and feeling but then fear arose as it felt as though something was being done to my head or brain. It was difficult to know if this was memory or occurring in the moment and I then felt protective and to contain myself more. What do you feel is going on here and how do I move through and discern these experiences? Thank you for any input! Jenny

Hi Jenny,

Repeatedly going into our blockages, is sure to open us to the places where we get stuck... you spiritual warrior you!

Karmic blockages that we unveil have often formed in a past life. From what you share, it feels like your experience may be past incarnation related, where an original distortion was formed within your inner realm due to very challenging circumstances. The fear that arose within you would be what caused the distortion in your field... your throat chakra. If you are touching this by going deep into this meditation, I would expect that this sort of thing is going to come up as a natural part of the unravelling process.

There really is only the present moment... so even though it may be past life related, it is re-occurring for you in this moment, as long as the blockage persists. The fear, will reaffirm the blockage, creating a beacon for interference.

The good news is that, once you've touched these blockages, you are a good way to unravelling it already. The hardest thing is usually finding it. So well done!

How I would deal with it is something like this:

    1. Acceptance: To acknowledge what I am seeing/experiencing, without the need for it to be any different. Acceptance of what is, creates the space for the soul to flow in and wash away whatever it is we are ready to let go of.

    2. Non-judgement of myself: I'd acknowledge that I am feeling fear or other loaded emotions about it. I'd find a place within me where I don't judge myself because of those emotions too.

    3. Am I blaming anything outside of myself?: I'd look at my need (if any) to blame anyone or thing external to me for what happened (trickier to begin with if it involves horrendous circumstances, but still an important part of the process). All I see is part of me. Blame simply points back to my own distortion.

    4. Surrender: I would remember that even though these challenges may break me down - they break down the aspects of myself that no longer serves my journey.

    A true spiritual warrior surrenders into the moment and finds that challenges make him/her stronger.

This would then offer a great place to allow the natural process of re-alignment to take place.

Discernment happens naturally as we have more of these experiences.

Keep exploring. The journey for me has been one continual breaking through layer after layer after layer. It does get easier once we really learn to let go in to it.

Sending support and love to you through the ether.

Thank you Trinity.

This makes sense - that whatever is occurred is occurring as the fear maintains the blockage. There was this pull between surrendering into the moment, allowing it to flow through and this fear that I was letting something in that isn;t already there. It felt unsafe to stay where I was and allow the manipulation that was occurring. There were many images that were quite haunting - like monsters within me that were showing there faces to me. There were also moments of what felt like a vast me looking at a contained me and the vastness was unsettling - though it seems this is touching on sense of true self and I imagine the unsettling feeling is the smaller self's reaction to that.

Remembering that fear, tightness, blockage is the beacon which attracts and maintains the same energy - I will more readily watch and as you said abouve, accept fully what is which "creates the space for the soul to flow in and wash away whatever it is we are ready to let go of.

Yes, I totally understand these haunting images. This has been part of my journey too - so totally empathy, from my own direct experience. I remember the moment when I finally surrendered and looked directly into the deepest soul of these beings and found love. Everything changed.

I guess now, I am just sharing the gift that I found because I know exactly what it's like and that there is a way though it. Not easy, but there is a way.

Thank you, Jenny, and Trinity for sharing your experiences with this process. You've helped to bring clarity around my own experiences with this meditation. I felt I was tapping into fear from a traumatic past life that I've visualized many times. I'm more aware when I am repeating conditioned behaviour patterns related to that trauma, and I'm getting better at pulling back and becoming the observer. This meditation is so amazingly healing and powerful: I am confident, that with repetition, I will fully embrace and release both the distortion and the entities to Oneness. LightLove, Catherine


I realised that I didn't answer your question that you asked: "What do you feel is going on here..."

I've encountered the energy that you allude to many times, firstly from my own memories and experiences and then later through others who began to recall very similar memories. I was very resistant to talking about it for years and am even cautious about being so open about it publicly, because I know most people aren't ready for it. YET - I feel that given the incredible amount of experience I have on the subject, there is a sacred duty for me to reach out and help light the way for others who are ready. So here I am.

In a nutshell, from my own direct experiences...

There have been different times in history where intervention, genetic manipulation and experimentation on humans and non-humans have occurred both on and off earth. There was a key point when the human species was engineered from the pre-human (the more in-tune with nature being, able to co-exist with the earth naturally instinctively and intuitively) and other non-human being forms of life.

What happened was truly shocking! First I remembered my own direct memories of being part of an experiment, with untold numbers of others in the same situation. Being a 'subject' that dissolved in flesh, I relived one of these past life memories. It was one of the most frightening experiences ever. Reliving the experience, I thought I was going to die and was surprised that I didn't. This is when I learned to find the light that permeates through it all. This is when I learned the meaning of true forgiveness. This is when I learned how to build the bridge back home... not just for me, but as an inspiration for others to do the same. My original role was actually out of incarnation, as an over seer, working with the angelic realms to create a bridge back to benevolence as more and more people plunged into darkness through subjugation and manipulation. Being out of incarnation helped me to bare witness to the unbelievable atrocity's that took place, yet still holding a space of love without getting attached or dragged in and potentially lost. Yet, I had to experience it for myself in order to help create a bridge, because without that direct involvement it was difficult to empathise with what had happened. How can we help without truly knowing what it is like! It's difficult not to get lost in that! Yet, my role always beckons me to remember, so that I can hold the space for others to rise up from the darkness too.

