Conscious Life News, Ross Pittman interview with "Open" (Chris Bourne), November 2012: "Understanding Ascension"

In 2012, Open (Chris Bourne) gave a wide ranging interview to Ross Pittman of "Conscious Life News" based in California. The subject matter concerned mostly viewpoints about our Ascension and what's really going on right now, shared from both a scientific and spiritual perspective.

Spirit Guides interview with "Open" (formerly Chris Bourne) May 2011

Power packed 40 minute podcast Ian Jones from The UK Spirit Guides network talks with Open (formerly Chris Bourne) about the energy behind the "5 Gateways" documentary. In a wide ranging interview, Open is asked about his views on the evolution in human consciousness taking place, the collapse of the 'matrix', forming sustainable communities and mankind's ultimate destiny...

Sein interview with Open (formerly Chris Bourne) April 2010

Here is an insightful podcast interview with Open (formerly Chris Bourne) by "Sein", the online German news site. From his own direct experience, Open offers profound insight into the evolutionary journey. He discusses various topics such as the difference between Awakening and Enlightenment and why there is often so much confusion in the spiritual world. He offers a helpful perspective on distortions and the pitfalls during the spiritual journey.