Once I began to understand what had happened, I began encounter lots of people, involved in our work, who'd recall and relive similar events or unimaginable proportions.

One of the things that is happening right now, is that some star-souls are reverting right back to this intervention, in order to unravel it and evolve through the higher realisations that are embraced. So I wouldn't be surprised if this is what you are tuning in to within yourself right now. It's already happened.

It's already happening. There is nothing to fear from it. Releasing the hold it has on you is your gateway to a higher paradigm. Releasing it from yourself, also sends out a beacon to all others who are ready to go there too.

So, I wouldn't be surprised if you have a special role, within this all. Openhand is attracting others with that configuration.

with love

Trinity this is so reassuring and gives me the courage to go right back in!

You said "It''s already happening. There is nothing to fear from it. Releasing the hold it has on you is your gateway to a higher paradigm. Releasing it from yourself, also sends out a beacon to all others who are ready to go there too." - See more at:

It is with so much gratitude that I thank you for sharing this. All of this is helping to understand what occurred During walking the path. i have been reticent to ask what open felt happening as i trusted it would unfold- though i am open to his experience of that. At the course it seems I went into a past life experience where I felt intense heaviness in my abdomen and knew myself to be pregnant...There were two beings that i pushed out and I felt completely detached from their existence... Then a third feeling started to rise up in my throat...and rather than bring it up I pushed it back down. I got a bit stuck... Rather than being able to fully release it I identified with it and felt shame and embarrassment...for allowing this to happen to me for not speaking up... I just swallowed it down. It feels like this is here right now to forgive all of it... How I attracted it, how I allowed it and those who stepped in to play their part in illuminating the distortion within me.

I feel so fortunate to be in touch with you and Open... It's an unbelievable gift you are sharing.

Much much love

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Hi Jenny,

You are welcome. The course is designed to activate and clear the way, allowing you to continue with the process in your every day life. It's awesome to feel that you are engaging with your process as a part of your every day experience... this will help you walk the spiritual path enormously.


Thank you every one for sharing. I have just finished listening to your very powerful meditation Trinity. I experienced tightness in my throat and solar plexus, I have felt this before. As the higher energy came in, my throat eased a lot but my solar plexus felt anxious, but I persevered. The higher energy was getting stronger and I became extremely hot. The anxiety and tightness in my solar plexus seem to get stronger and almost seem to be hanging on as the higher energy escalated. After sometime the anxiety calmed down.

I feel that this meditation will be a brilliant tool for me to release negativity. Although I had no feeling as to what 'trauma' it could be connected with. Maybe I don't need to know/unravel it, perhaps just being in the higher energy is enough. Any advice on that one please?

And like you Jenny I feel that you Trinity and Open are sharing an unbelievable gift - thank you.

with love Myra x

Hi Myra,

My feeling is that if you are meant to know specific details then they will come to you; otherwise, it's perfectly enough to feel it as energy, without having to know the exact details. Release can happen just as powerfully by simply honouring what you feel.

I would say that you can only actually release the energy if you fully feel, accept and surrender through the intensity of energy though. So simply being in the higher energy probably is not enough; there needs to be some sort of engagement with the energy you need to release, otherwise, you risk denying it.

I hope that helps to answer your question.

with Love

Hi Trinity,

Thank you for being open to sharing your traumatic memories related to ET interventions and experimentations on humans. This is such important information that you are offering. I've had flashbacks that resonate with this although this is not what came up for me during the meditation to release negative entities. I was fearful of repeating the meditation due to the anxiety that arose first time around. I went ahead anyway this morning. This time I called in Mary Queen of Angels and Archangel Michael to help me fully embrace and release my fear and distortions. I've had persistent, chronic tension in my neck and upper back. During the meditation, I travelled to a lifetime in ancient Rome where I was a chained slave rowing in the galley of a battle ship. The guard repeatedly whipped my upper back and neck area whenever my pace slackened and I was not rowing fast enough. I carried this thread to this lifetime. I've felt hyper vigilant and constant pressure "to do" faster and faster as a matter of survival causing suffering to those around me including my husband and children. I've felt tremendous guilt about this. As I could feel the entities begin to release during the meditation, my thoughts suddenly went completely off track. I began to think of all the things I "should" be doing to help raise the vibration of planet earth. I must do this, and I must do that. I haven't contacted this person yet etc. etc. I totally lost track of the meditation, and plunged into self-judgment -- whipping myself for not being enough and not doing enough -- which is how I became my own slave master in this lifetime. Then my observer kicked in, and I realized that these diversionary thoughts were part of the blockage I needed to release. I visualized the entities losing their grip. At first, they struggled to hang on with their sharp fingertips, but then I saw them drop and wash away in the river of life. I was flooded with a deep sense of compassion for the entities and for myself for the suffering I caused through my impatience and manic-driven behaviour. I wept with compassion and acceptance for all who suffer. I felt blame and judgment melt away. This was such a powerful healing meditation. Whenever I begin to feel any dissonance and tension in my body, I will go back to this meditation. I am so grateful for this, Trinity. Thank you. Only Love Is, Catherine

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Hi Catherine,

Sounds like you had a powerful team of Angels with you this morning, helping to facilitate the remembering of this traumatic past life and allow the healing process to being. Your sharing is so powerful. It feels as if you embraced the meditation and then gave the space for whatever was divinely given to happen, to facilitate a deeper unfolding.

Your realisations and acknowledgment of how you have created this in your current life time is profound. This is truly touching. You may find that you touch deeper and deeper layers of this until it has completely transformed. Keep unfolding.

with love and a soul-filled heart

Thanks, Trinity.

I'm sensing just what you say: that there are more layers to dissolve. I will keep unfolding. I feel inspired to do this meditation each day and have committed to this.

With Love,


Hi Trinity. I keep encountering this energy that you speak of, and lately I have found myself in tune with deep feelings of violation and anger which then have led eventually to a release. Tonight I found myself there again, and after reading your article the other day, I could almost feel the parasitic feeding. Your description was so helpful. Something in me knew that, in the end, I can't be violated, that the truest part of my being (the non-incarnate part) cannot actually experience this victimization since at the infinite level it doesn't exist. This somehow led me to the knowing that these others, whatever they are, are also part of this infinity, of the spectrum of energy that is all returning to love (balance, flow, whatever its word needs to be). And for the first time I felt the love that you described, a deep, compassionate love, and it was as though I could see whisps of this other energy dispersing into the universe, so small and insignificant next to the infinity of existence. Wow. What an interesting journey. Thank you for lighting the way!

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Hi Christinewel,

Thank you for sharing.

I am pleased to hear that my sharing helped open up new layers for you too. Awesome to hear you breaking though with this and touching a space of love and compassion through such density. Another spiritual warrior in our midst! This is what happens when we are really dedicated to the process of your own spiritual journey and only comes from your willingness to confront your darkness whilst finding depths of profound authenticity.

I gather by the response, it feels that me posting this article and meditation was well over-due :)

Just downloaded and listened to the audio Trinity....i have to say i was having a uniquely very bad day, it seemed as from my understanding through OpenHands guidance the Opposing consciousness was feeding off my distortion, energy or emotion of 'Irritability' and i have to say they were winning this battle today. i was surfing the Openhand site and fell upon your video....listened to it and after went downstairs in the kitchen to find out my sink had leaked from the bottom and i needed to remove all items and clean up, this was certainly the last straw, my head drooping down i walk upstairs to get towels to clean the mess....then nothing comes over me, and i start laughing and say to myself " i do not have anymore energy to give you (Opposing Consciousness)" and just smile for a while. Thank-you and this audio was wonderful and the rest of the nite is going very well :) I would welcome any insight if you have any and thanks again :)

This meditation is always so incredibly powerful! Today I was drawn down into the womb where there was this full aching sensation and also a palpable sadness. I felt guided to open the womb... To totally relax and felt a vision of a flower bud opening and blossoming out, waves and waves of powerful energy surged up through my body. I felt a slippery motion like a birth and as happens often when I feel this, it gets stuck and can't quite move all the way out. This doesn't feel like an entity to me but more of a memory. I was also stuck like this as a baby for a long time in the birth canal until they pulled me out with forceps. I still feel the pulsing aching in the womb... And not sure why this is being shown to me or why there is deep sadness that comes with the feeling of birth, especially if it is my own birth? Powerful meditation Trin!! Grateful for your ability to guide me into this place!! Much love, Jen

Perhaps is possible that I have carried this resistance to being here for longer that I realized! Been working with this lately...the resistance to being in more fully and tasting all of life without getting lost in it. I just went for a walk and came across first three white blossoms on my path, then a butterfly just resting on a leaf with its wings closed. Walking on I came to a playground in the neighborhood that normally has a shut door and needs a key to get in. Today it was wide open... I walked in and there were three red blossoms lying on the ground and a sweet encounter with a ladybug =). I felt supported and that the door is open for me to experience more, to get into the juice of life more (the red) and feel more of who I am.

This has happened to me a few times:

feeling very tired in the following day after a bad night's sleep, I decide to rest for an hour. Suddenly, I wake up in sleep paralysis and notice a black figure (no arms, legs, head or face - just a big black "thing") draining my energies. Usually it is by my side or just behind me, but once it happened to be laying in my stomach and I REALLY felt it sucking my life force. It was F-- SCARY!

When I leave sleep paralysis (it takes a while to break from the state, which makes the experience even more terrifying), the figure isn't there anymore - so obviously it's not from the physical plane. Then, I usually take a bath or spend some time in nature to cleanse/restore my energies.

There are many reports of these figures on the web, which people call "shadow people". What exactly are they? Are they really alive? Are they thought-forms?

Thank you